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Isn’t the Alice in Wonderland story messed up already Without Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonder movie ?And reivew of the moive

February 28, 2010

Isn’t the Alice in Wonderland Story messed already with characters like   Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the Jabberocky being in Alice in Wonderland ( a common misconception) when they should be in a film sequel, not to mention Red Queen & Queen of Hearts being turned into the one and same person without Tim Burton‘s “grown-up” Alice in Wonderland movie? What  I know of Tim Burton’s “Grown-Up”  Alice in Wonderland: A 19-year old Alice  (Mia Wasikowska)  again tumbles down the Rabbit Hole after running away from a proposal by a son of her late father’s business partner. She doesn’t remember her last time there but the characters there remember her.  It turns out she been summoned by the White Queen (Anne Hathaway) to fight against the Red Queen/Queen of Hearts mix  (Helena Bonham Carter) who’s has taken over Wonderland in the time Alice been away.  The movie not even in theaters in North America.

Bullying — A Survior’s Story One Who Had to Fight Back

February 27, 2010

I am someone who had to deal with bullying  all through elematary school.  It got pretty bad in Gr. 7 and Gr. 8. It got so bad I had to fight back.   The bullies did these things to me:  trip me on purpose, once held the doorknob of the classroom door when I was trying to get out and then suddenly let go and I fell on my butt hard, hid my waterbottle(s) I mean I must have had 6 or 7 bottles per season because they did stuff with it (I think one of my watterbottles might still be in that same tree  7/8 years later after playing an unfair game of “Monkey in the Middle” on my way home from school) . The one other thing they did which is not important to me now as it was then was they switch my fave coloured chair with one I didn’t like. Not to mention conk me on the head with a ball  on purpose when I didn’t particapate in gym (which was all the time).   I was the only student in the class who got picked on and the teachers never believed me and made up excuses like “Oh he didn’t mean to trip you. His legs are too long.”  when I  actually knew better. How could a person  like me trust adults when they do stuff like that? I had 0 real friends at school my only real friend was someone I saw once a week at church because  we went to a different schools till we went to high school and my so-called “friends” lived in different parts of the town (there had been  only one friend I could have walked to school with but that was only from JK-  the end of Gr.4-she moved then).  So walking with a friend to school was out of  question.  There were no counslers in my school not till highscool.  So see how my only course of action was fighting back?


February 18, 2010

I have always heard a rumor about Walt Disney. It has been said that the reason that most of the Disney movies do not show the mother, is because after the success of Sleeping Beauty, Walt Disney purchased his mother a house. The furnace at some point exploded and killed his mother, and he always blamed himself. Is this true, or just another work of fiction?His mother’s death may have been the most shattering moment of Walt Disney’s life. Though he seldom exhibited emotion outside the studio, he was inconsolable — a misery deepened no doubt by the fact that she had died in the new home Walt had given her, and by the culpability of his own workmen. (A report on the furnace ordered by Roy determined that the “installation of the furnace showed either a complete lack of knowledge of the requirements of the furnace or a flagrant disregard of these conditions if they were known.”) In the following months [Walt and Roy] regularly visited their mother’s grave site, but Walt never spoke of her death to anyone thereafter. When, years later, [One of Walt’s (adopted) daughter] Sharon asked him where her grandparents were buried, Walt snapped, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

I am so sick of hearing the “Urban Legend” that Disney killed off the moms in the movies because Walt felt responsible for his own mom’s death.  First of all, the motherless pattern was well established BEFORE the death of Flora, his mom, who died in 1938  with Snow White already out and Bambi and Pinocchio the making.  Most of the stories available for Walt Disney and his company to adapted had parentless children except in some  cases for a stepmother (Snow White, Cinderella) or an animal subsiute (Tarzan and Jungle Book). In the time  the fairy tales were first told, children were mostly motherless since they (the moms) usually died of childbirth/illness  I mean whats the point of a coming-of-age-story if the REAL  mom was actually there? There WOULD be no story.

Peter Pan‘s Lost Boys AREN’T orphans just because they “don’t remember”  their moms doesn’t mean they are orphans.  Since according to the real Peter Pan the Lost Boys fell out of their prams and when no one claimed them  they were sent off to Neverland.  As for Peter Pan himself? He ran away from home. You guys remember Mary Poppins? How often did Jane and Michel see their parents? Only for a short time in the morning and night. The rest of the time they’re with a Nanny. Oh and according to Peter Pan Wendy, John and Michael Darling did start forgetting their parents.. but in the first I said before..if you grew up only seeing your parents and spending time with only employed help (Katie Nanny) you probably wouldn’t remember your parents either.

