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Ptolemy Legacy Gen 5 Chapter 2

September 27, 2011

Parents went elder and both died.

I become pregant with Mary and Dickens:



the babies become toddlers and then become children..boy will this family be happy when this legacy is done!!

And yes I did complete my LTW to solve 34 case.

I sent the two boys off to boarding school. But they coming back its starting to be an annoyance.

Anne did have a sleepover- with cousins and friends:

and I’m really excited about my last set of children coming!!

Ptolemy Legacy Gen 5 chapter 1

September 23, 2011

Hello I’m very excited to see you all.  My name is Nancy. NO I’m not named after Nancy Drew..why do people always have to ask me that? Saddly my sisters&I didn’t have any prom because of too many teens pranking the school. We did grow up.


I got engaged to a sweetheart Markus Windsor   (off  page: aren’t you?) even though mom totally embarrassed me at my bacholerette party by dancing on the counters.

“Sorry honey!! I didn’t know I embarrassed you”  “Its alright I need to be embarrassed every once in a while” that was my mom.

Then I got married:

After I did I think 11 cases (yes I’m a PI like the Nancy I’m NOT named after) Markus and I “tried for Baby”

several days later I gave birth to twins Gilbert and Anne:

Ptomley Legacy Gen 4 Chapter 3

September 21, 2011

the toddlers learned skills, and aged up to children and did a very good job as children:


they aged into children:

One of the children had a sleepover one night:


and of course Lester and I had her adult b-day parties.


One of her children did pranks when we were watching her and she got all 4 punishments..


then all the children aged into teens

Lester and I got a free vaction and when we were gone the teens hosted a teen party:



I hear that the principal of the local story canceled prom this year because too many teens were pranking the school.

Anne and the Human Trafficking Case Chapter 3

September 21, 2011

When Anne was out doing some errands for her family, she accidentally knocked over  a young blond woman, who’s stuff she was carrying including contents  of her purse and Anne stopped to help pick up the stuff  and noticed when she was doing so two pieces of identification.  One which said: Danielle Knight.  The other said: Eduardo Billotte. Danielle, noticing that Anne  had seen the Eduardo Billotte ID said  “That’s my husband who’s can’t get out much…so if I need to buy something for him, I have to have the ID.”  After Danielle Anne’s phone rang “ Roger Mead called and said the photocopy repair people still haven’t come.  When he phoned they told him that someone said someone at the office already fixed it.”   After dropping off the stuff she ran errands for. She meets up with Cecily and Lacey at Ceres’ Super Pan  Pizza and have lunch.  Anne told them “I don’t really know if  the photocopier at Sumac’s Travelling Agency..but it seems to be…”   “I know how to fix a photo-copier since  I sometimes need to photocopy fliers for Joe’s Sporting Goods store events.”  Cecily interrupted. Afterwards Lacy went back home and Cecily and Anne continue on to the Travel agency . “Miss Rice, my friend, Cecily can fix the photo-copier and Adeline Martinez wants me  to get something from Brannon’s work area.” “Cecily the photo-copier is down that hallway the 1st door on your left. Miss. Browne Brannon’s work area is down the same hall, and the 2nd door on the left. They then separated.  When Anne was looking around in the office she found this interesting letter:

                                                           SÉ ALGO QUE USTED

                                                                      NO QUISIERA 

                                                                  QUE SU JEFE Y


                                                             SU ESPOSA



                                                   ESO SUCEDE 

                                                 HACE 34 AÑOS

“I have to keep this for Frank to read later.” Anne muttered. She then left the room and met Cecily in the car.  Cecily told her that the problem with the photo-copier was somehow had deliberate damaged the axel which paper goes through  when its works. As they were heading home Anne looked into the rearview mirror  and saw a car that was going at a super high speed right toward them!!

Ptolemy Legacy Gen 4: Chapter 2

September 19, 2011

We taught the twins the skills and my step-dad read the toddler books to them:


the toddlers grew to identical looking children:

I got pregant again:

gave birth to triplets girls Nancy,Juilet, and Fanny.

They had their b-day party:



and my mom died before I got pregant


[I had to move the family to  a new save the old way was getting a bit big]


Differences between the 101 Dalmatians animated movie and the book by Dodie Smith

September 18, 2011

I know I should be writing another chapter of my legacy but this entire 101 Dalmatians business is bugging me


dog “couples”

Pongo and Missus Pongo “Missus” for short

Perdita and Prince (Prince makes up the 1st dog of the 101 dogs)

the 15 puppies are Pongo’s and “Missus” ‘ puppies.

Perdita was found abonded  on the road by “Mrs. Dearly” (I think she’s “Mrs. Radcliffe in the movie.. judging my Roger’s last name) and brought into be a wet nurse for Missus since the Dearlys were worried that Missus wouldn’t have enough milk.



Ptolemy Legacy Gen 4: Chapter 1

September 14, 2011

Hi my name is Nala. The last past days have been my sibling and I went to prom (well that is, Adriana, and Rajah did):


everyone aged up:


I got engaged to Lester:

I had my bachloerette was a total flop.

and then I got married:

and “Tried for Baby”


I didn’t think the cake was that bad!!!




turned out I was pregnant.

give birth to twins girls, Estella, and Esmeralda.

Ptolemy Legacy Gen 3: Chapter 4

September 13, 2011

after doing their homework after school the kids played a bit:


My mom died,


I told a ghost story to my daycare children and my own children too)

the triplets had their birthdays:

the twins had their birthday:

the kids found dates for Prom:

Ptomley Legacy Gen 3: chapter 3

September 9, 2011

Brent told me he had cheated on me.

my dad, Dallas, died:

and I called one of the party-crashers from my pre-wedding party

and woohooed with him

Brent walked in on us and  I then broke up with him:

the next day I discovered I was pregant:

I married alberte:


I gave birth to twins, William&Ilene

The triplets had their birthday

family picture:

Nala, Rajah, Adriana, Alberta (first 3 kids step-dad) w/ William, Faline with Ilene, and Georgiana

Ptomley Legacy Gen 3 chapter 2

September 7, 2011

I started the 5 level daycare career—I’m now on either level 3 or 4. I have my whole family working for me..for free too!!



Was the pizza I had last night not cooked enough?

I gave birth to triplets: Rajah, Adriana, Nala

then I held a double b-day party for my parents.