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Ptomley Legacy Gen 1: Chapter 4

July 31, 2011

Yesterday I got promoted to Paramedic position. I know I need to do some studying soon. But something is telling me I need to settle down soon.

So I went back home after work today and got a new dress for dating. I then called Hank and we had another date:

This date ended with a first kiss initiated by me.  I’m going to ponder whether or not to try to date my roommate again.

I did decided, and dated George the next day  and accidentally kissed him.  We decided just to be friends.

early that day I got my first out-of-office call to vaccinate people @the graveyard:

I got promoted to Medical intern too and decide to get a day off since I needed to get ready for another date

Hal and I went to see a play. It was a mystery with Fantasy and Sci-Fic play. A princess was missing and I think it was discovered an alien was her Nanny. But that’s not important. Afterwards Hal and I become Steady as Girlfriend/Boyfriend and I discovered that he really likes me despite the fact he has the Commitment Issues. Hal told me this “If we marry  George needs to move out of the house.”

I decide to use most of Saturday to study for my next promotion.

On Sunday afternoon after seeing a movie I proposed to Hal and he accepted we had the wedding party the same day:

I was astonished that Hal accepted my proposal considering what I had heard of people with commitment issues.

the wedding party:

After the wedding George moved out  of the house.

the new house:

outside of the house


Ptolemy Legacy Gen 1. part 3

July 26, 2011

Hi I, Celo is back.

George and I talked for a bit all morning Saturday until I could ask him to move into my home as a roommate, not as a husband. Since we are not dating or married we thought it would be best for us to have two bedrooms.



This is the outside of it:


Our first night as roomies at supper for some reason George was thinking about babies at supper time. “He wants to marry me  already? We haven’t had our first date yet!!”


[its the author technically I took the pic a bit too late since there should be a thought bubble over George’s head showing shoes).

This was our first date we went to a movie and the fast-food restaurant for supper before doing a date and coming here.


George and I then played Shuffleboard till the Club’s closing time


The next day after I went to work I called George’s boss for a date ‘How ironic the two men compatible with my sign Virgo. are both policemen!! and they both are single too’


we went to the movies and then had supper at the Bistro (I really need to remember to get another dress!!) but the date was great!!!)