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Why no other plan could have worked for Harry’s kidnapping.

March 29, 2020

I’m sick of hearing people asking why Harry had to be kidnapped via participating in  the Triwizard Tournament.  I thought about it long and hard..  This is some of my thoughts about why some others ideas weren’t have worked out


Theory 1-Nighttime Kidnapping (ie: his bed sheets were enchanted)

Let’s say any of the 4 other boys in the room -Seamus, Neville, Dean or Ron-needed to go to the bathroom at 4 or 5 in the morning.. wouldn’t they (especially if its Ron) notice something’s wrong with Harry’s bed? Regards of when it might have been (when Ron wasn’t speaking to him in 4th or after they started to speak again)-even if Ron wasn’t speaking to Harry at that time.. I think Ron would have tried raising the alarm if he noticed Harry wasn’t in bed.. and if (after using the bathroom) he checked the common room to see if Harry was there and he wasn’t.. I don’t know.. would he bother to check Harry’s trunk about Invisibility cloak at least?


Theory 2:-During the Day (Part 1)

we know that Moody’s lesson is right after lunch on Thursday and it goes straight to almost supper time. So let’s say Moody asked Harry to stay to talk w/ him a bit.. wouldn’t Hermione and Ron have wait outside the door for Harry? (since Harry + one of the others have waited for the 3rd person).. or even if Harry had told them to “go ahead” to supper.. they would have notice eventually Harry never showed up at supper or he wasn’t back in the common room by a 9.. especially if they checked the dorm. They would have definitely raised the alarm.


Theory 3- During the day Part 2:  Hogesmede’s 

Same thing goes for a Hogsemede visit..a bunch of students in the town 3 and above… someone would have notice.. and once again Ron and Hermione would have notice if he never showed up at Three Broomsticks or at supper.