Ptomley Legacy Gen 1: Chapter 7

I went to the libarary to study so I could get a promotion when I’m back at work — I  really wish we could check out books from this libarary-it sucks I have to leave my wee one at home w/ a baby-sitter and the bookstore’s prices are too expensive for me.

Trying to take care of little Chirstina is hard work that we just decided to call a baby-sitter well Hank or is it Hal?  “Its Hal!!”  and I try to get some shut-eye.

I went back to work for a couple of days and I’m a trauma surgeon (yahoo!! almost too dream job!!) now (I also got promoted again to the next level)

Hal and I went on a couple of  dates since we been busy with work and taking care of little Chirstina.

I think I might be pregnant again

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