Dear MaresNest regarding Paralives

April 25, 2020

What do you know about Disney’s  original Snow White movie? Did you know they had trouble animating the Prince?  He was suppose to have bigger role in the story (almost being drowned in the dungeon) for instance.


That’s the reason Parafolks for Paralives  haven’t been revealed yet behind the shadow in the Paralives video- because the Paras   are still in  freakin’   development.   Due to Covid-19 one of the developers can’t move to Canada where the other two live.   I mean they’re trying to see if by using procedural animations they can get gradual aging.  As you know people want to have pre-teens.    I’m assuming that male Paras are more difficult then female paras who knows why.   Then not only that they will have to:  babies (not be objects,) toddlers, (another life stage?), children,  (preteens), teens,  YAs,  Adults,   Seniors and Elders (or whatever they use),  and also allowing for YAs females/transmen to get pregnant.  Plus a bunch of hobbies and activities (family activities or not)

Why no other plan could have worked for Harry’s kidnapping.

March 29, 2020

I’m sick of hearing people asking why Harry had to be kidnapped via participating in  the Triwizard Tournament.  I thought about it long and hard..  This is some of my thoughts about why some others ideas weren’t have worked out


Theory 1-Nighttime Kidnapping (ie: his bed sheets were enchanted)

Let’s say any of the 4 other boys in the room -Seamus, Neville, Dean or Ron-needed to go to the bathroom at 4 or 5 in the morning.. wouldn’t they (especially if its Ron) notice something’s wrong with Harry’s bed? Regards of when it might have been (when Ron wasn’t speaking to him in 4th or after they started to speak again)-even if Ron wasn’t speaking to Harry at that time.. I think Ron would have tried raising the alarm if he noticed Harry wasn’t in bed.. and if (after using the bathroom) he checked the common room to see if Harry was there and he wasn’t.. I don’t know.. would he bother to check Harry’s trunk about Invisibility cloak at least?


Theory 2:-During the Day (Part 1)

we know that Moody’s lesson is right after lunch on Thursday and it goes straight to almost supper time. So let’s say Moody asked Harry to stay to talk w/ him a bit.. wouldn’t Hermione and Ron have wait outside the door for Harry? (since Harry + one of the others have waited for the 3rd person).. or even if Harry had told them to “go ahead” to supper.. they would have notice eventually Harry never showed up at supper or he wasn’t back in the common room by a 9.. especially if they checked the dorm. They would have definitely raised the alarm.


Theory 3- During the day Part 2:  Hogesmede’s 

Same thing goes for a Hogsemede visit..a bunch of students in the town 3 and above… someone would have notice.. and once again Ron and Hermione would have notice if he never showed up at Three Broomsticks or at supper.

Race Story video idea

February 2, 2020

Some Years ago UK had this video where a able-body character had a dream where  disabled folks were the majority and able-bodies were the minority.    Due to the drama (ie gun shooting)  that happening in both U.S. and in Toronto.  As well as non-People of Colour  Police treating POCs badly because they (the police) and non-police believing that POCs are criminals.



Well I have this idea of a similar idea but only you have a Caucasian male (Mike Myers? Dan Akroyd? Bascially any white male who isn’t Justin Biber). having a similar dream to the above but only instead of it being disabled folks being the majority it would be First Persons,  African-Canadian,  South Asian, basically People of Colour being the majority and cops (played by POCs) can “card” the white person  Also if he goes into a store,  POC employees can follow him around like he’s going to steal something.    It might give people a better idea of what People of Colour have to deal with on a daily basis

If a modder isn’t around who do I ask for permission to have updated CC traits because I CAN’T DO IT MYSELF?

November 18, 2019

I want to know that if a modder isn’t around to create their traits and EA is a bit busy to care about simmers’ 3rd party content who do I ask permission from to update 3rd party CC traits because even with the video Zerbu’s mod constructor is WAY to complicated for me.  I mean for instance what would be the correct buffs for schiz, Aspger’s, ADHD?


Someone is claiming its illegal to ask other simmers to make CC traits of old traits from others with out the formers’ permission but if they aren’t around  to ask permission FROM  what am I going to do to GET new versions of these traits unless someone would take pity on me and make versions for me and give credit to the former creators.


