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Why did Glinda not explain about the Ruby Slipper?

April 14, 2013

On Saturday April 13, I was at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Wizard of Oz musical based upon the 1939 movie and I came home and looked up the 1939 movie on TV tropes website and I noticed a lot of complaints about Glinda (being a combination of both the North and the South Good Witches from the book) not telling Dorthy about the Ruby Slippers telporting.  The more reasonable (and for me logical explanation) is that Dorthy wouldn’t likely believe her and if she didn’t believe, the shoes maybe wouldn’t be able to work.  Or maybe Glinda needed to do a “Hermione” and do research in Glinda’s library (if Glinda has a library) to find out more about the Ruby Slippers. Also it wouldn’t be much of a story if she decided to go home right away if she DID believe if Glinda had told her. Any story with a hero or heroine (if the jounrey takes place away from ‘home’, the protagonist must go on a journey and battle an adversary before being able to get home) They even said so in the movie!

Is Uncle Henry (who last name appears to be Gale) Dorthy blood uncle? Or is there a possibility that after the death of Dorthy’s parents if let say her mom was Emily (Aunt Em’s sister) ‘s sister (or Uncle Henry’s sister)that they changed her name to be like theirs?(Gale). Since which is easily to explain to a young (or little girl) why your name is different then your aunt or uncle or just change the orphan’s name to their own last name IF Dorthy’s mom was Aunt Em’s sister (or Uncle Henry’s sister)


Possible Disabled Sim Game play possibilities”

April 5, 2013

People are looking to much as the “Eww Disabled!” or “That’s too bad” (ie. disabled is depressing) side of game and not seeing the potential possibilities of game play

1.train service anims


guide dogs

guide ponies

small monkeys


2. In the base game a blind sim could call a rabbithole centre and ask for a service sim to help them get to places until pets come into the picture.

3. train service animals

4. With IP autistic sims could swim with dolphins in the sea

5 disabled children can ride horses for therapy


Mistakes that people make when talking about the so called “Disney Death Sydnrome

April 4, 2013

1. people thinking that in the movie Bambi. The title character never sees his dad. Incorrect. He sees his dad twice in the movie. Once when he pretends to leap with the older male deer (who are with his father, the Great Prince) and the Great Prince of the Forest looks at Bambi. Then later right after Bambi’s moms dies. “Your mother can’t be with you anymore”  and when Bambi gets sad right then, The Great Prince says “Come, my son” I think when Bambi’s an adult the Great Prince helps him after Bambi helps, his mate Faline.

2. Hunchback of Notre Dame adopted father Frollo. Frollo is NOT A MINSTER, HE IS A JUDGE!  He’s only a minister in the oringal novel. (I think being a judge gives him more power then he would have been given as an archbishop). Even though I do wish that there was a way to explain as a Judge, why Frollo can’t do what he wants with Esmeralda, since he doesn’t have the celbicay laws would normal be the reason for an archbishop.

3. Jungle Book: Mogli IS NOT RAISED  by Baloo (bear) and Baghera (Panther). He is RAISED by the WOLVES until its no longer safe for him in the forest because of Shere Khan.

4. Alice doesn’t have a step mom, its her SISTER who is reading to her.

5.Peter Pan ran away from home. Lost Boys? Don’t remember their parents due to Nannies before they fall out of their prams.

6.Sir Ector in Sword in the Stone IS NOT ARTHUR’S FATHER. Sir Ector is Arthur’s FOSTER FATHER. The real father of Arthur is the King who died, (who name is King Uther)

7. Simba does have a mother..its his dad who dies.