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Screaming Mad at Toronto Police’s Attiude during G20

June 29, 2010

During the G20 900  people were arrested and detained at a detention-sp? centre in Toronto. Most of these were peaceful protestors, passerbys, tourists, students, Jouranlists (and TV personnel) and a couple of workers (including a mayoral canidate).

The police even had a new secert law made which says that the police had a right to ask people 5 meters within the fence area to identifty themselves.  They police picked on these people but where were the police when and where the Black Block actually did some damage (that the  federal goverment said before hand they were NOT going to pay for.)?  They were nowhere in sight.

The police maintained that when they did the “kettling” approch (surrond the people on ALL sides) they warned the crowd 3 times to disperse. But according to some of the people who been in the detention who were in the crowd said the police never warned them. 

One indenpent  jounralist said that the police “lost” $6,000 of his video camera equipment. Another indepented journalist said she was threatened by police. They said they were going to rape her. That she was going to be gang-banged. Another person said her boots were still mising after having  a laptop, boots, and a keychain photo of her son confiscated.  One woman who birth place was Iran had racist remarks made at her one of which was: “If you were my daughter I would slap you in the mouth.” One man after police asked the crowd to “move” asked “Where am I suppose to go?” and got hit by a riot shield. A medical student said the police misconstuct his bandages&supplies as banandas-sp?  ALL the women (probably men too-but the men didn’t get sexist remarks amied at them)were stripped-search. One women had to “go” on the floor. There were no blankets-people were so cold they asked for TOILET PAPER to wrap the legs in!!!, people who needed meds the police had the meds but would not give it to them. People had to go  up to 35 hours without a single meal-and when the few people who did get something to eat it was just a hard sandwhich which would have been better as a pillow. Detainees were stripped of all but a single shirt and legwear.   They didn’t even get medical attention if they need it!!!  Youth as young as 15 in adult cells and no parents were contacted. Several people have been released without anycharge and that  is termed as”false arrest” These people who been released  without charges were told NOT to talk to a lawyer. If it hadn’t been for volunteers there could have been  major medical treatments or EVEN DEATH.

All the people didn’t even get the right to call a lawyer nor did they get their rights read to them. This is basically a Charter of Rights violation. Not to mention the Canada’s tourist rate will drop BIG TIME becuase when tourists go back to their homes they will tell others to NOT travel to Canada.

I GOT BANNED FOR 72 Hours Just because I was keeping an interesting thread going!!

June 28, 2010

I was banned for 72 just for spamming aka “bumping”.  IT was an interesting thread.

Two trolls LittleV and LadyVampire are the ones who reported me. They also treated me very harsly bashing me saying I am uneducated about the Quran/Koran and the Middle-East. Almost  half  (if not more) of the thread people were using the reglious argument against Burqa in the game.

Side note: The arugment against burqas = relgion garment  is almost used as often as the arugment as the Beauty and Beast movie arument:   “encouragement for women’s abuse”.

 I mean Burqa had been around for years before Islam and were used for both men and women to protect them from sandstorms. I mean Burqa could be used as a disguse for PIs (for both genders)  in the sims.  I wore something simliar to the nijab (but with no slits for eyes) during my years with the Black Light  Puppet plays and even though there was something to see through it was hard to move.  Another argument against burqas was “too hard to do animation for it”-yeah right we already have loose dresses so how hard would it be to do a burqa?  LadyVampire says that I should try a vaction in a Muslim countries. I think they are the ones that are uneducated AND desvere a vaction in those countries because all the travel books I have  read tells women travelling


 NEVER,EVER wear Muslim clothes unless  they want a Muslim husband.  The clothes travelling women MUST wear are long sleeve shirts and long pants.

 ^ Doesn’t that make them uneducated?

If they wanted me to stop bumping they should have asked me nicely not have me banned. I think that maybe they were jealous that my threads got more attention than theirs. I did have a right to ask them that if they didn’t like the topic don’t post on it-people say it to Jarise9 1,000,000,000 times a day-and I couldn’t say it to two trolls?

I aslo think arranged marriage should be an option since its been around for centuries unlike the modern western way.

 Hey at least I wasn’t asked for a re-make of Seasons, Superstar, Univeristy, Nightlife, etc-like half of that forum.

