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rant about stuff in The Toronto Star

April 30, 2012

Mr. Herbet you’re a idiot in my opinion. Do you realize that that the ONLY people who got these trick calls (no matter whose riding they’re in)  were people who were NDP and LIBERAL supporters?  Tell me did any Progressive Conservatives supports got these calls? NO. Then there’s the fact that in those 13+ place ridings PC people won supposedly because of these calls.  Very suspicious in my opinion. Also add to that that the burner cellphone was register to someone else..who had nothing to do with the calls. Why did a nameless person 1)who had nothing to to do with the latest scrapegoat and 2)why did they use a burner cellphone if they nameless person had nothing to hide?

About Rob Ford’s subway debate (NOT). Well the only reason that London and Paris have such a good subway system  in the FIRST PLACE. Is they started as earlier as the 1800s. Even New York City’s was done as late as the 1930s. There was talk about subways in the 1800s, and 1930s in Toronto..but they’re dropped. So Toronto didn’t get subways until 1950s..when people already became car monsters. I mean do you realize that its streetcars that actual created suburbs, not cars like is believed? Go look at movies like Princess and the Frog and Meet Me in St.Louis.

Canadian politic video game

April 27, 2012
I had this idea since I been playing a U.S. government games and I thought that Canadian need a government game of its own.

You would enter the game and have 4 choices: Municipal Governments, Provincial and Territorial Governments, Federal Government or “All” you would then see a map of Canada, and chose which province/territory you want to play in (but only in the municipal/provincial levels). I would 1st pick municipal then, pick Ontario, then you would pick a city/town, and I would pick Toronto. You get to choose the “you” in game. Female single w/o children or Female single w/ children or Female married w/child, or female married w/o children (or male with the same choices) then you would pick the “party” that you are in (the parties would explain what their parties stand for) I would chose NDP, then you start campaign for mayor and have signs, flyers. If you win you would be able to make decisions about: water, sewage, waste collection, public transit, land use planning, libraries, emergency services, animal control, and economic development.

Province same idea, I would pick “Ontario” and then I would pick “Toronto” and click on the “Queen’s Park”. If you won you would make decisions on: property and civil rights, administration of justice, natural resources and the environment, education, health, and welfare.

Federal game is different since you would have to click on “Ontario” and then “Ottawa” and then campaign across the whole country to get support for your party if you won as prime minster of Canada you would then decide about: defense, criminal law, employment insurance, postal service, census, copyrights, trade regulation, external relations, money and banking, transportation, citizenship, and Aboriginal affairs.

All is quite self-explainable. You start out trying to run for mayor if a town/city, then you would try to campaign for premier, and then for prime minster

My simulation game if I could make one

April 24, 2012

If I could make a sim simulation game this is what I would have:

IF I could make a sim simulation game this is what I would have:

In CAS there would be a butt slider and leg sliders. Oh and tooth design sliders
There would be of course clothing, but as part of clothing there would be an underclothes section. There would be a pre-teen stage (that I will explain down below)

(next part would be a bit contversy):

There would be one very special button..this button allows you have to the D word sims. If you press this button, you get access in-game to ramps,elevators and special kind of stoves, showers and compailty buildings. But if you don’t want the D word sims just don’t click on the button. (this is the only way that you could get D word sims in my version of the game if I could make one), using this would get an additional sliders that allows for hearing loss and which ear. (of course there would be an option at the start of the game whether you want to play a town with both disabled and able bodied sims or no disabled sims at all.)*

Ambitious-would want to get As, and if they have dramtic trait too would want to get lead role (and if evil or mean sprited might try to sabtoge the real lead’s role)

Artistic-creative projects for homework and doodle in their notebooks during lunch hour

Dramatic students-put on plays (if there is more then one major competion)

Bookworm students tutor other kids and maybe get paid (by evil sims) to do their homework

Evil toddlers-can draw on walls (and maybe older adult sims can kidnap others-I have more thoughts about kidnapping idea later)

flirty sims are more concerned with finding a bf/gf than school work or anything else

Genius students tutor other kids and maybe get paid to do homework

Hopeless romantic-want to find their one true love

Would love for more ideas for traits.

There would be jobs of course. Journalist would be sent to “the field” to cover stuff. They could get chased by dogs and on rare occasion a poltican.