I really home TMN sees the thread AND this post and helpful …


August 7, 2019

As some of you know there WAS talk last year  (2018) about disabilities coming to the Sims (maybe not sims 4 but maybe a future sims game) but nothing since Sept 2018.  There are two things I absolutely  hate people  *BACON*  saying.  Both are on the same 10 scale as annoying but I will put the titular one first

  1. MODDERS/CC creators  CAN NOT CREATE WORKABLE WHEELCHAIRS.  Due to codes for wheels of ANY kind or not in the game its not possible for modders/CC creators  to make WORKABLE wheelchairs  all CC creators can do is clone a chair and add wheels somehow to do it.   I only say this because I’m literally *BACON* sick of people pushing the *BACON* idea of using *BACON* CC to represent DISABILITIES down people’s throats!!! Since either a)Sims team have to include a workable wheelchair themselves or b)add the CODE to the game so CC creators/modders can make workable wheelchairs instead.

2. FREE DISABILITY PACK WILL ONLY INCLUDE A  STATIONARY WHEELCHAIR.  According to Grant Roderick(?) post from last year  he was quoted on twitter saying in repsone to another simmer’s tweet about the disabled pack cost that “they wouldn’t charge us anything for it”.  Someone or someones claim that such a “free” pack would only have a stationary wheelchair and other “for story purposes”…

I mean would they (Sims team)  really want us “differently abled” SIMMERS to talk to them to give them ideas of how to do (what makes us differently able) if all they’re planning on giving us is a “for story purposes” stationary wheelchair?  Considering what they have or mentioned:

  • ideas for Simlish Sign language
  • stairs turn into a ramp (for when differently able people can visit their able friends in stair houses)
  • all age  can use the wheelchairs (unlike the Sims 3 canes for instance). —-The key word is “use” since you can’t exactly  have a sim “use” a CC wheelchair except for stories… but I think the word “use” means movable (either by a sim pushing it or by a sim  in it wheeling it across a room.
  • mental health not being a trait
  • they literally mentioned tackling a problem by talking to simmers who are “differently abled” chairwise


The only thing the ONE person who was talking about the topic  didn’t answer was if “workplaces accidents” or “sims being born with disabilities”  was going to be a “thing”. He kept mum on that much like he does when you know he can’t talk about packs.  Most disabled simmers who DO want disabilities in the game – what they want  want is the option in  CAS to create disabled sims..not for sims to be born disabled or to get into workplace accidents (BTW how could you get in a work place accident in a rabbit hole Business, Tech Gru career, or a Writing career? Don’t know about Painting-make one’s arm?)


Mares Nest you can make fun of the fact it took me awhile to open up about my “Differently- abled” issues if you come across this which you will probably do.

Dear Mares Nest

May 18, 2019

Remember my last open letter? I will get to that in a second

I have several disabilities. I now wear a hearing aid (again)-up until 2013 I hadn’t since I was 8. As for the issue about my not being alone since I was about 10-it had to do with me having low blood sugar despite not being diabetic. Even though back in 2012 I was able to stay all by myself in my parents’ house overnight for two nights alone.  I also have self-diagnosed high end of the autism spectrum-hence why I think I was having a meltdown/panic attack about fruit  last year (PS guess who does the non-Sunday fruit business now? Despite trying to peel her finger off a couple of times)- For instance as a child (and even now) I wanted to be able to leave on time,  tags bugged me (still do sometimes), and when schedules go “off” for instance I had  a meltdown twice   when the program in the next town was cancelled and both times I had no clue. But at least the first time they had an excuse of they didn’t have a “phone tree”. They do now. But somehow I got missed in the most recently scenario which was supposed to have been a potluck day-and I had brought a cake Mom made to it and it was further complicated due to the fact that my parents were going back to (town) to get some kind of shot for people their age and because of road work being done outside the building- the parents went around the building before I could catch them again.  So I was crying in the grocery store next door.  I couldn’t remember the Doctor’s name or anything but the crossroad location. I didn’t like kimchi, olives, or marshmallows as a child but I do know. But something I still can’t stand is “barenaked” white rice. That if Mom makes fritters (and white rice) we finally came to the solution of putting the leftover Korean veggie juice in a little cup for Dad and I to put on our rice.

