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Bullying — A Survior’s Story One Who Had to Fight Back

February 27, 2010

I am someone who had to deal with bullying  all through elematary school.  It got pretty bad in Gr. 7 and Gr. 8. It got so bad I had to fight back.   The bullies did these things to me:  trip me on purpose, once held the doorknob of the classroom door when I was trying to get out and then suddenly let go and I fell on my butt hard, hid my waterbottle(s) I mean I must have had 6 or 7 bottles per season because they did stuff with it (I think one of my watterbottles might still be in that same tree  7/8 years later after playing an unfair game of “Monkey in the Middle” on my way home from school) . The one other thing they did which is not important to me now as it was then was they switch my fave coloured chair with one I didn’t like. Not to mention conk me on the head with a ball  on purpose when I didn’t particapate in gym (which was all the time).   I was the only student in the class who got picked on and the teachers never believed me and made up excuses like “Oh he didn’t mean to trip you. His legs are too long.”  when I  actually knew better. How could a person  like me trust adults when they do stuff like that? I had 0 real friends at school my only real friend was someone I saw once a week at church because  we went to a different schools till we went to high school and my so-called “friends” lived in different parts of the town (there had been  only one friend I could have walked to school with but that was only from JK-  the end of Gr.4-she moved then).  So walking with a friend to school was out of  question.  There were no counslers in my school not till highscool.  So see how my only course of action was fighting back?