Like I have mentioned in my titled I hate being conflicted. It just I feel I need to try to get experience in a customer service job at either a restaurant, or a store–BUT, my parents don’t think I can handle those kind of jobs. It just I’m worried about how am I suppose to deal with a jerk customer when I get a office job for real, when I don’t know how to deal with them because of no experience? I bet I would just rage at them and be fired.  I also feel like my parents need to wake up and see that I’m trying hard to be an adult, but its hard to do when they don’t let me have free-range/free-will to do something like let me doing something which I think is important.

I feel like I need to talk to a conselur about my problems and how my parents still treat me like I’m a child in some respects. I know I shouldn’t be ranting on my blog it just I have no other choice. Since I can’t do it on FB every since I friended my sister.







  1. jimmysnan Says:

    It’s very hard to be a parent, we think we know everything that is best for our kids, we also do not want to see our kids hurt, but we stifle them when we feel they will have a bad experience. It is hard to learn that by having experiences good or bad, that we learn from them and that is the only way we have learned lasting lessons. If or when you are a parent you will feel this. Remember they are treating you this way out of love, they love you a lot and want what they think is best for you. Have you tried talking to them about treating you like a child and getting their feedback as to why they continue to do this? learning customer relations will be taught in a good secretarial school, so if you really want to be a secretary you will most likely attend a college that teaches business etiquette, and you will learn what to do there. It is admirable that you want to do this now, as the more experience you get the better it will be, but, your parents want something more for you or to shield you from hurt or disappointment. They will not be around forever, so give them the respect that they deserve now and find a way to learn it a little later. That’s just my take on this. Jodi

    • celoptra Says:

      Dear Jodi, I did attend community college but because I failed Transcription class three times, I couldn’t go onto 2nd year so I ended up with a certificate in Office Technologically Administration instead of the degree I should have gotten. (I couldn’t even gotten a certificate in the main program without passing Transcription class) I have tried to take to my parents but mom (who is my main problem) doesn’t want to listen. Yes I do have an ‘assortment of issues’ which is one of the reasons why my parents treat me like a child..

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