Ptolemy Legacy Gen 1 Chapter 10: Peter and Hermione are born!!

Hal and I went on another date after work the next day. I forget the movie.

when Hal and I went back home we woohooed.

Next day after work.. “Did I eat something at the hospital’s cafe which disagreed with me?

Turns out I was pregnant.. bad news was boy.. but I did eat watermelons afterwards!!

Christina, Georignna and Issac all turn turns feeling my tummy

Christina and Georgina had two fights, Christina won the first round, Georgina the second round.

I gave birth to Peter and Hermione  this is our new family picture (left to right: Christina, Hal with Peter, Me with Hermione ((I call her “Hermy” for short)) , Georginna and Issac):

^This is our new home


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