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my Disney Princess sims CC free:

February 13, 2011

my Disney Princess sims CC free:

Snow’s rag outfit

Snow White:


servant outfits 1)

servant outfit 2:

dress Ella planned on wearing:

you have to imagine this what the first dress turned into after Ella’s step-siblings tear it:

FG’s dress for Cinderella

Aurora/Briar Rose

Aurora’s prince dress version 1:

Version two







thoughts about Mulan

February 12, 2011

I think there’s a perfectly logical/legal/fine reason that Mulan would be worried about her father going into war again. He’s already is a wounded solider and another war would surely equal dying in war. I’m assuming that the Fa family is a lower down noble and or they have fallen on hard times since there are 3 1/2 clues to it:

1.strong and young horse-if he was old, he would have died half-way through the movie if not sooner and he wouldn’t have been able to “run” so fast. comparing horse with Belle’s and Ella’s (Cinderella) horses

2.has a family tree (she’s able to trace/name her ancestors-which probably assume there are written records of the Fa family or oral traditional) “Help Me not to uproot my family tree”

3.make-over and matchmaker are certainly not cheap.
4. 2 fancy doors in wall/fence instead of one.

If Mulan’s dad went off to war and as a result, died, since the Fa family having no living male heirs ( brothers of the dad or the mom, or sons or cousins), the Fa family home would go to a next in line lesser noble which would leave Mulan, and her mom and grandma on the streets unless the lesser noble married Mulan. Which means Mulan would have to become a “Calm, Obedient
Who work fast-paced” wife, (if the noble married her) if not: 1) if she was lucky a concubine or 2) if she was very unlucky a prostitute and both the wife of the new noble and a concubine would both require her to be “Why is my reflection someone i don’t know?”

So I think Mulan has the perfect reason to not let her father go to war to fight for China besides “There are plenty of young men to fight for China”

In a version of the story Mulan did have a little brother (but the brother was too young to fight) so not a big deal as it is in the Disney movie. Since the brother would have inherited the house but still there were no other males besides the dad and the brother to fight.