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March 15, 2012

Hello my name is Ashley Printer; I am a 12 “divorced kid”. I live in my father’s seven storey Mansion that we bought when my dad won a $1,000, 000, 000 dollars. My father’s 7-story Mansion after he invented a pizza/sub/salad vending machine he invented back when I was two. I have blond, hair, green eyes.  At school there was a new kid, his name is Jason who is a year older but was held back in Grade 2.  He asked me out on a date and I accepted.


It was a very good date. We went to see Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secrets.




I am now 16 years old.  My father is getting remarried to Martha, Jason’s mom. So I will be getting Jason (my ex-boyfriend) as stepbrother and his little sister, Mary Anne as a stepsister. Martha (not Mary Anne) works as a businesswoman.  You must be wondering how my dad and Martha got together. They meet when Jason and I were still dating back in Grade 8 (we broke up when we graduated). They met at a co-ed birthday party of Amy’s.  Later Martha was transferred to my Dad’s business.   I have a new boyfriend now his name is Paul. Martha and my Dad went out 20 times and my dad asked Martha to marry him.



At the wedding I’m in a bridesmaid’s dress because I’m one of the four bridesmaids of Martha, sorry I got to run. Later back at the house in 25 minutes I will have to welcome my new family to their new home. While I’m waiting for my “new family” The three people above lived in this very small 2-story house. I’m welcoming my step family to their new home  I think Jason doesn’t look like his old self,  his eyes are red, have circles, his body looks fragile.  Mary Anne says that she thinks he is a drug addict. She has seen him buy some kind of a drug once in a park when he was babysitting her but put her in the charge of some daycare stranger. Sometimes she has heard him say to Martha “YOU ARE SUCH A BITCH! !@%$# (Language gets too exciting).  You DON’T CARE ABOUT ME AT ALL!! YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT YOURSELF!!” Sometimes she sees has also seen him bully their mom into getting what he wants and throwing things too. She has heard him come home at 1:00 in the morning thudding and thumping around after his team has won a game. She thinks that he is an alcoholic addict at those times. Mary Anne has had to deal with second hand smoke ever since their father died because Jason smokes when Martha not around.




8 /4/07

Today at supper when the whole family was chatting, my father tapped his glass and said “Attention! Martha and I have an announcement to make.”  All of us stopped talking and my father continued “Martha and I have to leave town tomorrow and are going to be back September 5, so Jason, you and Ashley are in charge.”  Jason and I replied with “Yes dad and yes Jack” (Jack is my dad’s name).  Today is my birthday! I am 17 today.




Jason is pressuring me into having a party at our house since our parents were out. I am kind of still attracted to him and some of my other friends think I should have the party. Anne thinks I shouldn’t because of what she has read in QUEENBEES and WANNABES back in Grade 9. She says that there will be alcohol, drugs and people you don’t know coming too. She said she will only go to be the only mature person there and enforce any rules of the house even though she is only 17. She said somebody has to play prefect for your house in case you get “high”.



It was a party like the one that Cassy Haden has in Mean Girls.  Anne said that I had a bit too much alcohol and Jason took me to one of rooms upstairs and hit me and stuff and after hitting me Jill thinks he slept with me a bit.  When that was happening Jill was trying to enforce rules downstairs.  Let me start at the beginning. First Anne came over to help set up. We made sure there were non-alcohol drinks for people who didn’t want alcohol. Then others arrived around 6:00 pm Anne and I were like security guards making sure that nobody was bringing in any drugs or alcohol either.  Then like Anne predicted a bunch of guys showed up and they started to do beer pong.  I told everybody that in case I had too much stuff Anne would be in charge.  Then Jason gave me some alcohol and when I finished that he gave me more and more.   That would explain the bruises I have on my arms and legs. Stuff got a bit out of hand downstairs so Anne lied and said: “HEY PEOPLE I THINK I HEAR SIRENS 2 MILES AWAY!” and everyone kind of scrammed and want home and stuff. Anne cleaned up after the party and made sure there was no traced of the party to make it look only that it was she and I playing board games with Jason and Mary Anne.



