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Disabled Sims and one Lousy excuse that Almost ALWAYS COMES UP.

October 27, 2012

I am in support of disabled sims and I feel the one excuse that people make is extermley LOUSY.  The Excuse simmers make is that “A disabled person could sue EA for making Disabled sims because some people might set the sims on fire and then upload the video to youtube.” .  Here’s what    lisasc360 said “How would you like to see a video on youtube of somebody torturing a sim that is disabled?

I ask that question because people make sims of people they don’t like or are mad at and torture them and sometimes watch them die. Some even make movies and stories about it. So imagine somebody making a sim that is disabled and doing the same thing that they do with their other sims.

Say for example, somebody goes to school with someone that is disabled and they don’t like that person and poke fun at them. That person would come home a make a sim of the disabled person making them look as close to the real person as possible. So then they go about inviting that sim over to their house and put a fence/walls up around them with no way out. Then that person then proceeds to set fire to the room or allow that sim to die of starvation and then make a movie about it and put it on youtube.

Just imagine the uproar people would have when they see a disabled sim being tortured. And yes I know that this is just a game but just imagine what would happen next. They would be reporting the video and would want youtube to pull the video off of their site. Then if that person that the video is about sees it and shows their parents what somebody did, the parents are gonna to want to know who did it so they can sue the parents of that person and then sue EA for putting in disabilities which would allow people to make disabled sims.

Get what I’m saying?

This is just food for thought.

Is this something you are risk having in the game for the possibility to have what I just stated earlier in this post to happen in somebody’s game and for EA to get sued over something like this? ”

If that was the case there wouldn’t be any black, yellow, tan, skin colours, no option of being gay or no females, children and even NO SUPERNATURALS  in the game for the *same* reason. Since it would *Offend* someone. How about this? There might be *SOME* disabled people or people who lived with Disabled people who are offended by the fact Disabled Sims aren’t even included in the game in the freaking first place! It like they don’t exist.

I mean in stories (with the exception of Harry Potter–but i will get to that in a second) the disabled person is only  temporary disabled (Ie. Colin from The Secret Garden  or Clara from Hedi) if the person isn’t  temporary disabled they are most likely to be the villain of the story (ie. Caption Hook from Peter Pan or Long John Sliver from Treasure Island ). The only exception to this rule are two characters in Harry Potter ,  Remus Lupin (I identify the werewolf problem as more of a problem then being disabled  then as someone having AIDS) and Mad Eye Moody.

What kind of a stupid video (even if it is for fun) is this “How to Make A Guy Like You”?

October 20, 2012

I think that number 20 and 18 don’t count for much. Number 20 is “Make sure he knows you look good in anything.” Only problem with that? Is Prince Charming NEVER sees Cinderella in her servant’s outfit at ALL or not that we are are aware. Probably when Duke and her  got back to the palace he insist Cinderella get cleaned up and then showed her to the Prince.   Prince F (Snow’s Prince) saw Snow in her rags, Prince Philp saw Aurora (even if he didn’t know it was Aurora) in her peasant’s outfit. Aladdin (who isn’t a prince, a hero) saw Jasmine in the disguised she had to run away from her home. Prince Eric saw Ariel in the sail, in four (?) different outfits. Prince Adam (The Beast) saw Belle in: Village wear, and two regular dresses and one super-duper fancy dress.

Number 18 “Make the man jealous” The first picture they show? Is of Snow White kissing Dopey. Um hello how will that make the man jealous when the Prince isn’t any AROUND. Then it showed Jasmine kissing Jafar. Jasmine wasn’t doing it to make Aladdin jealous she did it as a distraction to let Aladdin get to the lamp..but it backfired on her since Jafar saw Aladdin in the crown he made for her.


Number 16 Act Scared of Him  Of course Snow White and Aurora would be scared of the Princes. I mean you would be too if you were singing and a man’s voice cut into the song and into you’re dance.  The last one for this one is Belle I mean hey you’re in a Gothic castle and this mutli-animal character is scary. You would be scared too right?

Number 15 Rush into it. The 2nd scene shown is Ariel and Prince Eric’s kiss. I’m thinking hey Ariel&Prince Eric *did* spend THREE WHOLE DAYS together!

Number 14)Pretend you want him even if he wasn’t a prince. The first scene shown? is Aladdin. Jasmine never wanted to marry  as Jasmine stated “A stuffed up over-dressed buffoon” Prince. She actually DOES want Aladdin to just “BEE himself” to be Aladdin.


Disney Villains crimes

October 9, 2012

Captian Hook  piracy, sailing under false colors, attempted murder, theft, kidnapping, child abuse, murder.

The Coachman:  kidnapping, child abuse, (I’m not counting providing booze to minors in this) .

Cruella De Ville   cruelty to animals, attemped murder, dognapping, wreckless driving,

Doctor Facilier conspiracy to commit murder, treason, kidnapping, fraud, attempted genocide

Edgar cruelty to animals, catnapping, trespassing, grand theft

The Evil Queen:  1st degree murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, negligence, fraud, resistance to arrest, tyranny

Gaston attempted murder, wrongful inprisonment, incitement to riot, breaking and entering, treason, kidnapping, assault and battery.