Chapter 12 The battle, the kiss and the wedding

June 16, 2010

Layla suddenly appeared in the dungeon of castle 3. In the same cell that Prince Alex was in. As she unlocks the chains with her magic

she said “Sh. I am here to help you I changed sides now.”

Alex upstairs on the ground floor said: “Where do I get a sword and shield from? I don’t have time for a smith to make a sword for me.”

Layla conquered up a sword. “Here take this sword.”

Alex took a shield off the wall of the castle. Layla follows him and with her magic unlocks the horse’s chain. Alex hops onto the horse and rides off.

Karan who wanted another visit with Prince Alex went again down into the dungeon. As soon as he went into the room.

“What?!” Karan yelled “Prince Alex has ESCAPE?!!!” Karan raced up the nearest stairs to get to a tower. He looked out the window and saw Prince Alex on his horse Adam.

“How did he escape?” Karan asked. But than said some kind of spell that made candy thorns grow around Castle 2.

Prince Alex and Layla arrive right after the candy thorns grew.

Alex said “Great how do I get past these?” A voice in his said Use the sword. It can cut through anything. Alex used the sword and cut through the candy thorns.

 “NO!” Karan cried. He than by magic come over in front of Alex.

“Now you deal with me prince the master of all evil. Oh and before you ask yes I am Maleficent’s younger brother.” as he changed into a dragon.

“Um you forgot something Karan.” Alex stated “My ancestor killed your sister. So I can kill you. So are we just going to relive his and your sister’s battle?”

Karan-the dragon tried to roast Prince Alex with his purple fire. But Alex protect himself with his shield. Karan keeps spewing flames and one made Alex’s horse throw Alex off. Alex, luckily was unhurt. The fight went on. People back at castle 1 could see what was going on in the distance. All castle servants were on balconies facing the west.

“What in the world is going on over there?” a maid-of all work Katie asked.

Leslie said: “I believe it’s a battle between the long-lost prince and the current tyrant but the tyrant is in dragon form.” Alex suddenly got trapped at the bottom of a cliff.

Layla in small human form said: “What would your ancestor do?”

Go up! Good thing Anne told me the movies she knew in story format the night before this started. Alex thought and he went up and the fight continue. Suddenly the dragon and Alex were on the top of the cliff with no way down. Alex thought What were those words again? Oh yes I remember now.

Alex said “Now sword of whatever”

 Layla whispers “that sword is the sword of truth. Its what appeared in my hands clean from its last use back in the 14th century by your ancestor.  That shield is also from your ancestor. ”

“Now sword of truth fly swift and sure, that evil dies and good endure.” Alex mutters and flew the sword which hit the dragon in the right spot.

 Alex jumps out of the way as the dragon went over the cliff. The castle goes back to being thornless.

Alex goes into the castle and up the stairs and into Anne’s bedroom. Alex than bends over and kissed Anne. Anne’s eyes opens and A

nne says: “Aramis what are you doing here and with a prince outfit? You are a prince not just any prince but THE prince aren’t you?”

Alex: “Yes I am THE prince. But my real name is Alex. But you can still call me Aramis if you want. ” Prince Alex and Anne got onto Alex’s horse Adam and rode over to the castle 1’s town.

Prince Alex said “Hello loyal subjects, I’m really am your legal prince and king.”

a little black hair girl blurted out “How do we know you really are the true prince and not just another usurper of the Throne!!” “Shush! Sami. We don’t want to get into trouble with this one.” her mom told her.

Anne and Alex went into the castle and Alex asked “Anne will you marry me?”

Anne: “Yes but I want my sister to be here for the wedding.” Anne wrote her sister a note and Peace the dove went to the real world and found Annabelle. Annabelle read the letter. This is what it said.

Dear sister
it is I, Anne. You wouldn’t believe what happened to me. But I want you to follow Peace (the dove) back to the entrance way to Ellabur (the land I am in). I want you to be here for my and my love’s one wedding. I will tell you all about my fairytale when I see you. Who knows you might find a love of you own here.

Sincerely your sister


Annabelle went to the entrance way and came into Ellabur. She than went to the Castle.

Anne: “Sis you are here!”

Annebelle: “Anne I was so worried about you! I even had to lie to your employer and your agent about where you were.”

“Aramis Hurry up my sister’s here!”

Annabelle asked “Who is Aramis?”

Anne replied: “long story. But he is the prince. His birth name is Alex. But I knew him as Aramis. And he is my true love.”