You and your co-workers at paper A have been writing articles about what some people considered to be the buffoon politician. Some readers of the Paper A have commented on the Paper’s website that you were ‘attacking’ the politician. While Paper B has been making the buffoon politician look ‘good’. What do you do?

1)make a contraction (readership goes down 2)keep writing articles about the scrapes the buffoon poltican is always getting in (don’t know what to put as a consequence here anyone know?) or 3)ignore

or chance card two:
The Mayor been claiming you been spying on their family and that’s why he chased you off their property. Techinally you weren’t spying on anyone, you just were doing research on the park behind their property. What do you do?

1)Confess you were spying or 2)tell the truth 3)ignore

Polictians could actually set up and have sim elections (all the sims would go to vote for their choice) and make real decisions

Chance Card: You used to coach a school football team before you became mayor. When you did become mayor you missed several council meetings to go and be at you’re team’s games. You claim that they forfeit the game if you weren’t there. What do you do?

1) disregard everyone else’s opinion and still go and be the team’s coach or 2)make being mayor the priority.3)ignore

. Law Enforcement go around and keep the crime low? Doctors (think its fine), Military is fine (the only idea I have might not go over well.) Culinary is fine, Scientist (maybe trying to find cures for the diseases–not anything serious in my version of the game). Musicians are fine. Authors could have book signings at the book store.

*supply teacher would not be part of the Education career but the being paid would amount to how many days you were called in, in a week.

There would be a bakery, a candy store, a mall, restaurants,

of course grocery store (this would have shopping cart where you’re sim can place their food and if they have a small child they can place the child in the front of the shopping cart, but there would also be little toy shopping carts too for toddler children) & book store (yes these would be non-rabitholes but for the restaurant there would be a bit of a rabbit hole, the “kitchen” is the rabbit hole. You could buy out and run them yourself you would be able to set prices, hire employees,  (base game) restaurants are three kinds:

1)fast food
2.)casual dinning (ie. Tim Horton’s/subway)
3)Slow-Food restaurant (ie.any restaurant which has servers and a hostess)

4)Chinese, Itlain, etc restaurants.

there would be little chance cards about problems employees are having and you have to make the right descions). Example:

“Store (any store):
Other Employees have reported that one employee, Dodger, has been embezzling money or stealing (what ever the store sells) and threatening employees. But Dodger has always been nice to you and you can’t imagine to fire him.

Choice 1)Fire them 2)Keep them but give him a warning? (if it continues company goes bankrupt) 3)lawsuit? 4) ignore”

Restaurant (but can also work with the Mall)
“A mom was in a restaurant in the dinning area with a baby and started to breastfeed the baby and another customer complained to their server of the breastfeeding being “tasteless” and the server asks the mom to leave or move to the ladies room.

Choice 1. Apologize to the mom and/or Fire Employees 2)Warn employees that behaviour is unacceptable. 3)?”

With a Pets EP and if you choose to have a town with disabled people (or made a disabled one yourself in CAS) here’s another idea

(any place service dogs allowed) the situation would be different it could either be a service dog trainer or a disabled sim.
“A disabled people was in the Grocery store with their dog and one of you’re employees told the sim they wouldn’t allowed to have dogs in the building. And the sim kept saying that they needed the dog to do X for them and its was a service dog. But the employee kept insisting the person leave.

1. Apologize to disabled person and/or fire employees 2)Give warning to employees 3)?”

end of examples

P.I. career idea idea:

kidnapping (either: ransom, or bride)

can use fake sim Monopoly money to fool the crooks.

a Scooby-Doo like case (all that is needed is costumes (eg. Mummy costume, Vampire costume-I don’t think ghosts would work in this case since every sim in the sim universe can see ghosts) and the costumes had a removable head. Or it still might work since the Scooby Doo live action movies.

Movie theatre: get to chose what kind of snack/pop your sim want to eat/drink (or decide just to skip the snack and pop and wait until after the movie to eat).

you can chose whether sim moms could breast feed them or just stick with the green glob of milk bottle. (note: Breastfeed babies are less likely to get diseases). Babies aren’t swaddled up. The have legs, and you can dress them in cute little outfits. Sim moms/dad/grandparents/older siblings can sing to them or rock them in the rocking chair. Yes bath them too.

