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Ptomely Legacy Gen 7 chapter 6

November 16, 2011

one day after my kids came home from school. Landon, my then-husband shouted at Beatrix.

“I don’t know why your f- mother even bother to keep you. If I was the patricah of this f- family I would sent you straight away to the Dololem House!!”

My mom died before I got pregant with my last two kids.

I divorced Landon. Got engaged to Holly

I had a bachloearette party (again)

and one of my guests happened to go into labour near the end of the party

when the party ended. I started cleaning up and I just finished getting the left over food outside..when I went into labour myself

and I had two girls who looked so identical I can’t tell which is which.

and got married to Holly

How the f- hell is some kind of sign that an adopted sim kid is like adopted and not automatically made biolgoically is discrimating??

November 10, 2011

How the f- hell is some kind of sign that an adopted sim kid is like adopted and not automatically made biolgoically family member  is discrimating??


yes he part of “your” family now but that doesn’t make your his biologically mom and dad  or his biologically grandparents? now does it? I mean seriouslly if adoption worked the way it does in the game we wouldn’t even have the term “BIRTH parent” now would we?  Or why would we have the term BIOLOGICALLY SIBLING?


Ptomely Legacy Gen 7 Chapter 5

November 10, 2011


I went back to the doctor with Beatrix

Doctor “As far as I’m and others here at the, your husband ” “hmmph”  “or your parents have a case of Simitis” “Are you sure you don’t want to leave Beatrix at Dololem House?” I replied “I ABSOLUTELY  DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE BEA THERE. IT GAVE BE THE GREEPS…I mean creeps. It reminded me of David Copperfield, Nicholas NIckelby and Jane Erye’s schools.”

The triplets had their birthdays..sigh,  kids grow up so fast.

and Ladon abused me and in front of my dad too!!

Bea and I went every 6 monthly to the doctor*:

Doctor “Are you feeling alright?

Bea “Yeah”

doc: “Not feeling thirsty, or really tired?”

Bea “No”

Doc “Here the prescriptions for Beatrix’s medication”

According to Jeramey one day at school:

two girls in their class starting talking about Beatrix behind her back:

“I wouldn’t be friends with her for anything” “I think she’s contagious”  “I will stay away from her completley.”

Jermney ( as he told me later), went up and said

“Don’t talk about one of my sisters that way!! She is a person just like you and I. Sure she has a problem..but its not contagious.”

Beatrix is able to clean herself on her own,


*Note: The talk between Beatrix and the doctor, is what I’m ususally asked when I go  to my big city doctor.

Ptomely Legacy Gen 7 Chapter 4

November 7, 2011

A couple of days latter I visted Sunset Valley and visited the Dololem House. This is what it looked like in the front:

I don’t think I want to leave Bea here.

I then went into the house..and went into the office of the Superindentant Ms. Cole.

“Hello Ms.Ptomley. What brings you to the Dololem House today?”

“My daughter, Beatrix, has Simitis and my doctor suggested leaving her here. I’m just checking things out here..before I decided.”

“The rules of the House are:

children up at 6am, teens at 5am. Breakfast is severed at 7am. On weekends lunch is at noon. outdoor time is 2 hours only and they must have finished their homework. Anytime not outside..must be send studying. Super is a light meal at 6pm. If they are late to any meals..they don’t get any food. Bedtime 8pm for children, 9pm for teens. teens must help with infants. No followers are allowed.”

I then went over to the board:

and on it I saw these two pictures:

Dololem House’s girls’ uniform:

Dololem House’s boys’ uniform:

I then checked out the “courtyard”

and then I checked the swamp and graveyard

and then I left for home.

I told everyone I saw…Do NOT put your child in the Dololem House.

the babies had their 1st birthdays.

Beatrix takes after me in the eye and hair department but has her dad’s  skintone.

my parents and my unwanted hubby teached the toddlers skills.

Landon slapped me once again, and this time in front of my father!!

then Landon and I had a yelling about wether or not we should allow Beatrix to learn logic, and music.

“I don’t see why you let her play with the logic box, or the xylhone. She will never be a police officer, doctor, or a musician!!”

“I don’t give a f-, d- care about what you think! Just because she will never be what YOU will consider a success, but every skill  that we have betters us in some way and she shouldn’t be denied that just because you and MOM doesn’t think she’s good enough!!”

Beatrix siblings didn’t let her play with them.



Ptomely Legacy Gen 7 chapter 3

November 4, 2011

When I was in the hopsital mom Mary visited.

this is what the conversation was

“the doctors wanted me in the hospital since I’m expecting triplets. According to a of the triplets..has a problem. But we are unsure what the problem is”

“well if you do have that kid I hope you’re going to give it up. I will NOT have problem child in MY house.”

“Mom you know the laws of the world!! You were a  politicatian !!  If  I give up one child..I have to give up ALL my children.”

“I don’t care about your feelings Isabelle!!” Mom walks away angrily

Two hours later I gave birth to triplets.. Jeremy, Deidre (Dee-Dee for short) and Beatrix

Jeremy and Dee-dee were both 7 pounds, Beatrix was only was 3 pounds

After I gave birth, the doctor came over and gave me this news:

Deidre and Jeremy are able to go home since they they are healthy babies. But I need you to say here with Beatrix for a week.”

“I hope its nothing serious. But I will stay for a week.”

I told the dad felt sorry for the fact mom didn’t care about the fact that Beatrix was sickly. But they took the two healthier babies home.

Mom has Dee-Dee and Dad has Jeremy

mom just spoils Dee-dee

dad visited me every day in the hospital..and spends so much time with Bea.

Landon spoils little Jeremy

the doctor came back on Sunday and told me:

“Beatrix has Simitis, she’ll be a sickly thing all her life. I know of a good place to put her if you want me to take her off your hands. You can leave with or without her today”

“I will leave today with her. Then I will check out the ‘place’ you’re talking about.” and I left with Beatrix to back home.