I wonder why I don’t feel well. I keep asking to go to the Ladies’ room almost all the time during school to throw up or to you know.  I as I am a week late for my period.  I am picking up Mary Anne from Belle’s (Mary Anne’s new friend) house (How was your day Mary Anne?” Mary Anne: It was fine I just taught Belle’s family the sign for sushi. Are you all right Ashley? You look kind of weird”) Me: “Mary Anne, we have to stop at the drugstore for a moment but what I get there you have to promise NEVER to tell anyone Ok?” Mary Anne: “I promise never to tell anyone of what you have got at the drugstore.”  Oh great! Just what I thought! I’m pregnant!  Jason is the father.  When I saw Anne at Teen Advisory Group today, she whispered: “What’s up? I whispered back: I need to tell somebody this Anne, but I think I am pregnant! I don’t want to talk to anybody about it. I scared that Jason will find out.   Yes, I did take the drugstore test and it is positive.” Jill: “Do you have any idea who the father is?” “Yes Jason” “. No, I don’t want an abortion. I will see a doctor tomorrow and Jill, promise me that you never, ever tell ANYONE.”



“Ding dongs!!” (It’s the doorbell not the phone) I opened it and it’s my boyfriend, Peter so I say this in a loud voice: “Hello Peter, how nice to see you today.” Peter says this: “Can we talk in you room Ashley?” I say: “Yes we can, Peter and I started talking like this: Me: “So, Peter, what brings you over here?” Peter: “Are you having our baby?”  Me: “Yes I’m having our baby and it’s in its 1st trimester” Jason walks into the room and says: “I couldn’t help over hearing that you, Ashley are having a baby so does that make me a ‘step uncle’?” Me: “Yes it does make you as you put a ‘step uncle’, Jason. I did that while hiding behind Paul. I said “Jason can I talk to you later?” Jason replied: “Yes but why?”  I signalled I can’t say it in front of Peter.




Jason and I talked and I told him it was his baby I was having not Paul’s. I was afraid of telling him but I had to tell him. At first he wanted to hit me but I put up my defence.


11/1/07 at 4:00 p.m.


 I helped Martha and Dad to wash the dishes and made coffee for them.  Dad asked: “Ok Ashley I need to know why you are being so helpful tonight so out with it!”  Me: “Dad, Martha, I am pregnant” Martha and Dad: “WHAT?! Who’s the father? ” Me: “It is a long story.  Martha, before you and my dad married Mary Anne, told me that Jason, bullied, hit, and threaten you to get him stuff right?” Martha: “Yes Ashley, that is true. Jason just hasn’t been himself since his father died of cancer back in Grade 8 the year you and he broke up.” Me: Ever since then according to Mary Anne he has been a drug addict and now he goes to a friend’s and have alcohol. He also smokes when you aren’t around.”   Martha and Dad: “WHAT?!” “Get on with the story!”  Me: “While you see on August 12, Jason was at a friend’s who is an hour drive away from here and partied till 10:59.  He got home at 12 am and barged into my room, demanding that I slept him he started throwing my things and finally hitting me.  He physical abused me and forced me to drink alcohol. I got very sleepy he must have undressed me and took me to his bed with him. So I believe he is the father.” Martha and Dad: Are you sure you don’t want an abortion?” Me: “Yes I am sure”




Boy what a weird dream!  I dreamed that all the known superheroes of today: Spiderman, Batman, Wonder woman, Thor, Storm etc (take away Superman) had some sort of “meeting”. Today at School during lunch I went to the History office and asked where I could find Anne and went to her locker. After I arrived I said “Jill! Last night I had a very weird dream! I dreamed that five superheroes had a ‘meeting’ for an unknown reason – there was a cigarette in it too and Darth Vader’s Mask” Anne respond: “That is double weird!” I asked “why?” Anne answered back “One because back in the summer/fall I had a similar dream but mine included Superman and it dealt with a orphaned girl, with a background similar to Batman’s and Spiderman’s and the reason for why they are Superheroes (it meant a relative being murdered) and number two my drama class that’s doing the Smoking Prevention Awareness Program that is part of the opening scene but your dream is a bit closer to S.A.P.P. then my dream.”  Me: “Wow!”



Today, I had a talk with Peter. “Peter, its Jason baby I am carrying not it can not be yours and mine because we have never slept together.”


03/ 20/ 08

Anne couldn’t stop talking about her cousin Roxie who was turning 18today.