As you point out previously I have obsessions about Disney characters, Redwall (IF I read it lately), or Not Always Right (you will see that in adult Gen 7 years of the Swansons). As for my hair-thing is I have low motor skills outside of typing so I can’t really braid my hair since I can get it into three parts but then I get really confused after I try to put right over middle, and then leftover over middle. but I can’t reach the back of my head to put a big elastic on it. If my hair hasn’t been done in a couple of days- the part not in the braid but closer to my ears turn into little puffs of hair which in a couple of days’ time start to drive me crazy. I can put a battery into my hearing aid. I have been able to go to (Two town away mall on my own)

As for work like you pointed out there’s only a limited amount I can work and no one is going to be hiring me for half the amount a “full” part-time employee would be working. Either that or you need a year’s experience, or you need a Driver Licence.  Or one will have to work with a cash register (something mom doesn’t want me to do because of my limited math skills). Also it has to be between Town on my other town’s side opposite program’s town) or to the Program’s town neighbouring town) since the job can’t be in Toronto.  I don’t have any um Babysitter training so being a childcare provider (which is what I want to be) is kind of is out.  According to luminosity (and also according to my own bossiness) I would make a good manager (the only problem would be the stress). Even though I do have a funny idea about a new kind of business.  Sort of the same idea as mystery shopping but not quite- instead of mystery shopping a shop you’re dealing with the rude customers who think they “Always Right”.  Let’s say a store has a repeat bad customer they call ( my business) and I send one of my employees to the store to follow the bad customer around the store. Once the bad customer starts acting bad my employee will tell them off.


My remaining girlfriends are all engaged. Also all the stuff I consume (aka SimLit, Music,  books occasionally) all deal with romance and SimLit sometimes largely cover Woohoo. While because my girlfriends are engaged now (not to mention the previously married girlfriend)- I want to have some woohoo of my own. But without a partner I can’t do that now can I?  My parents don’t seem to care about the fact they’re basically saying that Doris Day song “Que Sera Sera”.   Yet I want to have my own children so I have a safety net of my OWN for when I’m around grandpa’s age. My parents just suggest I keep going to (program either in the other town or in this town) but dating is a huge no-no in either place. But we can have FRIENDSHIP relationship only.


Some examples of finding others as mentioned online:

volunteering-not likely to happen besides if most of my experience volunteering is correct- its either minors or old folks like my parents/grandpa.  (not to mention the place mom wants me to help at is an old folks’ home but they don’t have laundry on-site they only things they have there are “Friendly Visitor” and “(Place) Market Assistant”)

church-minors or old folks and people with their own families

a “Potluck” dinner/dinner part-don’t own my own place so that’s out not unless I want to rent out my church’s hall.

asking my friends- that will go well when 1 been with her fiance since before I meet her in Gr.9.  Not sure about the other friend but around high school, and the one remaing friend been dating her fiance for a little over a year (but knew him 2 years before that).  That friend suggested online dating to me awhile back.

class/meetups-only for minors, or old people and for meetups its the same plus there’s one for single parents.

Travelling solo-not an option for the above reason^  I’m getting tired of travelling with my parents. When my married friend and one of my engaged friends are travelling with their “other halves”. Which do you think would be more fun?

Museums-have only small museums here. The Good ones are in Toronto

Bars/Coffee places- don’t drink either and in the former its noisy.

Library/Gym-same as church &classes  only old folks and minors.

bookstore-outside of malls there’s only one bookstore and its in (program’s town)

Dog parks-only dog we have doesn’t like other dogs. Even if I DID have a dog like that my means of transportation to get to and from the dog park is limited since unless it’s a service dog,  taking dogs on a bus is a huge no-no.

Work-obviously a no-no. “Don’t Date coworkers”.

online dating is out because my parents don’t trust it.

Matchmaking is also is out because it would mean I would have to travel into Toronto which is a huge no-no on my own.  I mean if I wanted to visited one of my friends in Toronto it would be like this “Take Mom into Toronto she does something else while I  meet up with Friend and then I will meet up with Mom later.”   I literally have to have Mom or Dad in the Doctor’s room with me when I go to a doctor because they think I wouldn’t be able to understand what the doctor says.  (And that doctor keeps asking about if I’m planning on becoming pregnant always an award question but this year more then normal-I mean what I’m suppose to say? Ask them if they know anyone available?)