Toddlers you can chose to still have sim mom breast feed or if your kid is on the bottle move to a sippy cup. (they can still move to a sippy cup if you started off breasting feeding) Toddlers can steal the other’s cup/bottle. If there are twin or triplets, they have more “connection” with each other. (through out life). Also get floaties.

mostly the same (expect being able to help with gardening and using the microwave and toaster and can use the stove with parents’ supervision and able to play instruments). There would be a playhouse and a play kitchen. costumes: dragon, teacher, bride, dancer). and toy cash registers that could even look from a Western movie or from modern time. elementary school and children would 1)learn skills there and 2)bring home assignments for specific classes (which you chose on the child aging up to child, from toddler). There would be events like ‘bake sale’ at the school. oh and there would be recesses for children.

can have crushes, but get embarrassed by someone coming in and see them playing with “childish” things, can cook with the stove without supervision, but can only cook very simple things. middle school, tougher assignments than elementary, but not as tough as high school. and learn skills.

can get acne, sneak out, cook more fine things.

high school more difficult assignments and learn skills

have this idea for teens (of both genders). They can take a home Ec club(they will learn cooking and sewing in it) and as a take-home assignment they take an doll simulator home with them for the weekend or for a week (but for how long it depends on the length ie. short,normal,long, epic) . They have to take care of the doll (it will cry) and return it to the school when the time is over.

week 1 could be cooking

week 2 sewing

week 3 family?

week 4 either week 4 or 5 would be taking the doll simulator home. It could be done in two ways.

1)not a “couple” yes the active sim can have a gf/bf but I don’t mean a couple in that sense.* I will explain in number 2 The active sim will take the doll home and take care of it for a period (ie weekend).

2)the “class/club” will be paired up with someone of the opposite gender and they have to share the doll.(hard for me to explain what I’m trying too)


Young Adult:
can go college (you can live at home or live in res, well living in res there would be cooking classes, and other how-to-live-on-your-own classes), and yes in this case YAs at college can become pregnant.


Mixolgoy, Baking, cooking and Charisma skills.



Adults can chose to take a class @ the college

Elders can also take a class @ the college

There would be the option to give up a baby for adoption.


You can either  hire a event planner, or plan your own wedding. You would chose who would be bridesmaids, ringer bearer, flowergirl, and hire a caterer (I have another idea, that you can be a careteer or a event planner..but I still working on that). Or if you sim has parents, the sim mom could cook your wedding cake and supper, and sew the wedding dress).

arranged marriage 

1.  (Historical) James and Alice are babies, their parents want them to get married when they’re Young adults. So they sign a bethoraled. When Alice is a child, Alice goes to live for the entire childhood stage with her future in-laws. When they age into teen Alice goes back to her parents’ house. They have chaperoned dates through out the teen stage.  They get married as Young Adults (if they don’t fall in love with someone else)

2. (Sleeping Beauty)James and Alice are babies their parents want them to get married when they’re young adults. They meet at school and become friends (as children). After they age up into teen, their parents tell them they’re bethored. They go out on a couple of chaperoned dates. They get married (if they don’t fall in love with someone else) as Young Adults.

3. (modern) James and Alice have dated a lot of possible future “mates” their parents set them up with. But they have said “no” to most of them and somehow either a)family member, b)matchmaker, c)friend tells James’ family about Alice.  They get together and have some chaperoned dates, and sign an agreement to get married when they’re young adults.

Adults- will have a mid-life cris, want to either get divorce, or try to re-spark their old love with their life (depends on their traits), or get a new car,(or a toy train set).

Elders Retirement home. Bingo,gym, cards, scrabble,etc. They don’t need to live in the retirement home but can go visit there for the activies. They can also if parents are away take care of little kids either at the the grandparents’ children’s place or if they don’t live in the retirment home at the grandparents’ place. The elders can also still bike, swim, if active enough. Or have “Dancing or Dramtic” Grannies



dating, shopping, clubs: everything from drama to off-campus clubs for those who don’t live on campus. There would be jobs around the campus. helping with the food at meal times, cash register, student libararan,etc. There can also be volunteer opportunities.

both regular pets but if you press the button to create disabled sims you get the option with Pets installed of Service pets (anything from Service Dog to Service Monkey) of course even if you didn’t opt for Disabled Sims. You could train a service dog if you’re sim was able-bodied.

jobs (sims):
Recuse shelter
Dog Walker
Dog Trainer
Dog Groomer
Pet sitter

jobs (pets)
Police dog
Fireman Dog
Hospital dog
Other pet jobs (?)

dog agility/ dog shows

Vacation EP:
Winter Wonderland-skiing (watch out for the Yeti!), and different kind of theme parks (big ones aka Disney and smaller cheap family ones.
A Korean-inspired location.

real camping (could choose to sleep in lodges or tents)

*kids in scouts/guiding could have a a Fall and spring camping trip to campsites and they prepare their own groups,etc  before going up to the camp.