In the original J.M. Barrie  Peter Pan, Mr. and Mrs. Darling adopts them–the “lost boys”. Techinally the whole plot of Peter Pan (which was actually  called oringally Peter Pan and Wendy)  is about moms in the first place.



Alice in  Wonderland: Alice doesn’t HAVE A STEP-MOM-where in the world do people get that idea? She has a SISTER who’s the only other character seen at the start/ending of the movie/book!!! But in the books I think she has mom (but who isn’t seen–if I remember correctly all of the animals in Wonderland (after the tear sequence) is suppose to represent people who were on the outing and one was the REAL Alice’ mom.

Sword in the Stone (spoiler) the so-called FATHER, Sir  Ector, in this movie is a FOSTER father, NOT his birth-father.  Merlin took Arthur as a baby to Sir Ector’s place. So not related. (Arthur’s REAL dad is the king who died).

Dumbo  HIS mom DOES NOT DIE!!! She is alive at the END of the movie.

Chronicles of Narnia: The kids DO have a mother. She’s right there at the beginning of the silly movie!!! But like Peter Pan the action takes place away from home.

The Lion King: Simba has a mother WHO DOES NOT DIE–Sarbi. We see Sarbi in 3-4  sequences: opening, “Your son wants you” sequence,  the “bath” sequence,  and when Scar calls her.

Sleeping Beauty–Auroa DOES have a mother but she grows up in a household of what she believes are AUNTS but in reality are fairies.

Cinderella–well it depends on what version your read (the Egyptian story the Cinderella character was an orphan and didn’t even have a step-mom/sisters but instead fellow slaves who taunted her because she was “fair-skin” slave from Greece). Another version has a step-mom but the dad is too enchanted by her that he doesn’t noticed how his daughter is being treated.

In short I think people have way too much time on there hands for both this and the racism and any goofs in such movies.

In connection with the above topic think about how many superheros been orphaned?



Spider-man (2x)

Lets take a look at some other non-fairytales:

Wizard of Oz (orphan, raised by extend family)

Oliver Twist (orphan until meets his grandpa) and other Charles Dickens novels except for Nicholas Nickerby

STAR WARS (main characters orphans)

A Series Of Unfortunate Events (main characters-orphans+many others)

Lord of the Rings

and how could we forgot this series?:


Could you imagine  ANY of these stories with a mom?

OK take Ron’s mom in the 7th book constantly breathing down the trio’s necks until the wedding got crashed. That’s what all these stories would be like which would equal=no story.

Since if a mom was there for Belle,  she would have gone with the dad and the dad would have never gotten lost. If Ariel had a mom she probably wouldn’t be forbidden to go to the surface (guessing) . There would be no CINDERELLA since she gets her name from doing  jobs and sleeping beside the Cinders of  the fireplace, if her mom was there (or father in the gender-reversed version). Nor would there be Snow White if the mom was living.  Not to mention that all 3 of these people would have to have an arranged marriage if the parent(s) were still living.

There would be no PETER PAN if he had stayed with his family (and maybe no Lost Boys either?).Dorthy would never have been blown away by a Tornado if she been living with parents (guessing-we don’t know where her parents live originally). Superman would still be living on Krypton   if his parents were alive hence no “A bird, no a plane, its SUPERMAN!!!” Spider man’s aunt&uncle wouldn’t have been killed  if he had been living with his parents. If Oliver even HAD a mom 1) he wouldn’t have run away and fall into the Fagin’s/the Artful Doger’s gang. and 3) nothing would have ever been done with the Poor Law and the “poor houses” of the 1800s. There would be no Jungle Book or Tarzan if the Mowgli&Tarzan’s parents had lived.

Tom Canty in the verisons  of the Prince and the Pauper (I read/heard–((Wishbone)) .) he isn’t an orphan. Edward is a half-orphan though. His mom died when he was just a day old.]

Would you rather have you kids watch Cinderella’s step-sisters cutting off parts of their feet to fool the prince and then later get blinded by Cinderella’s bird friends?  Watch Snow White’s step-mother fail TWICE in trying to make her (Snow White) dead or watch the step-mother dance around in hot-iron shoes till (the Queen)’dead? (Just be glad in Disney’s version that Snow White is 14-in the original she’s seven).  Would you rather  watch Pinocchio hanged (at the end)  and Jimmy Cricket squashed within first 10 mins of the movie?  Lion King since its based on Hamlet, would you want everyone to die in that movie?

If you have a big deal about it . Go make a time machine and go talk to the authors of the fairytales (who just adapted it from their homeland(s). Than if you surive those times without getting married again. Come back in 20 years.

