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August 7, 2019

As some of you know there WAS talk last year  (2018) about disabilities coming to the Sims (maybe not sims 4 but maybe a future sims game) but nothing since Sept 2018.  There are two things I absolutely  hate people  *BACON*  saying.  Both are on the same 10 scale as annoying but I will put the titular one first

  1. MODDERS/CC creators  CAN NOT CREATE WORKABLE WHEELCHAIRS.  Due to codes for wheels of ANY kind or not in the game its not possible for modders/CC creators  to make WORKABLE wheelchairs  all CC creators can do is clone a chair and add wheels somehow to do it.   I only say this because I’m literally *BACON* sick of people pushing the *BACON* idea of using *BACON* CC to represent DISABILITIES down people’s throats!!! Since either a)Sims team have to include a workable wheelchair themselves or b)add the CODE to the game so CC creators/modders can make workable wheelchairs instead.

2. FREE DISABILITY PACK WILL ONLY INCLUDE A  STATIONARY WHEELCHAIR.  According to Grant Roderick(?) post from last year  he was quoted on twitter saying in repsone to another simmer’s tweet about the disabled pack cost that “they wouldn’t charge us anything for it”.  Someone or someones claim that such a “free” pack would only have a stationary wheelchair and other “for story purposes”…

I mean would they (Sims team)  really want us “differently abled” SIMMERS to talk to them to give them ideas of how to do (what makes us differently able) if all they’re planning on giving us is a “for story purposes” stationary wheelchair?  Considering what they have or mentioned:

  • ideas for Simlish Sign language
  • stairs turn into a ramp (for when differently able people can visit their able friends in stair houses)
  • all age  can use the wheelchairs (unlike the Sims 3 canes for instance). —-The key word is “use” since you can’t exactly  have a sim “use” a CC wheelchair except for stories… but I think the word “use” means movable (either by a sim pushing it or by a sim  in it wheeling it across a room.
  • mental health not being a trait
  • they literally mentioned tackling a problem by talking to simmers who are “differently abled” chairwise


The only thing the ONE person who was talking about the topic  didn’t answer was if “workplaces accidents” or “sims being born with disabilities”  was going to be a “thing”. He kept mum on that much like he does when you know he can’t talk about packs.  Most disabled simmers who DO want disabilities in the game – what they want  want is the option in  CAS to create disabled sims..not for sims to be born disabled or to get into workplace accidents (BTW how could you get in a work place accident in a rabbit hole Business, Tech Gru career, or a Writing career? Don’t know about Painting-make one’s arm?)


Mares Nest you can make fun of the fact it took me awhile to open up about my “Differently- abled” issues if you come across this which you will probably do.