Makin’ Magic EP:
Poison food (not just an apple, but orange, chocolate bar )
two spinning wheels-one can spin straw into gold and the 2nd can put you
to sleep.

Also magic vehicles (not just a carriage but a pumpkin can turn into a car,
or something if set in the real world)

NPCs (but you could choose to make these characters yourself:
Fairy Godmother

Murdoch Mysteries review about a reviewer..why does the guy watch the show if he/she going to bitch about “PC” stuff.

April 5, 2012

Murdoch Mysteries is a TV show about a police detective  in the 1890s who uses the new-fanged forensic science techniques of the time (ie. fingerprinting, handwriting, DNA, x-rays). Well today I was looking at two reviews on two episodes of the TV series which was written by the same user. Well the person was bitching about how wrong the episodes were by trying to be “PC” (politically correct).

First episode summary:

When professional boxer Amos Robinson is shot at close range, Detective Murdoch finds himself not only trying to find the murderer but to clear his wife, Fanny, who is being held for the murder by the police. Robinson won his fight earlier that evening but the fight had been rigged for him to lose and some lost huge wagers. His contract was also about to be sold so both the seller and the buyers have lost money. The blood splatter evidence convinces him that Fanny is innocent so he looks to those surrounding the boxer where he finds are several suspects.

the review’s reviewer

This is one of the worst episodes in the first four seasons of the show. It is such a YAWN that I almost did not purchase Season 2 on DVD after watching it. The storyline is ridiculous and I was completely turned off when Murdoch told the black woman he would need her dress and she thought he meant he was going to “take advantage” of her and she began “preparing” for the event. This scene was an unnecessary, erroneous comment on the mores of the period, detracted from the show and was a total turnoff for viewers who appreciate authenticity — not the writer’s warped ideas of “political correctness.” Had the writer of this episode known anything at all about the time period he/she was writing about, this scene would have never been written. And had the producer known anything about the period, this scene would have been deleted. However, even without this offensive scene, thus far, “The Knockdown” is still the worst episode of the series.

You see the part I made blue? Well The guy is incorrect in what was correct for the time period. If you were the woman of African descant and a white man said “I’ll need your dress” what else would a woman of African descant have assumed but that she was going to be taken advantage of? So  the producers and script writers are the people who are correct this time. Even my mom agrees on that point. 

Second episode summary

The police investigate the murder of Howard Rookwood, a well-known Toronto industrialist and philanthropist who was struck on the head just outside of his house. Rookwood was an active supporter of Baker House, a home that specializes in relocating underprivileged children from England to Canada and his own daughter was adopted. As Detective Murdoch examines the forensic evidence, he and Doctor Ogden conclude that a child, or children, may be the culprit. The true motivation and solution to the crime however is far darker.

reviewer’s review

his episode would have been fantastic if not for the obligatory modern-day politically correct slant — this time, child sexual abuse. Yes, it happens. It has been happening since the beginning of time, but must we have it crammed down our throats in a TV show that is “supposed” to be about crime detection in late Victorian Canada? There are so many other — and much more interesting — reasons the victim in this show could have ended up dead. The producers and writers need to get their minds out of the politically correct gutter and concentrate on entertaining viewers instead of wasting their time, and ours, on 20th and 21st century issues! We see, hear and read about child sexual abuse all the time, but in the Victorian era, it was swept under the rug and that’s where it needs to be in this TV series.

Readers you remember how I said in the opening that the TV series take place in 1890s? Well I did research and it was around that time that child sexual abuse was began to be talked about. It was the 1885 that the age of constant was raised to the age of 16 because of child sexual abuse.

So why does the reviewer watch the show when he/she is so WRONG about what is correct for the time period of the show?