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February 8, 2013

Like I have mentioned in my titled I hate being conflicted. It just I feel I need to try to get experience in a customer service job at either a restaurant, or a store–BUT, my parents don’t think I can handle those kind of jobs. It just I’m worried about how am I suppose to deal with a jerk customer when I get a office job for real, when I don’t know how to deal with them because of no experience? I bet I would just rage at them and be fired.  I also feel like my parents need to wake up and see that I’m trying hard to be an adult, but its hard to do when they don’t let me have free-range/free-will to do something like let me doing something which I think is important.

I feel like I need to talk to a conselur about my problems and how my parents still treat me like I’m a child in some respects. I know I shouldn’t be ranting on my blog it just I have no other choice. Since I can’t do it on FB every since I friended my sister.






Nancy Drew Rap

February 2, 2013

“Like a bullet from a gun, she arrives on the scene, a young detective who doesn’t know the meaning of


when she’s hot on the case, no time to waste when you’re face to face

with an evil that is lurking but you just can’t see it: persist, persevere and the problem will disappear.

You say you’re in a jam and you don’t know what to do? Get down with the Drew Crew!

**Creepin’ and a-crawlin’, sneakin’ and a-peekin’, over the horizon, who could it be?**

N to the A to the N, C, Y; doesn’t battle with her fists, but with her mind, all the time

when she’s solving a mystery.

Bad boys and girls, you’re history, locked up, with your choices so few, resident of the room without a view.

You did crime and it’s time you were due, another victim of the Drew Crew!”