Ptomley Legacy Gen 1: Chapter 4

Yesterday I got promoted to Paramedic position. I know I need to do some studying soon. But something is telling me I need to settle down soon.

So I went back home after work today and got a new dress for dating. I then called Hank and we had another date:

This date ended with a first kiss initiated by me.  I’m going to ponder whether or not to try to date my roommate again.

I did decided, and dated George the next day  and accidentally kissed him.  We decided just to be friends.

early that day I got my first out-of-office call to vaccinate people @the graveyard:

I got promoted to Medical intern too and decide to get a day off since I needed to get ready for another date

Hal and I went to see a play. It was a mystery with Fantasy and Sci-Fic play. A princess was missing and I think it was discovered an alien was her Nanny. But that’s not important. Afterwards Hal and I become Steady as Girlfriend/Boyfriend and I discovered that he really likes me despite the fact he has the Commitment Issues. Hal told me this “If we marry  George needs to move out of the house.”

I decide to use most of Saturday to study for my next promotion.

On Sunday afternoon after seeing a movie I proposed to Hal and he accepted we had the wedding party the same day:

I was astonished that Hal accepted my proposal considering what I had heard of people with commitment issues.

the wedding party:

After the wedding George moved out  of the house.

the new house:

outside of the house


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