“You need a change of clothes sis. Uh here they are. Change into them quickly.” Annabelle changed into the gown. Alex suddenly appeared.

 Anne introduced them “Dear meet my sister Annabelle. Annabelle meet my true love Prince Alex.” Than the prince left.

Anne said: ” Annabelle ask Deb where to sit for the wedding.” A couple of minutes latter Prince Alex and Anne, now Princess Anne were married. Everyone lived happily ever after.


The End


Chapter 11 the sleep and the second trap.

June 15, 2010

In Castle 2 Anne was exploring the castle while the Ladies-in-Waiting were getting stuff ready for supper. There was a tower that wasn’t there before when she came up here before. She went into the tower where she meet an old man. ““Grandpa has several gifts for you to choose from.” the old man said. Anne looked around the tower and saw an apple, a orange, and a Spinning Wheel.

Anne thought I have heard of Poisoned apples, and cursed Spindels so I shouldn’t touch either though in the second case I’m not Princess Aurora. I never heard of a sleep-induce poison orange. I guess I could take a bit of it. Anne than took the orange from the floor and than took a bit out of it. She suddenly dropped the orange and fell backwards. The man laughed evilly and left.

Very soon after this happened. Sara and Ashley were looking for Anne.

“Ashley” Sara said: “I found a tower that wasn’t here before.”

Ashley and Sara pushed opened the door and found Anne lying on the floor.

“Oh my! Is Anne dead?” Ashley asks.

Sara said: “No her heart is still beating.”

Ashely asked “What happened?”

Sara replied: “Well Prince Alex’s enemy, the current ruler Karan, must wanted to get Anne ‘out of the way’ so he disguised himself as an old man and made this tower and Anne being so curious she went into the tower and there were three choices to choose from: apple, spinning wheel or orange. Anne being a bookworm and in her own word a Disney movieworm she knew not to touch either apple or Spinning Wheels. But as far as I know there’s no fairytale-except this one that has a poisoned orange-so she thought she was safe eating it.”

The two of them carried Anne downstairs to her bedroom in this castle and onto the canopy bed.

 “So what do we do?” Ashley asks. 

Sara ordered: “Peace go straight to Warlock and tell him 2 things. First Anne is trapped in a castle. Second, that Anne ate a sleep-induce poison orange.” Peace flew to the cottage where she found Warlock and Deb.

Peace: “I. came …flying….as….fast…I…could…to..get… here. Anne is trapped ……in a castle…and she ate a sleep-induce poison orange.”

Deb said: “We need to tell Alex. Because he is her true love.”

Peace: “Who is Alex?”

Warlock: “its Aramis’s real name. Prince Alex Charming.”

Alex just came into the house. “You wanted to tell me something?” he said.

Deb answered: “Anne is trapped in a castle and is asleep after eating a sleep-induce poison orange.”

Aramis says: “So? What do I have to do with it?”

Deb replies: “You are her true love. The cure to wake her up is True Love’s kiss.”

Alex went back outside and rode off into the forest on his horse.

He was stopped by a man with brown hair who said “I know where Anne is” and lead Alex in the opposite direction of the castle Anne is in. As soon as Alex set his foot in the door to the castle. Some trolls overcame him and took him to the dungeon.

Karan after he changed back to his normal self went to the dungeon and visit Alex. Alex shook his chains.

“Karan ” he spat. “You killed my parents.” Karan: “Interesting I was expecting a peasant but I get a prince not just any prince. THE prince.” Alex thought is it just me or am I in the same situation as one of my ancestors Prince Philip and only with a male villain?. Karan said: “I haven’t seen you since you were just born Alex. You have your dad’s looks and your mom’s eyes. Yes I got rid of your parents.” Karan left the dungeon.

Chapter 10 The Prophecy Unveiled Part 2

June 15, 2010

Note: Prince Phillip belongs to Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.Aramis was going back home with his catch he got after being detoured by that woman. Aramis went in the cottage. Aunt Deb was there talking with Warlock. Aramis asked: “Where is Anne? Shouldn’t she be back by now?” “I just got a letter from Anne and I don’t know where she is.” Warlock said “Aramis we have something to tell you.” Aramis: “Did I do something bad?” Warlock: “No. But we have to tell you something.” Aramis: “So tell me.” Deb: “You are really the long-lost prince of this land.” Aramis: “Really?” Warlock: “Yes Really and your real name is Prince Alex. Twenty three years ago when you were born.”


