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Why is it that in Cinderella stories/plays everyone acts like Cinderella is the character’s birthname when its SOOO isn’t?

December 29, 2010

Does anyone from the Victorian times or earlier or later and onwards know that Cinderella isn’t Cinderella’s birth name? No its isn’t. Its her nickname given to her by the Ugly Stepsisters. Her real birth name is Ella. She’s was only called Cinderella by her stepsisters because she slept besides the fireplace since she work from dawn to dusk and later so her clothes would be covered in Cinders. I think people are getting Cinderella and Snow White confused sometimes-since Snow White IS her birth name. Since Snow White IS Snow White’s actual name, unlike the name Cinderella’s is known by.

PS. Please don’t confuse Snow White and the 7 _____ (Dwarfs, Idols,etc) with Snow White and Rose Red. Since the latter has to do with a bear and only one (evil) gnome/dwarf while the former has to do with the apple (and in the Grimm’s version), poisin comb and Corset.

Kinect Adventures Review

December 29, 2010

Kinect Adventures was very fun. The only problem was in River Rush that the pylons move-so you would just go one way just to switch to the other way-but other wise it was fun
For a First-timer in 20,000 Leaks I was pretty good-its feels bit like Twister except your outside a underwater tank with fish that aren’t welcoming. I need more practice with Ralleyball. Space Pop was pretty good too. I need a bit more practice with Reflex Ridge (which makes me think of something between a railroad crack and a roller coaster). The game takes picture of you moving and it shows it to you when you done-that particular game.


Reflex Ridge

Space Pop

20,000 Leaks

The only problems with the game:
1) the beginner and intermediate level should have bars similar to the one at the beginning of the game in Reflex Ridge instead of it “BOOM!” appearing in the Advance level-and the instructions in those two game levels don’t help a bit. 2) the Advance level should either a)change the goal to a Silver medal or b) change the number of pins you need or else in the current version you can not get 90 in River Rush or 260 in Space Pop.

The Disney Princess-means you don’t have to be a princess by birth or marriage

December 3, 2010

Disney princesses are group into 4 groups
Group 1: Those who are royal by birth:Auora, Snow White, Ariel, Jasmine, Pocohantas, and the newest character Rapuenzel.
Group 2: Those who were married into royalty: Cinderella, Belle (before any aruges Belle isn’t a princess rewatch her movie and look at the very end scene-you see Belle w/ a tira on in the stain glass-hence she’s a princess.), Ariel counts here too since she married a land-prince and Tina
Group 3: Those who suffered misforuante: Snow White, Cinderella, Auora
Group 4: Those who went in search of adventure : Ariel, Mulan-before any aruges Mulan isn’t a princess-she is an honoury one since her Empoer gave her his crest-so that makes Mulan a princess), Tina, Belle, Rapunzeal.