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April 5, 2010

Think about it from the human perspective:  Good guys: Mice (cute) Badgers/Hares/Otters they don’t harm our crops or chickens .

Vermin: Rats, Foxes, Stoats, weasels DO harm are crops/chickens.

Its a kids’ book besides a lot of kids are sheltered too much now a days.

In some cases there ARE reasons for vermin to try to get Redwall (magic sword is one). Thinks there’s treasure in Redwall.


The  reason there is an abbey with no relgion (despite titles like “Brother”, “Abbot” “Friar”) Brain Jaques said he chose an abbey with an abbot or abbess instead of a castle with a king or queen because he wanted a friendly, peaceful place, not a fortress for war.

Redwall on Predictability

Also not ALL Redwall  books have the same plot because AFTER the events of Redwall The sword of Martin ISN’T lost anymore. The Long Patrol Hares DO NOT show up in ALL books to help Redwall out. I didn’t see any in Redwall (unless you count Sir Basil Stag Hare).


They have to Do SOMETHING to celebrate the turn of seasons don’t they? After their hard work doing whatever the job is from the bell ringers in the tower to the wine maker in the cellars to the infirmly person.