Ptolemy Legacy Gen 1. part 3

Hi I, Celo is back.

George and I talked for a bit all morning Saturday until I could ask him to move into my home as a roommate, not as a husband. Since we are not dating or married we thought it would be best for us to have two bedrooms.



This is the outside of it:


Our first night as roomies at supper for some reason George was thinking about babies at supper time. “He wants to marry me  already? We haven’t had our first date yet!!”


[its the author technically I took the pic a bit too late since there should be a thought bubble over George’s head showing shoes).

This was our first date we went to a movie and the fast-food restaurant for supper before doing a date and coming here.


George and I then played Shuffleboard till the Club’s closing time


The next day after I went to work I called George’s boss for a date ‘How ironic the two men compatible with my sign Virgo. are both policemen!! and they both are single too’


we went to the movies and then had supper at the Bistro (I really need to remember to get another dress!!) but the date was great!!!)





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