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July 23, 2012

I just saw the Pixar  movie BRAVE  yesterday. I’m really annoyed that people espically newsappers think that just because Merdia likes outdoor sports makes her “gay”. You guys need to go look at some  Robin Hood legends. Since if you do you would know, that Maid Marian who was added at some point, was as good as the boys in fighting that I think in one story she even bested Robin, but they didn’t recognize each other, since both were in disguises. There’s a live-action movie, about a girl from India who lives in the U.K. I think, and she likes to play soccer.




I mean in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and their Mulan, the heroine (Belle/Mulan) is different for the time period they came from. Since Belle wasn’t looking for love, she just wanted adventure which she did find. Since if she was looking for love, she would have fallen for the boorish Gaston..but does she? Listen to this song of Gaston’s called “ME” from the Broadway musical    would YOU want to marry some one boorish as him. Part of his song  matches up with what the only good thing women are suppodedly good  for in Mulan. Mulan didn’t want to be in the arranged marriage I mean the only thing in Mulan boys wanted were either (according to the other women):

Men want girls in good taste who are:


2. Obedient

3. work fast past

4. with  good breeding

5. tiny waist (but this implies to any setting and country before the 20th century)

6.Girls are only good for bearing sons, who can take up fighting.


According to Mulan’s fellow warriors:

guy 1 wants a girl who will:

1. paler then the moon, her eyes shine like stars.

My girl will think I have no faults

guys 2 wants:

Marvel at his strength and adore his battle scares.. 

guy 3:

only wants a excellent cook.

that guy 3 is a “major find”

Merdia isn’t ready for marriage PERIOD she’s only is like what? 13? 16?  How would you like it, girls, if you’re dad came home when you’re 13 or maybe even 16 with some buddies from works’  sons and says the three of them have to compete  in a video came contest and whoever wins the contest marries you?