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Why at Durham College are potential Executive Administrative Assistant wasting their time with Transcption Class?

October 19, 2010

Why at Durham College are potential Executive Administrative Assistants wasting their time with Transcription Class? I mean they are as likely to be asked if they know how to do transcription (much less actually do it) as a wolf is of lying down by sheep. I mean they are more likely to be asked if they can speak FOREIGN LANGUAGES-according to some ads I seen for the group I want to join. So instead of soon-to-be Executive OAAs wasting our time with trans-we should/could be doing a language(s) class(es) (French, Korean, Arabic, Cantonese/Mandarin, French, Spanish). I mean Executives in companies carry laptops EVERYWHERE with them so they can type letters/keep up with e-mail. I mean for first years if I was in charge would look like this: of Executive, Legal&Medical the following things should be shared with all the above soon-to-be-E/L/M students: Accounting, Comm I&II, Comp I&II, Keyboarding I&II and Psychology classes but when it comes to Trans-Legal and Medical soon-to-be students can take it while the Executive OAAs soon-to-be students do something a bit more useful . I think its time that the OAA program had a make-over.

I hate being over-protective by my parents

October 13, 2010

My parents wouldn’t let me go into Hogstown (Toronto) or the nearest mall by myself. Its no wonder I feel like a bunch of Disney Renaissance Princesses
Since how can I “have adventure in the great wild someplace?” if my parents are telling me “No and where to go”? I can’t move out because “Look at me. I will never pass for a perfect girlfriend or the perfect daughter. Can it be I am not meant to play this part? Now I see if I was truly to be myself. I would break my family’s heart.”
The Picture of “Anne Brown” sim in the Blue/pink/red dress shows these songs

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Blue is Belle (“adventure in the great wild somewhere”)/Jasmine (trapped or in other words “No and where to go”). Red is Mulan (“Look at me. I will never pass for a perfect girlfriend or the perfect daughter. Can it be I am not meant to play this part? Now I see if I was truly to be myself. I would break my family’s heart.”/ “I can not hide who I am though I tried/when will my reflection show who I am inside?” ) Ariel-Pink (“Part of my friends’ world”-they get to do a lot of fun stuff and I’m stuck at my parents’ home)


October 12, 2010

I was looking up clubs to join. But I came across one problem with all the clubs that were at least interesting — THEY ARE ON A WEDNESDAYS!!!! And that’s when I’m stuck at the college in the next town at a night class!!!. Have these people have heard about “night school”? Could there be one little book club for Young Adults or a dancing club that didn’t meet on a Wednesday? Even pub nights at the nearest college is ALSO on Wednesday nights. Going to the mall is out I need to go with mom/sister/friend not to mention its in the next town like the college!!! And what’s are not on Wednesdays are too far away for me

David Yates was a FOOL for skipping the battles in movie 5&6 (where is his excuse for not having a battle in movie 5?)

October 3, 2010

He was a fool for skipping the battles. I’m still wanting to know his excuse for no battle for the 5th movie. I bet it will be along the lines of “they are underages in that movie.”  I would tell him go check the WWI and WWII sign-up sheets and see how many kids lied about their ages. I mean the people (Luna/Neville/Ginny beside Ron and Hermione are the ones who are the most loyal to Dumbledore via Harry).

HEY MARE you wanted to see more stuff? Well here are 4 BRAND-NEW SIMS! Whats your opinion on them?

October 2, 2010

Anne Brown:

Modern-day outfit (clue: backwards version of Disney’s Enchanted)

Peasant outfit

Princess outfit

Aramis Smith aka Prince (read my story you will know what I mean!!)

Peasant outfit:

Prince outfit (1):

the purple is too represent Royalty its one of the 2 colour dyes too expensive for commoners (or streetrats)

prince outfit (2)

Karan Raven (you can guess who’s THAT based on if you read the story)

I would have used a hood but none are available except in CC.

Layla Vega

the reason she might look a bit odd is because she is most of the time snake or raven.

Story pics:

The person in the Green dress is Anne Brown (she's suppose to be trapped in a castle, but I had to improvise with what EA gave me). The figure on the right is a DISGUISED K.R.

Do I really need to explain this picture?

Another one I don't really need to expalin if you seen Snow White or Sleeping Beauty (or read them either)

The long-lost Prince of Ellabur

Prince Alexander Charming in what's suppose to be a Dugeon

Prince Alexander just before he's going to kiss Anne Brown