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Ptolemy Legacy: 3rd gen is born and lots of birthdays

August 31, 2011

after I went to work for several days Dallas and I tried for baby.

next day:

what did I eat at work yesterday?? I thought.

Turns out I was pregant:

I went into labour on Sunday after spending dough at the Spa and I didn’t even listen to my father’s ghost stories.

I gave birth to twins Faline and Peritda


and my parents had their birthdays:


parents took twins on walk:

twins had their birthday (yes they did get dolls):











Ptomley Legacy: Gen 2: Chapter 1

August 30, 2011

Hello my name is Georgianna,  I’m suppose to bring in the next generation with my hubby, Dallas. Here’s the last several days:

my siblings and I all had our b-days:

we graduated the day afterward I got the “Most Likely to Become Rock Star”, Hermione got “Most Likely to Have Big Family”,  Christina got “Most Likely to Take Over the World” Dallas’ it seem was valedortian for our class

Hermione got engaged to her boyfriend and they got married.

Christiana got engaged and married outside her new workplace:

I got engaged to Dallas:

Had a Bachloerette Party:

and had my wedding:

Ptolemy Legacy Gen 1: Chapter 12 Who will be the heiress??

August 29, 2011

If the kids look different then before..its because I had to re-do the legacy for a bit since I lost the previous one.

We had debaunte parties for all our girls.

Christina’s  party

All the the kids went to prom:

Issac got Prom king and Georgianna got Prom queen!!  (They were a bit squmily about having to dance in front of everyone else) Hermione went steady with Maxmius.

potenial heiresses:


evil, neat, Neurotic, Hopeless Romantic


Virtuoso, Ambitious , grumpy, eco-friendly


artistic, bookworm, perceptive, family oriented

Ptolemy Legacy Chapter 11: Christina’s birthday and a interesting party

August 27, 2011

I insisted that Georgianna learn to paint-someone has to paint Hal? and my paintings (of ourselves).

A couple of days later Peter and Hermione had birthdays:

I taught Peter how to talk,

Hal taught Hermione how to walk.

We potty trained the twins together

then we had  a birthday for Christina

but the cake exploded into flames!!

Luckily one of the guests (Ginny something?) put it out.
(no one died/or was put on fire)

and Christina tried again:

Ptolemy Legacy Gen 1 Chapter 10: Peter and Hermione are born!!

August 26, 2011

Hal and I went on another date after work the next day. I forget the movie.

when Hal and I went back home we woohooed.

Next day after work.. “Did I eat something at the hospital’s cafe which disagreed with me?

Turns out I was pregnant.. bad news was boy.. but I did eat watermelons afterwards!!

Christina, Georignna and Issac all turn turns feeling my tummy

Christina and Georgina had two fights, Christina won the first round, Georgina the second round.

I gave birth to Peter and Hermione  this is our new family picture (left to right: Christina, Hal with Peter, Me with Hermione ((I call her “Hermy” for short)) , Georginna and Issac):

^This is our new home

Ptomley Legacu Gen 1: Chapter 9 Lots of Birthdays!!

August 24, 2011

I taught Christina how to walk-she learned so quickly!!


Hal  “that’s correct right?” “Yes” teaching Issac how to talk.

I teaching Georgina to “go”




Hal and I had a double b-day celeberation

Over the course of five work days I got several promotions and got my LTW achieved.

We then had a b-day party for our eldest daughter, Chirstina


two days later we had a b-day part for the twins.


The children (Chirstina home from 3rd day, twins home from 1st day) doing their homework.



Ptomley Legacy: Gen 1: Chapter 8-Georgina and Issac are born

August 22, 2011

Well I was pregnant again

Mr. Wilson, my -boss said I was again carrying girls.

I watched the kids TV channel. “Interesting kids’ Chanel isn’t it?”  Justin, the baby-sitter asked. “Sure is” I replied.

Going into labour- I gave birth to mixed gender twins: Georgiana and Issac

The next day we had a birthday party for Christiana.


We took a family picture

Ptomley Legacy Gen 1: Chapter 7

August 20, 2011

I went to the libarary to study so I could get a promotion when I’m back at work — I  really wish we could check out books from this libarary-it sucks I have to leave my wee one at home w/ a baby-sitter and the bookstore’s prices are too expensive for me.

Trying to take care of little Chirstina is hard work that we just decided to call a baby-sitter well Hank or is it Hal?  “Its Hal!!”  and I try to get some shut-eye.

I went back to work for a couple of days and I’m a trauma surgeon (yahoo!! almost too dream job!!) now (I also got promoted again to the next level)

Hal and I went on a couple of  dates since we been busy with work and taking care of little Chirstina.

I think I might be pregnant again

Ptolemy Legacy Gen 1 Chapter 6: Chirstina is born

August 13, 2011

“I only had a pizza last night-I think. Was something wrong with pizza?”

This is an amazing coincidence I’m pregnant, Hal and I both want a girl and my boss-doctor  said I will have a girl.

“Why can’t Celo make something for me too?”  “Sorry Hal I only have enough energy to make one Grilled Cheese Sandwhich”

At 4 in the morning a couple of days later my water broke

and about 3 hours later our daughter Christina was born I think she looks like me:

Boy she was thirsty just after I had laid her in her crib:

Potemly Legacy Gen 1 Chap 5

August 10, 2011

When Hal and I woke up the next day we discovered that my head was on his pillow!!

After some breakfast I told Hal “We need to talk”. Hal  looked very worried: “Did I do something wrong?”. “No” I answered.

We then moved into the so-called “living” room and Hal sat on the Couch and I sat on the chair. I started talking:

“Hal when we started having kids- I will name the first kid, and you can name the next,etc. You understand”  Hal nodded. “Most of our kids MUST be daughters..we can have boys..but its a law of the dream I told  you about.” Hal “You mean the one about moving here to start a legacy?” “Yes” I replied.

I then continue: “When our  daughters  are teens, we will hold a house party for them, in my creator’s mind, its a debutante ball. Is that alright with you Hal?”

Hal “you’re the  head of this family not me. But its fine with me anyway.”


The next day after work Hal and I ate out at  the KFC dinner to celebrate our promotions!!:


this is my new uniform (I’m finally a doctor YES!):


The Next night  Hal and I went to Ramses Church &youth lounge bar

The next night we “Try for Baby”

Will she get  “in the family way” ?