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Disney’s Cinderella movies Animated vs. Live action

May 30, 2016

I have always loved Disney movies-still do mater of fact. I think we should discuss some stuff about both of Disney’s Cinderella movies: the original 1950 and the live action 2015 one. We will discuss the animated version first


Why is Most of the 1950’s Cinderella  in one place except for the ball unlike the 2015 live action version?

This actually I believe partly has to do with the War and from 1939-1944 the rest of the world was in a war against Germany and Italy. Because of this the Disney movies Bambi,  Pinocchio, Dumbo, Fantasia, and the Four package films-Saludos Amigos, Three Callberos,  Fun&Fancy Free, and  The Adventures of Mr.Toad and Ichabod Crane  didn’t do so well since their over-seas market was closed to them so by the time they’re in production for Cinderella-they’re almost bankrupt  (With the studio $4 million in debt, Walt Disney took a huge risk in making Cinderella.

He invested a staggering $3 million into producing the film which took six years to make)

-so they had to shot in live-action before animating. Just because we don’t see 1950’s Cinderella outside the house except for the ball doesn’t mean she NEVER left the house since there were no other servants in the house who do you think does the shopping?  She would have to do that means she would occasionally leave the house for ‘work’. Presumably whenever the steps needed new clothes she would have to go along with them to carry their stuff around.


Why did the Prince have limited time in the movie/have no character traits at all?

Well the Prince was going to have a scene where he was ‘hunting’ a deer before it’s realized they’re friends actually. But for some reason (I suspect for a similar reason as Snow White’s prince scenes got scrapped because the animators couldn’t get the prince’s actions right).  But he doesn’t technically have no character traits at all the eye-ball rolling&yawning he does the first time we see him shows he is rebelling against his father for having to have this ball when he didn’t want it.

Cinderella  is a flawless individual

No she isn’t..she gets angry several times during the movie “Oh even the CLOCK orders me around.”  “I can’t help Your Highness objects to an earlier breakfast”  “You mean old thing..I could..”  “Maybe I SHOULD interpret.”

Now let’s talk about the Lily James’ Cinderella

Cinderella 2

Why is one scene Cinderella is eating scraps at night but the next scene shows her trying to have breakfast with the steps leading to the “Cinderella” nickname for her?

Maybe up until the “Cinderella-naming” scene maybe she HAD been allowed to have breakfast with the family but otherwise she couldn’t join them for supper  maybe they  over male guests and potential husbands for Drizella and Anastasia? And with Cinderella being at the same table as those two she might have been a competitor for a husband


Why are there two breakdowns in the 2015 Cinderella?

Well the are two breakdowns because the first one is because of the fact that the steps have finally came up with that ugly nickname for her that is the movie’s title-yes she is no longer part of the family.  But that’s minor compared to the tearing of the sleeve the step-mom does much later

Why doesn’t Lily James’  Cinderella try to get out of the tower like her 1950 animated counterpart? 

Well we don’t know how long the search for the mysterious girl took so she might be stuck in there for days and gave up trying to get out since I highly doubt that Lady Tremaine would let her out unless a)she got what she wanted (be head of the royal household) or b)Cinderella was dead and no longer a threat to her.  Writer’s question-I wonder who the heck made the steps’ meals for the how long it took for the slipper’s owner to be found.

Why does Cinderella give her name as Cinderella at the end of the movie?

I think its to tell King Kit that she’s consider herself to be a servant girl now than anyone someone of social standing like Kit  was would want to marry  if he wasn’t sure how much he was in love with her.  Techinally Kit hide who HE was as well when the two first meet in the woods-Cinderella didn’t know he was the Prince until she got to the ball.









What kind of a stupid video (even if it is for fun) is this “How to Make A Guy Like You”?

October 20, 2012

I think that number 20 and 18 don’t count for much. Number 20 is “Make sure he knows you look good in anything.” Only problem with that? Is Prince Charming NEVER sees Cinderella in her servant’s outfit at ALL or not that we are are aware. Probably when Duke and her  got back to the palace he insist Cinderella get cleaned up and then showed her to the Prince.   Prince F (Snow’s Prince) saw Snow in her rags, Prince Philp saw Aurora (even if he didn’t know it was Aurora) in her peasant’s outfit. Aladdin (who isn’t a prince, a hero) saw Jasmine in the disguised she had to run away from her home. Prince Eric saw Ariel in the sail, in four (?) different outfits. Prince Adam (The Beast) saw Belle in: Village wear, and two regular dresses and one super-duper fancy dress.

Number 18 “Make the man jealous” The first picture they show? Is of Snow White kissing Dopey. Um hello how will that make the man jealous when the Prince isn’t any AROUND. Then it showed Jasmine kissing Jafar. Jasmine wasn’t doing it to make Aladdin jealous she did it as a distraction to let Aladdin get to the lamp..but it backfired on her since Jafar saw Aladdin in the crown he made for her.


Number 16 Act Scared of Him  Of course Snow White and Aurora would be scared of the Princes. I mean you would be too if you were singing and a man’s voice cut into the song and into you’re dance.  The last one for this one is Belle I mean hey you’re in a Gothic castle and this mutli-animal character is scary. You would be scared too right?