To get my mind off the future infant. I talked to Anne and asked her how her preview went today.  I found her waiting for Foods Class. So I said: “Hey Anne! What’s up?” She replied: “Know what I hate about drama Class?” I said “NO what?” She told me: “I have 2 costume changes 1 to get into my waitress costume and the second to get back into the sidekick costume. And no matter what I do I can never get people  to move away from my bag and when I do try to tell them that other people tell me to ‘shut up’ when I try to explain. That I need to change my costume fast and I can’t do it if people are in front of my bag or on my costume?  Oh and by the way we had a special Ed class come and it was really good.” I answered: “NO you can’t change really fast if people are standing in front of your bag or standing on your costume. Great job!” Anne said “Tomorrow I will try this idea. I will wear my waitress costume underneath my sidekick silver costume since its big it will be able to hide it from the audience.”  I said “So tell me the whole play scene by scene. If you want you can also include the transitions too.”  So Anne went on a big explanation of the whole play. She also said at the end: “I think I have ‘superhero fever’.”   Then we went to our classes.  When she was talking about a J-a-c-k’s RAP line she blushed.



Today I ate with Anne in the café and she told me “My idea didn’t work and when I was in my waitress costume ‘onstage’ a certain person hid my purple bag and sidekick and I didn’t have a fit and when I got into my shirt, he hid the silver headdress and I still didn’t have a fit.  His name starts with J.”



I spend sometime on the computer this morning. At lunch Anne came rushing to me whispering “guess what!” Someone kind of asked me out two periods ago. But I had to turn him down because I will be busy tomorrow.”

“I said “Who asked you out? J.?” Anne nodded her head.




I stayed behind after school to go to rehearsal today and beside I don’t want Anne to have to run the prop table next week by herself at the shows. I will be getting a ride home with someone and Anne’s dad will be picking her up on foot. Just before rehearsal ended, Anne came over and said “I just find out that J. & S.H. were very close”. I said “that’s neat. Oh! The baby just kicked” Anne said “Really? Can I feel it? I hope that before you got pregnant that you were eating the proper nutrition for both you and the baby. ” I said “I was eating properly” and let Anne feel the baby too.



Anne came to me today and said “Yesterday, something embarrassing happened during the “Sensational Adventure of So-so and the SuperFriends” I asked: “What happened yesterday that was embarrassing?” Anne replied: “When I was bringing ‘Superman’, out I knocked over the hospital backdrop but that was the fault of the stage manger for moving another backdrop (not being used) too close to the hospital backdrop.” So the play is now over today is April 18th?” I asked.  Anne replied “Yes today was the last day thank goodness!”



When Anne and I meet at school today for the last performance of YOU’RE A GOODMAN CHARLIE BROWN!, she told me: “I kind of hated that I had to make part of my Vegetarian food lab this afternoon that I missed on Thursday because of this” I asked: “What did you make?”  She replied: “Carrot Muffins” She also said: “I really wished I didn’t have to get up tomorrow.”   I asked: “Why do you need to get up tomorrow?” Jill answered: “For the second to last Church Breakfast Club. In the afternoon my mom and I will be making the Vegetarian Chilli”



Went to school, and I returned home and I returned just in time because just when I got my outdoor clothes off my water broke and I raced upstairs to my bed and Mary Anne came in and says: “Ashley is there anything I could do for you?’ I say: “Yes first call the hospital, then call Jason at his friend’s house 555-405-3776, then Peter’s and the last call is to our parents.” .Marry Anne the baby started pushing and the baby came out and the doctor said: “Miss Printer a beautiful baby girl” Me: “I’m going to call her Hermione after one of my favourite characters in the Harry Potter series what do you think Jason?” Jason:” I think that’s an okay name for her to have because Hermione is one of my favourite characters too.” Doctor: “You’re going to keep the baby?” Me: “Yes I’m going to keep the baby.”



