Disneyville High School Story

Disclaimer: I don’t own any Disney characters or the name Fiona (from A CINDERELLA Story) Also I used the name Anastasia from Disney’s Cinderella but with the old fashion 2nd stepsister (who is kinder then the other)

Chapter 1 First day of school and English class

One day last week a new girl came to the Disneyville High School. Her name is Cindy. She and her step family had just moved to Orlando from Disney Town California. Her dad died in a fire to get Cindy’s stepmother (Fiona Tremaine ) and stepsisters (Drizella and Anastasia) out in their old town. She is redish-blond hair blue eyed, and attractive looking girl.
Ms Porter, a young woman with brown hair and blue eyes, asked ” Is there an Ella Tremaine here?

Cindy raised her hand “I prefer Cindy to Ella, Ms. Porter.”

A blond hair who has brown eyeed said “Hi Cindy, I’m Rose”

A brown-hair, brown eyed boy next to Rose said “Technically her name is Aurora, but she rather goes by Rose. I am Philip” Bu-BOOM!  Two girls, a blue-hair girl and dark hair, both very skinny girls came in. Ms. Porter: “Who are you two?”

Cindy stood up and said: “Ms. Porter, they are my stepsisters Drizella is the dark hair one and Anastasia is the blue hair one.”

Ms. Porter: “Thank you, Cindy. Drizella and Anastasia you are five minutes late for class. I will give you an exception this once since you two like your stepsister being new but don’t let it happen again.”

Anastasia and Drizella said together: “Yes Ms. Porter”

Ms. Porter: You two can go sit down now” She started taking to the class “This semester I will be teaching you English and Literature. Our first story will be Treasure Island but first there will be a test tomorrow on spelling and grammar” The class groaned. Ms. Porter continues “ but I will let you have the rest of the period free to yourselves.”


Philip asked Cindy “What do you have next period?” Cindy Replied “I have Science” Philip said “Who with?”
Cindy: “Mr. Magic”

Rose  and Philip shuddered and Rose  stated: “He is the most hated teacher at the school. Mr. Magic is also very scary and mysterious. There’s a rumor going around that someone likes him. Also, when he not around there even a more scary sub.”

Philip inquired“Why do you have that name Cindy?”

Cindy answered: “Its Anastasia’s name for me not what my stepmother, Fiona or Drizella calls me ‘Cinderella’ of the two stepsisters Anastasia is the kinder one. Even through I don’t clean out fireplaces like my past counterparts hence the name CINDERella. But I do other jobs like washing and cooking, etc.”

Rose butted in and asked “Why doesn’t you dad tell them to knock it off? Cindy cried “I (sob) no(sob)longer(sob)have (sob)a (sob)dad. He(sob)died (sob)in (sob)a (sob)fire(sob)to get(sob)Fiona,.(sob)Drizella(sob) and (sob)Anastasia (sob)out.”

The Philip and Rose said “I’m sorry”, while Rose handed a Kleenex

Cindy replied “You didn’t know”

Rose stated “Why don’t you sit with us at lunch? We can introduce you to the others.” Cindy agreed: “Sure I would like to sit with you guys” She thought about the future and thought This is a wonderful start to new friends. She heard the bell and went to her next class.


2 Responses to “Disneyville High School Story”

  1. celoptra Says:

    If you have any comments/ improvements please leave them here and not as MSAJ.

  2. Deb Says:

    Its a very good story

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