Disneyville High School Story

February 10, 2010

Disclaimer: I don’t own any Disney characters or the name Fiona (from A CINDERELLA Story) Also I used the name Anastasia from Disney’s Cinderella but with the old fashion 2nd stepsister (who is kinder then the other)

Chapter 1 First day of school and English class

One day last week a new girl came to the Disneyville High School. Her name is Cindy. She and her step family had just moved to Orlando from Disney Town California. Her dad died in a fire to get Cindy’s stepmother (Fiona Tremaine ) and stepsisters (Drizella and Anastasia) out in their old town. She is redish-blond hair blue eyed, and attractive looking girl.
Ms Porter, a young woman with brown hair and blue eyes, asked ” Is there an Ella Tremaine here?

Cindy raised her hand “I prefer Cindy to Ella, Ms. Porter.”

A blond hair who has brown eyeed said “Hi Cindy, I’m Rose”

A brown-hair, brown eyed boy next to Rose said “Technically her name is Aurora, but she rather goes by Rose. I am Philip” Bu-BOOM!  Two girls, a blue-hair girl and dark hair, both very skinny girls came in. Ms. Porter: “Who are you two?”

Cindy stood up and said: “Ms. Porter, they are my stepsisters Drizella is the dark hair one and Anastasia is the blue hair one.”

Ms. Porter: “Thank you, Cindy. Drizella and Anastasia you are five minutes late for class. I will give you an exception this once since you two like your stepsister being new but don’t let it happen again.”

Anastasia and Drizella said together: “Yes Ms. Porter”

Ms. Porter: You two can go sit down now” She started taking to the class “This semester I will be teaching you English and Literature. Our first story will be Treasure Island but first there will be a test tomorrow on spelling and grammar” The class groaned. Ms. Porter continues “ but I will let you have the rest of the period free to yourselves.”


Philip asked Cindy “What do you have next period?” Cindy Replied “I have Science” Philip said “Who with?”
Cindy: “Mr. Magic”

Rose  and Philip shuddered and Rose  stated: “He is the most hated teacher at the school. Mr. Magic is also very scary and mysterious. There’s a rumor going around that someone likes him. Also, when he not around there even a more scary sub.”

Philip inquired“Why do you have that name Cindy?”

Cindy answered: “Its Anastasia’s name for me not what my stepmother, Fiona or Drizella calls me ‘Cinderella’ of the two stepsisters Anastasia is the kinder one. Even through I don’t clean out fireplaces like my past counterparts hence the name CINDERella. But I do other jobs like washing and cooking, etc.”

Rose butted in and asked “Why doesn’t you dad tell them to knock it off? Cindy cried “I (sob) no(sob)longer(sob)have (sob)a (sob)dad. He(sob)died (sob)in (sob)a (sob)fire(sob)to get(sob)Fiona,.(sob)Drizella(sob) and (sob)Anastasia (sob)out.”

The Philip and Rose said “I’m sorry”, while Rose handed a Kleenex

Cindy replied “You didn’t know”

Rose stated “Why don’t you sit with us at lunch? We can introduce you to the others.” Cindy agreed: “Sure I would like to sit with you guys” She thought about the future and thought This is a wonderful start to new friends. She heard the bell and went to her next class.


February 9, 2010

Have you have read Jane Eye, Oliver Twist,  Nicholas Nickbely or another nasty boarding school/orphanage classical stories ?  If you have these real-life “schools” the Aboriginals were sent too were as much as horrible as the classical boarding schools! kids were taking away from the familes at young as age 4, and were not allowed to talk, with other Aborignals  or if they have siblings at the same school,  not able to do anything with them (including talking) Note: the following information is given to me by my mom , who knew someone who expericened a school first-handed.

Each Christmas, each Aboringal child who could read (and those who couldn’t too)  was  given a book and the children who were able to read rotated thir e books around so that all the children who could read, all the books avabile (they had to learn how to read on their own).   The aborignal  boys were forced to go out and do farm work while the  girls were forced on learning how to do laundy and sewing.  Only 4 days of each 12 months were they allowed to be in a class and “learn”  (How much did you think they learned in four days of every month in a year? ).

They were allowed to go outside into the wired area ” playground”  and there was nothing to play with so they were forced to walkaround in circles (like Jane Eyre boarding school) and years later you still were able to see the impressions on the ground wore in.

For this woman, the worst part was loneliness because she wasn’t able to have any contact with her sister at all.

Luckily this woman and her sister’s parents came and got them.

Many others didn’t see their parents for 10 years after leaving them. And could not any longer communicate with them or with grandparents.

The white people were trying to “kill the Aboriginal in the child “.