Disabled Sims and one Lousy excuse that Almost ALWAYS COMES UP.

I am in support of disabled sims and I feel the one excuse that people make is extermley LOUSY.  The Excuse simmers make is that “A disabled person could sue EA for making Disabled sims because some people might set the sims on fire and then upload the video to youtube.” .  Here’s what    lisasc360 said “How would you like to see a video on youtube of somebody torturing a sim that is disabled?

I ask that question because people make sims of people they don’t like or are mad at and torture them and sometimes watch them die. Some even make movies and stories about it. So imagine somebody making a sim that is disabled and doing the same thing that they do with their other sims.

Say for example, somebody goes to school with someone that is disabled and they don’t like that person and poke fun at them. That person would come home a make a sim of the disabled person making them look as close to the real person as possible. So then they go about inviting that sim over to their house and put a fence/walls up around them with no way out. Then that person then proceeds to set fire to the room or allow that sim to die of starvation and then make a movie about it and put it on youtube.

Just imagine the uproar people would have when they see a disabled sim being tortured. And yes I know that this is just a game but just imagine what would happen next. They would be reporting the video and would want youtube to pull the video off of their site. Then if that person that the video is about sees it and shows their parents what somebody did, the parents are gonna to want to know who did it so they can sue the parents of that person and then sue EA for putting in disabilities which would allow people to make disabled sims.

Get what I’m saying?

This is just food for thought.

Is this something you are risk having in the game for the possibility to have what I just stated earlier in this post to happen in somebody’s game and for EA to get sued over something like this? ”

If that was the case there wouldn’t be any black, yellow, tan, skin colours, no option of being gay or no females, children and even NO SUPERNATURALS  in the game for the *same* reason. Since it would *Offend* someone. How about this? There might be *SOME* disabled people or people who lived with Disabled people who are offended by the fact Disabled Sims aren’t even included in the game in the freaking first place! It like they don’t exist.

I mean in stories (with the exception of Harry Potter–but i will get to that in a second) the disabled person is only  temporary disabled (Ie. Colin from The Secret Garden  or Clara from Hedi) if the person isn’t  temporary disabled they are most likely to be the villain of the story (ie. Caption Hook from Peter Pan or Long John Sliver from Treasure Island ). The only exception to this rule are two characters in Harry Potter ,  Remus Lupin (I identify the werewolf problem as more of a problem then being disabled  then as someone having AIDS) and Mad Eye Moody.

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