Looking through friends’ fiances’ FB pages (the last one doesn’t have any friends because he only recently made a FB page) and it would be too awkward to ask my friends if I find anyone cute just to be told “They’re taken”.


Yet when I said I want to get experience in dating (ie the emotions) they suggest I read more because how to people who are men write about stories from a woman’s POV or vice versa? Problem is that makes me want to woohoo even more as I pointed out earlier

They also said I would have to take care of THEM when they’re older. But when the only thing I can do is COOK? I can’t change a bed-I did once last year and my parents got mad at me. I understand why Mom did her cast hadn’t come off yet.  Yet on the other hand they get so ticked off at me they want to kick me out.


So you see why I have to try  online dating despite my parents? I was so miserable when I discovered that all 3 of my girlfriends were engaged that I wanted to drink a entire bottle of pop OR eat an entire tub of Ice cream to deal with that problem. The closet I got to that is buying Cola drinks at bowling.

Dear TMN Maybe you should reread your own posts about me?

November 30, 2018

Dear TMN, Maybe you should reread you’re own posts about me, ML, about the fact  I’m special needs and my parents are STRICT and I’m not allowed to go out anywhere on my own  which isn’t the church (besides bowling!! but that’s church people also too young-ie elementary school young or too old like 90), my social rec program (Dating is off-limits there) and I’m not allowed to go into (BIG CITY)..on my own. I’m only allowed to go to places with Girlfriends (and that’s another issues-not many around me because High School ones are spread across the province), and church people (see church).  Without dating sites the only likely hood of me finding a date if a bloody accident happens outside my parents’ house, the church, or the apartments where my program IS. Unless it happens at PTC mall or outside of ROM, Science Centre, or Ripley’s Aquarium if we ever returned to one of those areas. Not that dating site has been good for me so far and might I remind you of who steered me to THAT dating site? Rosemow’s  thread.  That site has made it more difficult-because men can’t start conversations with women unless they’re liked unlike before and visitors were gotten rid ago awhile back.  I almost had a date but it got cancelled (Stuff came out)





Enough isn’t Enough

January 13, 2018

I was reading the Toronto Star  today this article: Enough is Enough  and I was really ticked off by the FEMALE columnist’s attitude towards the women who have stepped forward and mentioned that men like Harvey Weienstien, Kevin Spacey, Albert Schultz among other men whom basically treated women like an object or property they owned-  who says that those women should “get over” with being touched/felt/etc and get on with their work.  But these men presumably have a mix of the 50’s and 60s ideas. (The 60s idea is that women go to college to get an MRS degree while the 50s idea is that women should be “barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen”).


The PBS News hour on Thursday night, economists were discussing a study  an undergraduate  has done about words used to describe young women on the economist job market vs. young men.  The words for women were “breast”, “whore”  and “hot”  “bitch” among others like pregnant, dating, marry/marrying, rape/dating,  “attractive”  not one thing about how good their mind is or their ability to do the work while men were describe with words like  “empirical” “Data” “Monetary”  and “fiscal”.


We need to do two things 1)teach boys from a young age the oppiste sex aren’t objects to be their toys but are fellow human beings  2)We also need to teach girls that they should speak out if someone even a RELATIVE touches them in a way that is “wrong”.

Jerks suggest that people with food allergies never have a social life

December 14, 2017

Why do jerks always suggest people w/  food allergies just should never go out for a nice meal and make all their meals at home?  What if the allergic person is on a trip wether it’s a business trip or vacation? Like if you have a gluten issue don’t eat at Cinderella’s Castle Royal Table since it has a a small kitchen. But you can eat at Tony’s.  A person with an allergy if they’re on a business or vacation trip doesn’t have the option of making their own food not unless they buy a suite with a kitchen.  Also allergic people, like everyone else, do deserve a social life with their friends.

Will Everyone be on Welfare in the future when Robots take over?

December 8, 2017

Because of movies like “I, Robot”  I always had this question of if robots take over all the jobs (garbage collectors, bartenders, servers, delivery folks) except of police officers and scientists doesn’t that mean EVERYONE  except police officers will be on welfare system that many, many people currently complain about?   Since there is no other way for people to afford robots and yet in the movie “I, Robot” everyone has one and yet only a very few have jobs.