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Dear MaresNest regarding Paralives

April 25, 2020

What do you know about Disney’s  original Snow White movie? Did you know they had trouble animating the Prince?  He was suppose to have bigger role in the story (almost being drowned in the dungeon) for instance.


That’s the reason Parafolks for Paralives  haven’t been revealed yet behind the shadow in the Paralives video- because the Paras   are still in  freakin’   development.   Due to Covid-19 one of the developers can’t move to Canada where the other two live.   I mean they’re trying to see if by using procedural animations they can get gradual aging.  As you know people want to have pre-teens.    I’m assuming that male Paras are more difficult then female paras who knows why.   Then not only that they will have to:  babies (not be objects,) toddlers, (another life stage?), children,  (preteens), teens,  YAs,  Adults,   Seniors and Elders (or whatever they use),  and also allowing for YAs females/transmen to get pregnant.  Plus a bunch of hobbies and activities (family activities or not)