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Ptomely Legacy Gen 7 Chapter 7:

December 17, 2011

Sally and Catherine had their birthdays and than dad died. Holly inisted on doing several advetures in Egypt and China I had to give Holly Lots of presents to help her “Why do I have to play with my sis who is ‘different’ ? I don’t want to play with her I want to play with my friends!! My friends make fun of me having two ‘mums”. ”   “Young lady don’t you dare say such stuff. It doesn’t matter that you have two mums or a sister who is ‘disabled. We are still a family.. no matter what.” some nights latter we had another fire: We had a great chirstm

as: Sally and Catherine came home for Chirstmas. Everyone got along so well. We did hire a 5 second butler..but she insisted on making key lime pie. So we fired her. But we sent the twins back to school Than Holly and I had our birthdays. A couple of days into my Middle age I finshed my LTW

All the kids had their prom..and Beatrix got prom queen and her new Boyfriend snuck his first kiss with her..when she was talking with Girlfriends