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Disabled Sims and gardening and other stuff

December 10, 2012

If disabled sims were included and they had the option of wheelchairs. I don’t see why the gardening would not be an option for them. There could be  gardening boxes that were wheelchair height and then the disabled sims could garden that way. Who says disabled sims can’t be   Athletes?  In the real world there are sports for disabled people ie. wheelchair basketball, Sledge hockey.  Heck..any sport a able bodied person can do a disabled person can also do just with adjustments according to this website:  Or why else would there be a Para-Olympics for those disabled people if they can’t be athletes?



Sleeping Beauty and the Dark Curse

December 5, 2012

Once Upon a time in far away land a king and queen were getting married. They had invited twelve fairies to the wedding. One fairy, Manya, they didn’t invite was very annoyed at the fact she hadn’t been invited. So she crashed the wedding to toss an apple that written on it “To the Fairest” into the ceremony. The apple rolled to the bride, Catherine’s feet. Before Catherine could pick it up, Tatiana, the head fairy, kicked it into the crowd and said to the soon-to-be Queen “Your majesty, I suggest you put the ear plugs in immediately”. The bride did exactly that and in the meantime three nameless women found the apple and got into a catfight for the apple.  Mayna was very mad that she had been outsmarted by royals that she said “I cursed the royal family for many generations until the day a maiden with hair as black as ebony, lips as red as blood and skin as white as snow eats an apple and dies!”  Mayna then headed towards the door but before leaving said “I will see you again very soon”


Many years passed before King William and Queen Catherine had a child. A daughter was born they named her Anastasia. There was a huge christening for the new heir. They invited the twelve good fairies from their wedding and they came and each got a golden plate. They would have liked to have invited Mayna, but there wasn’t enough gold to have 13tth plates. Mayna was very mad again about she wasn’t invited to yet another royal ceremony. She crashed this ceremony after eleven fairies gave their gifts to the princess. Mayna said “I too will bestow a gift on the child. On her seventeenth birthday she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and DIE!” Mayna then left.  Tatiana, who had been late to the christening softened this curse and said “Anastasia will NOT die but will fall into a very deep sleep until true love’s kiss awakes her”