My day was like this: slept in (as much as I could with a Hermione who’s such a cute baby, Martha and if I’m at my mom’s they help me with her.), got my present for Anne ready, got Hermione ready, and put her in the stroller and walked over to Anne’s place, and rang her doorbell. She answered it and I said: “Happy Birthday! How does it feel to be of age?” Anne replied: “It feels great! Your baby is so cute what’s her name?” I said “Her name is Hermione” Anne said “she’s so cute”



Today was the prom and Peter proposed to me there! It was a pretty good night! Paul and I went toDeerLakewith Sarah D. and her boyfriend,  Anne, with her very recent boyfriend Jack, and Katie, Sharon, and Jill’s cousin, Roxie  by limo that my Dad rented just for tonight (Marry Anne is babysitting Hermione for me tonight) .  We ate like lords and ladies in middle Ages. We had any slow dances. We went away from the Crowd and Peter asked “Ashley, can I ask you a question?” I replied: “I think you just did but you can ask another one.” Peter said: “Ashley, would you marry me?” he kneeled down when he asked that.  I replied “Yes I will marry you but what about Hermione?” Peter replied: “I would adopt her under my own name” When we went back into the place Anne asked if I could talk with her because Jordan was getting them drinks.  She and the other girls asked me “So did pop the question?” I said “Yes he did how any of you knew that?”

Someone said “We knew for ages that he will pop the question.”



I just finished shopping for my wedding gown with my friends and Martha. That superstition of “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” Anne, and some other friends will be bridesmaids.  Oh and Anne, will be the maid of honour being of age. Anne was so happy to have gotten a cell phone and the SIMS 2, SIMS 2 NIGHTLIFE, and SIMS 2 UNIVERSITY on her birthday. My dad paying for all our catering/ flower arrangements and giving them his free copies of his vending machine




Today was such an exciting day! It was Peter’s and my wedding day! The day was very busy first the bridesmaids and I go to the hairdresser to get our hair done, change into our dresses, and head over to the St. Marks.  I got there last as is tradition and my Dad walked me down the aisle, and then Peter and I went in front of the minster and we had the ceremony, and then we and Anne signed the wedding licence”. Everybody went to La Gala and our caterer was Bella Notte Ristorante.  Peter and I want to Disneyworld for our honeymoon. Peter has adopted Hermione as his child.


The End or ‘Scene’





Disney movies vs. oringal story/stories

March 1, 2012

I’m going to go mostly with Fairytales but I might also mention non-fairy tale  stories


Snow White

She’s 14 in the movie 7 in the oringal (2nd editon) story

the “Wicked Queen” in Snow White tries to kill her 2 other times before the apple 1)once with an corset,  and then 2)a comb

the prince in the oringal story falls in love with a suppose dead princess

there’s no kiss.. only the prince’s servants moving the coffin dislodges the apple

Cinderella..not much difference..there since Disney’s Cinderella is based on Perrault’s verison and Perrault’s version was for the nobilty hence the coach/godmother/etc. The Grimm (and any other version) were for the common people.

Sleeping Beauty..3 works: Grimm’s Briar Rose, Perrault’s “Beauty in the Woods”, and the Ballet. I just remember that in one of the 2 (or both? can’t remember) there are 12 good fairies. the 12th fairy hides behind a curtain. Aurora is the name of “Beauty in the Wood’s” daughter and Briar Rose (Grimm Version) is the name of princess herself. Not to mention that I think that in one version the Prince’s mother is an ogre.  In an earlier then Perrault’s version its rape and pregancy and the babies to wake Talia up.

The Little Mermaid:

The human world isn’t forbidden in the story. When a mermaid reaches 15, they can rise to the surface and see. But in the main story TLM herself doesn’t get the prince. The prince marries a temple girl who he thinks saves him. She does in a way get legs..but she still has remains of her tail. So that its very painful for her to walk

Beauty&the Beast:

1) in the oringal story the villians were sisters of Beauty. the Suitor as villian comes from the black and white talkie movie called La Belle and the Bete

2)there aren’t any humans-as-objects its either invisble servants or hands. The humans-as-objects comes from a black-and-white “Talkie” movie.

3)in some versions of the story Beauty is a princess by birth.


2 genies.. one in the lamp, one in a ring

the princess in the oringal is so stupid. She doesn’t know of the lamp’s importance so that the villian got it via a “new lamps for old lamps” trick

of course the oringal Aladdin takes place in China, not India (I say India..since where else would you see an elephant used during a royal parade?)


In the oringal story Mulan did have a brother but the brother was too young to fight. She not discovered until after the war.


101 Dalmations

In the oringal story there are 3 main adult dogs. Pongo, “Missy” (Pongo’s wife) and Perdita, Perdita was gotten because the vet was worried that Missy woudn’t have enough milk for 15 puppies. Perdita’s puppies were brought by Cruella. Perdita gets her own puppies back and then there is Perdita’s love who is the 1st dog in one hundred and ONE Dalmatians.