Potemly Legacy Gen 1 Chap 5

When Hal and I woke up the next day we discovered that my head was on his pillow!!

After some breakfast I told Hal “We need to talk”. Hal  looked very worried: “Did I do something wrong?”. “No” I answered.

We then moved into the so-called “living” room and Hal sat on the Couch and I sat on the chair. I started talking:

“Hal when we started having kids- I will name the first kid, and you can name the next,etc. You understand”  Hal nodded. “Most of our kids MUST be daughters..we can have boys..but its a law of the dream I told  you about.” Hal “You mean the one about moving here to start a legacy?” “Yes” I replied.

I then continue: “When our  daughters  are teens, we will hold a house party for them, in my creator’s mind, its a debutante ball. Is that alright with you Hal?”

Hal “you’re the  head of this family not me. But its fine with me anyway.”


The next day after work Hal and I ate out at  the KFC dinner to celebrate our promotions!!:


this is my new uniform (I’m finally a doctor YES!):


The Next night  Hal and I went to Ramses Church &youth lounge bar

The next night we “Try for Baby”

Will she get  “in the family way” ?





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