Governor Ratcliffe  attempted genocide, abuse of power, assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon, incitement to riot.

Hades  treason, abuse of power, attempted regicide/attempted fratricide,

Horned King   pignapping, kidnapping, grave desecration, attempted murder, theft, assault, treason, terrorism

Jafar kidnapping, abuse of power, attempted murder,  theft, treason

Judge Frollo   attempted genocide, manslaughter, abuse of power, attempted infanticide, attempted murder, police brutality, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, wrongful imprisonment, racial discrimination.

Lady Treamine  negligence, discrimination, destruction of royal property, treason.

Madame Medusa  kidnapping, endangering the welfare of a child, assault with a deadly weapon, communicating threats, theft, reckless driving.

 Maleficent   treason, attempted murder, trespassing, , kidnapping

Mother Gothel   treason, kidnapping, theft, murder, conspiracy, assault with a deadly weapon, wrongful imprisonment, communicating threats

Scar reason, regicide/fratricidtreason, kidnapping, theft, murder, conspiracy, assault with a deadly weapon, wrongful imprisonment, communicating threatse, attempted murder, assault and battery, child endangerment.

Shan Yu 

reason, mass murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, assault and battery, war crimes.

Allergies: Elementary vs. High School and beyond?

October 3, 2012

Who doesn’t love a pizza lunch*? I remember having pizza lunches as child in elementary school.  Well in Toronto a couple of schools want to take pizza lunches off the menu because of the rules that regard fun raiser of specific  food because of kids who could have allergies to wheat or dairy. A co-chair of a school board ( Brenda Coady) thinks the idea is stupid since the lunch raises more then $15,000 per year.  Another person a spokesperson for Allergy/Asthma Information Association says that wheat and gluten are rarely life-threatening the way peanuts are. The only risk there is for wheat and gluten if is a person who is allergic eats the said something with wheat in it. So as long as the kid isn’t eating the product he/she would be safe.

In 2006 the board’s policy prohibits fundraising events that include include life-threatening allergens  ”  peanuts, peanut by-products, tree nuts, fish, milk, soy, egg, sesame seed, shellfish and wheat.” With the exception of  sesame seeds, the rest is responsible for 90% of all food allergic reactions.

The board consider the pizza lunches as a service instead of a fundraiser.  Since the lunch was one less lunch for parents to provide during the week (or month) Until the new rules were put into place the school board didn’t realize it was considered a fundraiser. Coady  says  that, we  as a society, should be working to put procedures in place so we can live with the allergy instead of giving these kids a false sense of security


Why do we as society try to protect elementary school kids from Peanut products to Pineapples and beyond by banning those products in elementary schools. Do parents  expect high schools or colleges or universities to be Peanut free or something.  I mean I wasn’t aware of peanut allergies until Gr.6 in elementary school  because there were flyers on the wall asking us kids not to bring in Peanut or nut related products. By doing something like this, we are  making a false sense of security for kids with allergies and that’s isn’t what we should do.  Also non-allergic kids are missing out on popular food items. As far as I know I didn’t have my first taste of Peanut Butter til I was in Gr.9 on a Sunday.

My elementary school didn’t have a cafertia so we ate in our classroom, or if we were a class out in portables we would take our lunches into the main building into the music classroom and eat there.  My elementary school wasn’t exactly safe even if someone had brought in PB (if it hadn’t been banned). There was only one Epi-pen in the whole building and it was in the office. Problem here? Yeah there was–the only people in the office at lunch time were Gr.7/Gr.8 kids and anyone else on the playground were playground supervisors who go home after lunch.

In secondary schools there are very few bans on food of any kind. Its not like kids are able to go home from lunch. There’s even a higher chance of them getting exposure to nuts or nut related products in colleges or universities. Even when they start to go to work wether its in a restaurant  or in an office. They will be exposed to sooner or later.

What next will restaurants need to put up signs saying what food they serve which might cause an allergic reaction? Do you guys expect you’re child’s future boss to let him/her work from home because a co-worker might have brought in a PB&J sandwich?  What about kids with special needs or Austim who will not eat anything BUT Peanut Butter?  What about families that the only thing they can buy is Peanut Butter? Since that’s a cheap thing for those people to buy.

There are some reasonable ways to work around this. Step 1)teach child about their allergy. 2)send note to school and teacher(s) saying that the kid can’t have X product. 3)Ask for a special table (or for schools without cafertias-a peanut/nut free classroom)  for you’re kid to sit at if they’re allergic to PB/nuts. 4) if the kid is old enough (roughly 8-11)  teach kid to use Epi-pen.

*Not at elementary schools with cafertias  but other schools. Pizza ban in Toronto Star’s paper link is right here:–pizza-lunches-at-risk-in-peel