Twenty three years ago shortly after Prince Alex has been born to King Basil and Queen Regina. The king and queen were in a meeting room shortly after Prince Alex was born with Deb the fairy, Warlock the wizard, Karan the Chamberlain, Layla who was severing some food to the Queen, and Vera. They were talking when suddenly Vera went into a trance. Vera said: “Twenty years a raven will rule until a women who has hair as red as a lion’s mane. The two will fall in love and the women with red hair will found that her true love is the prince.” Eighteen months later I escaped with you with help from Deb

*********End of Flashback*************************

.”We have been living here ever since.” Alex was at first shocked then angry: “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Deb said: “We had to wait for time to be right. And for the right woman to come. And see if she was the right person too.” Warlock: “I have a prince outfit I think it might be from one of your ancestors. I think his name was Phillip I am unsure.” “Uh here it is.” A red cape with brownish outfit.” Alex gets dressed in the outfit. “You have a similar build to your ancestor.” Alex said “I can’t believe I am a prince. I just thought I was a commoner. But this explains why you didn’t want to tell me about my parents.”

Chapter 10 The prophcy unveiled part 1

June 15, 2010


Later that day Aramis was out hunting. When a woman with pale skin and black knee-length hair said:

“There is a town that is being plagued in the north by a werewolf. Don’t come back till you do it.”

Back in the cottage Anne just got up and dressed and went downstairs:

 “I’m going into town to drop off some books.”

 Warlock: “You aren’t going anywhere today.”

 Anne: “I have to go to work or else I will be fired its only my third day at work.”

Warlock reluctantly: “Ok but don’t talk to any strangers.”

 Anne left the house and was on the way to town without Dave-the-wolf.

She was suddenly stopped by a woman with pale skink and black knee-length hair.

She said: “Come with me. I know where Aramis is” Anne follows her.

 After Anne entered the castle in the west, the woman disappeared and the doors closed behind her at the exactly the same moment.

Anne thought It was a trap. I shouldn’t have followed her. She was a complete stranger. But she said she knew where Aramis was. But what do I have to do with this place?

When Anne was following the woman. Chloe-the-mouse got Peace-the-dove to hold on to her and Peace followed Anne.

In castle 2 Anne want upstairs too the bedroom where she meet two brown hair women. Anne: “My name is Anne Brown. Your names?” Sara: “My name is Sara” Ashley: “My name is Ashley.” Anne: “I was following this pale skin and black knee-length hair. But she suddenly trapped me.” Sara and Ashley dropped their sewing. Both: “You are the only mortal to have seen Queen Layla’s real form.” Anne: “How did you get here?” Sara: “I was sent hear by words that people said after I had a dream about those words” Anne asked: “What were those words?” Sara said: “Mine were ‘apple’ and ‘Snow White’.” Ashley said: “I had a similar dream. But my words were ‘spindle’ and Briar Rose’.”. Anne thinks of what has been happening.

“Excuse me miss? But I think you need to get a new dress.”

Anne: “We can’t get a new dress because we are stuck in the CASTLE!!!! I KNOW We are stuck in a castle beside the doors closed behind me at the SAME Moment Layla-in human-form disappeared!!!” Peace the dove said: “Do you want to write a letter to Deb or Warlock.?” Anne: “No thank you Peace. But I do need to send a letter to Ply.” Anne writes the note and Peace delivers it and immediately returns.

Layla suddenly appears. “I am sorry I trick you. But a will go and get you a dress from the fairy Deb. But you have to give me a note saying I am from you.” Anne writers the note. Layla disappears again.

She reappeared near Deb’s house. Deb answered the knock at the door.

Deb said disapprovingly: “Oh you. What do you want?”

Layla: “I have come from Anne. She is currently trapped in a castle. But she needs a new dress. Here is a note written by her.”

 Deb looks at the note and see its really from Anne. Deb does some magic and a green colour very flowing off the shoulders a dress fit for a princess. Layla took it to Anne then disappeared . Than Anne with Sara and Ashley’s help put the dress on. Sara: “I think you hair should come down.” Anne took her hair down. Sara&Ashley: “You look beautiful mistress.” Anne: “Could you show me which way to the library of the castle? and stop calling me ‘mistress and miss’ my name is ‘Anne’. ” “We will come with you Anne.” They went to the library and Anne discovered the book that was missing from the town’s library the Visions of Light. Anne got it off the shelf and went over to the window and opened the book.

