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Once Upon a Time esposide 15 Queen is Dead (Spoilers!) Henry’s dad

March 4, 2013

For those who don’t know the TV show here’s a recap of it:

In a land of magic, princesses, fairies and witches, an Evil Queen places a spell that freezes time and transports all the inhabitants of the fairytale world into Storybrooke, a town in the modern day USA. They cannot remember anything of their past lives and the Evil Queen now known as Regina is running the town and its inhabitants as the Mayor. The only one who knows the truth is Regina’s adopted son Henry due to his book of fairytale stories. In order to make things right Henry manages to track down his birth mother Emma who is living in Boston and convinces her stay with him in Storybrooke. For Emma is in fact the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and is the only one who can break the spell. Now as the fairytale stories begin to unfold in the real world and Emma slowly begins to believe Henry’s claims, tensions between Regina and Emma rise. This rivalry develops and Emma becomes determined to stop Regina as well as build on her budding relationship with her mother (who is now Henry’s good hearted school teacher) and the son she abandoned ten years ago.

Week before the Oscars OUAT fans discover that Henry’s (Emma’s son)  father and Mr.Gold’s son are one and the same person. Well due to tonight’s epsoide Hook is in NYC and we discovered that Neal has meet Hook before. Because something happens to Mr.Gold because of Hook. Emma, Neal, Henry, &Mr. Gold need to “borrow’ the Jolly Roger from Hook. When Emma thinks the only person who can ..steer the ship is Hook, Neal says “I can”. That makes me think 100% that Neal is Peter Pan. Since in BOTH the book and the Disney movie Peter Pan flys the Darling Children and the former Lost Boys to the Darling’s home via Hook’s ship. I can rule out Neal being a member of Hook’s crew since if that was the case wouldn’t he 1)seen his mom be murdered by his dad in the episode The Crocodile  2)In the same episode his mom would know that Mr.Gold (Rumple) was lying about Bae being dead and yet she doesn’t. 3)According to the book, time stops in Neverland when Peter’s away (like listening to the Darlings’ or whatever family he has a interest in stories).

Maybe Bae brought magic to Neverland accidently?

Modern Day Werewolves

November 17, 2012

Due to events in the TV show Once Upon a Time on November 12  I will write a blog about my thoughts about werewolves.  For those of you who don’t what  Once Upon a Time is here a summary for you: Centers on a woman with a troubled past who is drawn into a small town in Maine where the magic and mystery of Fairy Tales just may be real.

Warning Do NOT READ THIS ARTICLE UNTIL YOU HAVE SEEN “Child of the Moon” Episode (and for that matter “Red-Handed” from Season 1 too)

I like the way that good charries werewolves are portrayed in today’s stories. For example Lupin from Harry Potter and Red from Once Upon a Time. I like the way that the werewolf is a disabltiy rather than an illness and Lupin and Red (eventually) accept the werewolf side of them as part of them because of help from friends  James, Sirius or in Red’s case, Snow.

I say that being a werewolf is the same as having a disabltiy because in Harry Potter. Lupin can’t get a job easily because of what he is. That seems to be very similar to those of us in real life who are disabled can’t get jobs because of misconceptions about disabled for instance “hiring a disabled person will cost too much” when the truth is the excat opposite.

Yes in both cases Lupin and Red’s worlds there are fellow werewolves who have shunned wizards or humans to live as a pack on their own and have a hatred for humans/wizards.

What kind of a stupid video (even if it is for fun) is this “How to Make A Guy Like You”?

October 20, 2012

I think that number 20 and 18 don’t count for much. Number 20 is “Make sure he knows you look good in anything.” Only problem with that? Is Prince Charming NEVER sees Cinderella in her servant’s outfit at ALL or not that we are are aware. Probably when Duke and her  got back to the palace he insist Cinderella get cleaned up and then showed her to the Prince.   Prince F (Snow’s Prince) saw Snow in her rags, Prince Philp saw Aurora (even if he didn’t know it was Aurora) in her peasant’s outfit. Aladdin (who isn’t a prince, a hero) saw Jasmine in the disguised she had to run away from her home. Prince Eric saw Ariel in the sail, in four (?) different outfits. Prince Adam (The Beast) saw Belle in: Village wear, and two regular dresses and one super-duper fancy dress.

Number 18 “Make the man jealous” The first picture they show? Is of Snow White kissing Dopey. Um hello how will that make the man jealous when the Prince isn’t any AROUND. Then it showed Jasmine kissing Jafar. Jasmine wasn’t doing it to make Aladdin jealous she did it as a distraction to let Aladdin get to the lamp..but it backfired on her since Jafar saw Aladdin in the crown he made for her.


Number 16 Act Scared of Him  Of course Snow White and Aurora would be scared of the Princes. I mean you would be too if you were singing and a man’s voice cut into the song and into you’re dance.  The last one for this one is Belle I mean hey you’re in a Gothic castle and this mutli-animal character is scary. You would be scared too right?

Number 15 Rush into it. The 2nd scene shown is Ariel and Prince Eric’s kiss. I’m thinking hey Ariel&Prince Eric *did* spend THREE WHOLE DAYS together!

Number 14)Pretend you want him even if he wasn’t a prince. The first scene shown? is Aladdin. Jasmine never wanted to marry  as Jasmine stated “A stuffed up over-dressed buffoon” Prince. She actually DOES want Aladdin to just “BEE himself” to be Aladdin.