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Arthur-Baby Kate and Pal talking in the show and what the reason I think is behind it

June 30, 2012

If you don’t know in recent years, there been episodes centred around Arthur’s Baby sister, Kate, and his dog Pal. In these epoisdes, Kate, Pal can talk to each other and other babies/animals (ie. Mei Ling, Binky’s adopted sister, or Killer, Grandma Thora’s dog, or the next-door neighbour’s dog or Francine’s cat Nemo). Well I find it hilarious that the animal/babies can talk. In both Mary Poppins, babies are actually able to talk to animals, but loose that ability when we grow older.

I’m mad that I can’t disagree with people about wether rocking a baby will spoil them or not.

June 21, 2012

Person A says she doesn’t want to rock a child or isn’t her’s because the parents don’t want it. Supposedly its a bad habit since it will “spoil them” / or “the child will expect it all the time”  and Person B agrees with Person A. But I think its a good habit since its a sign of love, affection,caring of parents (which is very rare these days when most parents are workaholics) Person B says I can disagree when i’m a mom (and with my luck it wouldn’t be until I’m 35 or later). I’m arguing with people in the know. Hello I see babies in my church nursery getting rocked by non-mothers.


June 15, 2012

Something had a thread “Disabled and Illness–All Sims are Equal” thread

this was the OP’s oringal post:

Okay, first of all, this isn’t some big moan at TS3 or anything. I adore Sims, and am ridiculously thankful to EA for making such a fantastic game.

In Sims, it is a wonderful world where everyone is equal and undiscriminated – no matter what their weight, gender, race, sexuality, age or income. So why can’t we have disabled Sims?

I can understand to make, this would be a logistical nightmare. And it’s not like it could be an expansion pack – what would they call it? But in TS4 (if it does come out, which I sincerely hope/expect it will) I think it would be awesome if it could happen. I’m thinking paralyzed, deaf, blind and more? Hey, I’m not disabled myself, so maybe it’s a bad idea, but I think it’d be cool.

So, this brings me onto my second point! So, we all know that Sims get sick when pregnant, after eating nasty food, or if they are veggie and eat meat. But…come on! Is this realistic? What about flu(I may be making this up, but couldn’t Sims get this on TS2 Seasons?), chicken pox, stomach bugs, infections and more! Maybe more serious, even fatal, sicknesses as well?

Why don’t we combine my two points and raise the ideas of broken bones? Temporary casts/crutches, etc?



and it was a very cilvized discussion and it got locked/deleted and I don’t think that’s right.  There was no offensive content in the thread at all. I point out stuff like: gays,overweight and “pagan” items (ie. vamps) are contversy  to some people and yet we still have them in the game. I did asked potitley if anyone had a cow over the illness from sims 2 and the answer was “NO”.  Where maybe the only thing inappropriate could have been the cancer/abortion/miscarriage items (except I don’t see the OP mentioning any of the three in her have no idea where other sims got that idea from).



June 13, 2012

i have watched Arthur the TV show since the beginning of its time. Well in “D.W. bossy boots” the gysmatic place from “D.W. Flips” shows up again.  And in “That Lousy week”  Salon de Beauté: from “Francine’s bad hair day” comes back (even if we only saw the front of it). I do want to know if anything that isn’t:


library, elementary school, pre-school, the Powers’ ice cream shop, or the sugar bowl that appeared in a very earlier season and that has re-appeared in a more recent epoisde. (and the tree house and mall been seen in a lot of seasons, so they don’t count either)


I think the Reads’ relatives should come back (I mean Jane’s ((Mrs.Read) relatives Jessica, Lucy and also David’s (Mr. Read) relatives (like Moinque)