Visions of Light

Chapter 220

foretold by Vera Blake

Twenty two years a raven will rule till a woman with hair as red as a lion’s mane will come to this world. the two will fall in love and the woman with red hair will found out her true love is the prince.

Anne says: “I think the raven is referring to the current king. The woman with hair as red as a lion’s mane is me. But who is the prince?” She thinks back to what people have said in the last three days:

Deb’s words ‘The Prince has been missing since that time too. Only I and a wizard name Warlock knows where the prince is.” Aramis words: “I mean I am just a commoner aren’t I?” The raven and Warlock’s words ‘Layla’ Vera’s statement: I don`t think I know’ The words that send the two women here. Sara’s words ‘apple’ and ‘Snow White’ Ashley’s words of ‘Briar Rose’ and ‘spindle’.

The Prince must be Aramis!!!” Anne shouted out loud. Ashley and Sara said “Who’s Aramis? The Long Lost Prince’s name is Alexander”

“Warlock was the King Basil and Queen Regina’s trusted wizard, not to mention and their friend, he smuggled Prince Alexander out into a cottage in the woods, and called Him Aramis Smith.” Anne replied. . “Oh. Aurora, one of Prince Alexander’s ancestors, did a samiliar thing.” Sara said back

Chapter 9 Karan’s test

June 14, 2010

Chapter 9

In Karan’s palace. Karan was very mad at the fact that Anne and Prince Alex had fallen in love. Karan said to the snake beside him “What are we going to do?” Layla: “I have thisssssss good idea. But I don’t know if you will want it.” Karan: “Tell me the idea.” Layla: “You will appear to Anne in an handsome form and I will use another one of my human forms to appear to Alex/Ssssssso we can tessssssted if they are truly in love.”


*later that day*

Anne was walking towards the library to checkout some fairy tale books. Suddenly a man stopped her. Girls who were around him were staring at and fainting because of this man. Aaron: “Hey baby you and I are going out.” Anne: “I am NOT going out with you.” Aaron: “Why not baby?” winking at Anne. Anne: “GET AWAY FROM ME YOU CREEP! Besides I am already taken.” Aaron vanished into thin air.

Aramis who was again hunting for food in the forest. When a women stopped him. Adrienne “You are tall and handsome. Would you like to go out with me?” Aramis: “No I will not go out with you.” Adrienne: “Why not Al- I mean handsome?” Aramis: “I’m not interested” Adrienne also vanishes.

When Anne&Aramis got home. They started talking Both: “I just had the craziest experience in the town/forest.” Both: “You first” Aramis:” No Anne you go first.” Anne: “I was on the way to the library when a man stopped me and ask me to go out. I refused him because I could see he was a jerk underneath all that handsome exterior.” Aramis: “I had the same experience with a woman in the forest.”


*in the palace*

Karan “Well that settles it. They both passed the test. They truly love each other. Know I just have to sent a couple of servants to get ready the castle in the west for Anne.”

Leslie heard all of this and raced downstairs. “Cook tell Katie to take over my chores tomorrow” Leslie raced all the way to Warlock’s cottage. *knock* *knock* Warlock opened his door in his PJs “Leslie what do you want in this late hour?” Warlock its important. And contact Deb quickly too.” Deb who suddenly appeared beside Leslie: “Did I hear someone call my name?” Leslie said : “yeah you did”

Warlock: “Now what is it that couldn’t wait till a more apropaite time?” Leslie: “I was working and I heard Mr. Raven mention some test that some girl called Anne and Aramis passed. Than he mentioned something about them being truly in love. Than he said he will send servants to a castle in the west to get it ready for Anne.”  Deb and Warlock looked at eacher and said  “uh oh.”

 After the meeting in the magic room Layla flew up to the Queen’s room and into her cage. Where several Ladies-in waiting were sitting were gossiping about the cook making out with the groom. The washer maid making out with the Chaplain. But suddenly two of the ladies-in-waiting fainted.

Sara’s dream

She was out in the hallway with Vega 1 Layla’s pet raven. Vega was talking to her. “Sara listen to me. When someone says ‘apple’ or ‘Snow White’ you have to pack you bags and journey to the castle in the west to meet someone.”