Number 15 Rush into it. The 2nd scene shown is Ariel and Prince Eric’s kiss. I’m thinking hey Ariel&Prince Eric *did* spend THREE WHOLE DAYS together!

Number 14)Pretend you want him even if he wasn’t a prince. The first scene shown? is Aladdin. Jasmine never wanted to marry  as Jasmine stated “A stuffed up over-dressed buffoon” Prince. She actually DOES want Aladdin to just “BEE himself” to be Aladdin.


Disney Villains crimes

October 9, 2012

Captian Hook  piracy, sailing under false colors, attempted murder, theft, kidnapping, child abuse, murder.

The Coachman:  kidnapping, child abuse, (I’m not counting providing booze to minors in this) .

Cruella De Ville   cruelty to animals, attemped murder, dognapping, wreckless driving,

Doctor Facilier conspiracy to commit murder, treason, kidnapping, fraud, attempted genocide

Edgar cruelty to animals, catnapping, trespassing, grand theft

The Evil Queen:  1st degree murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, negligence, fraud, resistance to arrest, tyranny

Gaston attempted murder, wrongful inprisonment, incitement to riot, breaking and entering, treason, kidnapping, assault and battery.

Governor Ratcliffe  attempted genocide, abuse of power, assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon, incitement to riot.

Hades  treason, abuse of power, attempted regicide/attempted fratricide,

Horned King   pignapping, kidnapping, grave desecration, attempted murder, theft, assault, treason, terrorism

Jafar kidnapping, abuse of power, attempted murder,  theft, treason

Judge Frollo   attempted genocide, manslaughter, abuse of power, attempted infanticide, attempted murder, police brutality, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, wrongful imprisonment, racial discrimination.

Lady Treamine  negligence, discrimination, destruction of royal property, treason.

Madame Medusa  kidnapping, endangering the welfare of a child, assault with a deadly weapon, communicating threats, theft, reckless driving.

 Maleficent   treason, attempted murder, trespassing, , kidnapping

Mother Gothel   treason, kidnapping, theft, murder, conspiracy, assault with a deadly weapon, wrongful imprisonment, communicating threats

Scar reason, regicide/fratricidtreason, kidnapping, theft, murder, conspiracy, assault with a deadly weapon, wrongful imprisonment, communicating threatse, attempted murder, assault and battery, child endangerment.

Shan Yu 

reason, mass murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, assault and battery, war crimes.

Disney movies vs. oringal story/stories

March 1, 2012

I’m going to go mostly with Fairytales but I might also mention non-fairy tale  stories


Snow White

She’s 14 in the movie 7 in the oringal (2nd editon) story

the “Wicked Queen” in Snow White tries to kill her 2 other times before the apple 1)once with an corset,  and then 2)a comb

the prince in the oringal story falls in love with a suppose dead princess

there’s no kiss.. only the prince’s servants moving the coffin dislodges the apple

Cinderella..not much difference..there since Disney’s Cinderella is based on Perrault’s verison and Perrault’s version was for the nobilty hence the coach/godmother/etc. The Grimm (and any other version) were for the common people.

Sleeping Beauty..3 works: Grimm’s Briar Rose, Perrault’s “Beauty in the Woods”, and the Ballet. I just remember that in one of the 2 (or both? can’t remember) there are 12 good fairies. the 12th fairy hides behind a curtain. Aurora is the name of “Beauty in the Wood’s” daughter and Briar Rose (Grimm Version) is the name of princess herself. Not to mention that I think that in one version the Prince’s mother is an ogre.  In an earlier then Perrault’s version its rape and pregancy and the babies to wake Talia up.

The Little Mermaid:

The human world isn’t forbidden in the story. When a mermaid reaches 15, they can rise to the surface and see. But in the main story TLM herself doesn’t get the prince. The prince marries a temple girl who he thinks saves him. She does in a way get legs..but she still has remains of her tail. So that its very painful for her to walk

Beauty&the Beast:

1) in the oringal story the villians were sisters of Beauty. the Suitor as villian comes from the black and white talkie movie called La Belle and the Bete

2)there aren’t any humans-as-objects its either invisble servants or hands. The humans-as-objects comes from a black-and-white “Talkie” movie.

3)in some versions of the story Beauty is a princess by birth.


2 genies.. one in the lamp, one in a ring

the princess in the oringal is so stupid. She doesn’t know of the lamp’s importance so that the villian got it via a “new lamps for old lamps” trick

of course the oringal Aladdin takes place in China, not India (I say India..since where else would you see an elephant used during a royal parade?)


In the oringal story Mulan did have a brother but the brother was too young to fight. She not discovered until after the war.


101 Dalmations

In the oringal story there are 3 main adult dogs. Pongo, “Missy” (Pongo’s wife) and Perdita, Perdita was gotten because the vet was worried that Missy woudn’t have enough milk for 15 puppies. Perdita’s puppies were brought by Cruella. Perdita gets her own puppies back and then there is Perdita’s love who is the 1st dog in one hundred and ONE Dalmatians.