 *Ashley’s dream*

She was out in the hall with Vega 2. Layla’s pet snake. “Ashley listen to me. When someone says ‘Spindle’ or ‘Briar Rose’ you have to pack your bags and journey to the castle in the west to meet someone.



Both Sara and Ashley came around. A nameless lady-in-waiting said: “Hey who wants to hear a story about Snow White?” Another Lady-in-waiting Dani said; “Is she the one who pricks her finger on a spindle?” A third one says “No that’s Sleeping Beauty. A version of it is called Briar Rose. Snow White has to do with the apple.” Sara and Ashley started packing and left the castle and journey to the castle in the west.

Chapter 8

June 14, 2010

Note: the “Once Upon a Dream” song DOES NOT Belong to me. It brings to Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and the ballet version of Sleeping Beauty.

*Next day*

Anne is gathering mushrooms in the forest and is accompanied by her pet Chloe the mouse and pet Peace-the dove. She is talking to her pets.

“I think I saw Aramis’s face in dreams back at home.”

She starts dancing with an imaginary Aramis.

Anne singing: “I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream.

I know you the gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam”

Aramis who is out hunting heard someone’s beautiful singing voice and rides over to where the voice is coming from. He sees it is Anne.

Anne still singing: Yes I know it’s true visions are seldom all they seem.

But if I know you I will know what you’ll do.

You’ll love me at once the way you did”

Aramis than joins in.

Aramis&Anne: “Once Upon a Dream”

Aramis: “I know you. I walked with you once upon a dream.

I know you the gleam in your eyes are so familiar a gleam”

Anne and Aramis waltz into the cottage still singing and into their chairs and over their bowls of oatmeal, bread and the food Anne brought home yesterday from the inn Aramis and Anne share a first kiss.

*in Karan’s palace*

Karan is looking into his crystal ball and see the couple dancing and there mouthes moving. “NO! They have fallen in love with each other!!!”

Chapter 7 Vera’s werid statement

June 14, 2010

Anne was finished working for the day. But since it was too early to go home. She asked directions to the fairy Deb’s house. She finally got directions to the house and went to it. Deb let her in and they started talking.

Anne: “I met Thunder today. ”

“He woke me up. But he did tell me something very important.”

Deb said : “oh really?”

 Anne replied: “Yeah he said he can’t get into town because a force field is preventing him getting in.’

Deb: “Interesting. Karan must be responsible for that.”

Anne: “I was spending time with Aramis this morning telling him about my world and when we were deep in the woods a bear suddenly appeared.”

Deb angrily: “Darn it Karan can’t you leave well enough alone.”

Anne asks: “How is Karan involve with this? ”

Deb: “Don’t worry about it Anne. Let me and Warlock deal with it.”

Anne: “Yesterday Aramis gave me a dove who name is Peace.

” But all I got out was a ‘hi’ because Peace asked: ‘Um why is there a raven at the door?’

“But when the wizard Warlock and I turn around there wasn’t any bird at the door. Warlock than said ‘Layla’. By the way who is Layla?”

Deb: “Layla is Karan’s sidekick. She has two animal forms raven and snake. Layla can also but does rarely change into her human form. Its rumoured she also has more than one human form. Some people believe Layla is Karan’s Queen.   Anne could you do me a favour and run down to the library and ask for theBake Mete Ryalle recipe?” Anne: “Sure” Anne than ran back into town and into the doors.

Vera who was holding a pile of library books when a strange red-headed woman came in. She suddenly dropped the piles of books she was holding. She knew this woman was whom the prophecy foretold. Vera said “Sorry for my clumsiness. My name is Vera Blake. Your name?” Strange woman: “My name is Anne Brown.” Vera: “Miss Brown what did you want from the library?” Anne: “I’m on an errand for a friend. She wants the Bake Mete Ryalle recipe.” Vera: “I think there is something else you should see first. I will try to go get the book.” Anne thought How can I be in a book? Vera went to the section with history of the land and prophecies. The book Vera wanted wasn’t there. Vera spoke out loud how she was thinking “Where in the world is Visions of Light?” Anne who appeared suddenly asked “What is Visions of Light?” Vera who was walking towards the checkout counter said : “it’s a book of prophecies. All but one has come true or has been broken.” Anne: “You think I have to do with unfulfilled prophecy?” Vera who had taken the checkout book from underneath the counter “Interesting” Vera said “the Visions of Light has been missing for at least a fore night. But to answer your question. I don`t think I know.”

Chapter 6 Aramis and Anne’s argument

June 12, 2010

Early the next day Anne got woken up early in the morning by the sound of thunder. So Anne got dressed and went down to yell at the weather spirit.

“Thunder! Stop that right now”.

Thunder-the-weather spirit said “who are you?”

Anne: “I am a visitor. My name is Anne. You must be Thunder-the weather spirit? Deb told me about you.

” I literally dropped into this world yesterday. I’m staying here at Warlock and Aramis’ cottage.”

Takes a look out of the window towards the garden

Anne sarcastically: “Great the vegetables are ruined”

Thunder: “I will stop now. I didn’t mean to rain so hard. But I have lots of water but for me there is some kind of magical force-field preventing me getting into town.”

Anne: “Did you tell Warlock or Deb that?”

Thunder: “No I haven’t”

Anne: “I can talk to them about that.”

Thunder goes off somewhere else.

Anne talking to herself said “Now what should I do?”

“I can’t sleep anymore because Thunder woke me up.”

Peace the dove & Chloe the mouse : “This place is kind of messy with two men in it.”

Anne: “ah clean the house.”

Awhile later when Anne was making breakfast Aramis came downstairs.

Aramis said: “I’m sad”

Anne asks “Why are you sad?”

Aramis replies: “I never knew my mother and father. Warlock rarely mentions them.”

Anne sadly: I am an orphan too”

Aramis: “really?”

Anne: “Yes. My parents were killed in a war that my country was unhappily was involved in. So since than I lived with my five-year older sister Annabelle.”

Aramis: “I apologize for bringing back bad memories. So what is your world like?”

Anne is putting breakfast on the table while talking with Aramis ” First its alright how could you know I was an orphan too?

But back to your question

Where do I begin?

In some countries both men and women work.

Girls and boys as young as 4 go to school.

But when these kids gets to be teens that’s a totally different story.”

Aramis: “Why is it different when they become teens?”

Anne: “Well once you in high school more education. You kind of forced to join a group of people. There are althetes (Jocks and Jockess),nerds, popular girls. Also you kind of pressured to date guys because people around you are doing it.  Dating is a way of getting to know someone.”  “Then there is something called movies”

Aramis: “movies what are those?”

Anne: “Movies are difficult to explain. You know how some books have pictures?”

Aramis: “Yes”

Anne: “Well movies are stories with people called actors and actresses who played characters in whatever the story is.

The movies kind of makes the story come alive in front of your eyes and ears.

Some movies are based on fairytales and legends from different times.

For food we don’t have to grow our own food but can go to something called grocery stores where we can buy food.

Instead of horses we have something called cars. They are like carriages with their own engine.

We don’t have to write letters to stay in contact with others.

Since one of our methods is using something called a phone which you can just pick up and dial and call anywhere in my world. Even the next town! Some kids are lucky enough to have mobile phones.”

When Anne is still talking Anne cleans up and Aramis and Anne go outside.

“We have something called computers which also helps us stay in contact with people and help us with office work.

We also can have music sometimes from movies whenever we went thanks to the invent of something called the iPod. Hold on when I go get it”

Anne went back to her room and find her real world clothes and searched in the pockets for the iPod.

“Aramis this is what an iPod is”

Aramis looks at the iPod “very interesting.

Your world Anne is very advanced.”

They were very deep in the woods at this moment and Anne and Aramis were holding hands when the two heard “ROOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRR!”.

Anne: “What was that?”

Aramis: “Just a bear”

Anne: “Sound like an angry one.”

Aramis: “Anne stay behind me!

Anne “Just because I am  from the other species doesn’t t mean I am helpless”

Aramis: “Yes it does!”

Anne “No it doesn’t”

Armais: “Yes it does”

Than suddenly the mad bear appeared right in front of them.

Aramis than used the dagger to deal with the bear.

Dave-the-wolf heard the racket and came by after Aramis killed the bear.

“So that’s what the noise was. Anne your going to be late if we don’t get going to town.”

Aramis went back to the cottage and told Warlock about what just happened in the forest.

“Karan!” Warlock spat.