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All Disney Princesses have something postive about them! Part 1

May 5, 2013

I hate that people say all the Princesses have nothing postive about them (especially the older ones).  So this article is going to do in the order of the movie release of their respective movie.

Snow White (1937)

Snow White is kind, gentle, and also optimistic  Snow is not wishing for a man at the beginning of the movie according to enlightened princesses’ blog. She is just wishing that someone would treat her nicely since ever since the death of her father when she was somewhere between the ages of 4-6 (and she’s 14 in the movie), she like Cinderella after her, had to become a servant in her own castle.  Snow had to run away since with her still alive, she will always be in danger when the Queen was still alive too.  Snow was motherly to the dwarves. I mean she cooked and clean in exchange for a place to stay-I mean what else could she have done? Work in the main where she would have just gotten in the way and be called a lazy ass?  So what if she was bossy, who would want slobs at a table?   Yes she did sing later about the prince, but hey like I said before, as long as she and the Queen are both still alive, Snow is always in danger so the only way for her to get out of danger is to go to another kingdom (like the Prince’s) to be able to have her ‘Happily Ever After” . Even in the OUAT (2012) TV show, even though Snow’s a bad-ass, even in modern day (where almost all Storybook charries are) Snow and her family are in danger every second because of Regina’s latest thing.  Yes she was a DID (Damsel in Distress) after she ate the apple, but what do you expect, she was under a SPELL.

Cinderella (1950)

Cinderella like Snow before here has been wishing for someone to treat her nicely, after years of  being abused and humliated in her own home. I mean seriously, there are no women’s shelters, abuse hotlines,etc back in those days. So staying put was a better situation (and got her a higher one) then if she had just ran away earlier. Unlike Snow White, you can tell she has years of pent-up anger with the step-family. For instance she might have hit the cat if the invitation hadn’t arrive. Also didn’t you see her smirk when she  has the invitation and says “Maybe I will interrupt?” since she knows her step-sisters are terribly non-musical. Cinderella also stood up to her step-mother, when she reminded Lady Tremaine, that herself,  Ella, was an unmarried women and so was invited to the ball.  Also didn’t you see her pleasure, when she got the glass slipper out of her pocket  Why doesn’t she yell her head off when the duke is in the house?  How about for two reasons, 1)her bedroom is in a tower attic.. so the Duke would have 20/20 chance of hearing her so not a lot of change. 2)If the movie shows correctly her room, faces the the only ‘person’ who would hear her would be Major the horse. I mean when Ella realize the Prince wouldn’t come, she went and got him instead.

I suggest people watch the live-action “Ever After” if they want to see one way Ella’s life could have been a lot worse.

Sleeping Beauty

Despite the fact she gets very little screen time in the movie. While yes she’s the title character, but the whole movie is actually about  the conflict around her/about her? She still does have a personality. Like her predecessors she has the ability to talk to animals (even though like Snow White, they don’t answer back) and she actually does chores for her ‘aunts’ (gathering berries). Besides she made sure Prince Phillip was the prince of her dreams.  I mean most of the stuff she didn’t have any role over. Aurora like the other “Sleeping” princess, Snow White,  is a princesses by birth.  I mean did she run off with her dream prince after finding out she’s a princesses? No she doesn’t, she goes back to her home castle to due the duty toward her future subjects. That’s saying something. Also most girls would love to be princesses, right? Well us viewers see her crying twice, when she finds out that she’s a princess and is not allowed to see her ‘dream man’ and also when she gets the tiara from the fairies. When she was under the trance, she did break out of it for a moment when the good faries were calling her name. So it not like she was 100% in trance.

What kind of a stupid video (even if it is for fun) is this “How to Make A Guy Like You”?

October 20, 2012

I think that number 20 and 18 don’t count for much. Number 20 is “Make sure he knows you look good in anything.” Only problem with that? Is Prince Charming NEVER sees Cinderella in her servant’s outfit at ALL or not that we are are aware. Probably when Duke and her  got back to the palace he insist Cinderella get cleaned up and then showed her to the Prince.   Prince F (Snow’s Prince) saw Snow in her rags, Prince Philp saw Aurora (even if he didn’t know it was Aurora) in her peasant’s outfit. Aladdin (who isn’t a prince, a hero) saw Jasmine in the disguised she had to run away from her home. Prince Eric saw Ariel in the sail, in four (?) different outfits. Prince Adam (The Beast) saw Belle in: Village wear, and two regular dresses and one super-duper fancy dress.

Number 18 “Make the man jealous” The first picture they show? Is of Snow White kissing Dopey. Um hello how will that make the man jealous when the Prince isn’t any AROUND. Then it showed Jasmine kissing Jafar. Jasmine wasn’t doing it to make Aladdin jealous she did it as a distraction to let Aladdin get to the lamp..but it backfired on her since Jafar saw Aladdin in the crown he made for her.


Number 16 Act Scared of Him  Of course Snow White and Aurora would be scared of the Princes. I mean you would be too if you were singing and a man’s voice cut into the song and into you’re dance.  The last one for this one is Belle I mean hey you’re in a Gothic castle and this mutli-animal character is scary. You would be scared too right?

Number 15 Rush into it. The 2nd scene shown is Ariel and Prince Eric’s kiss. I’m thinking hey Ariel&Prince Eric *did* spend THREE WHOLE DAYS together!

Number 14)Pretend you want him even if he wasn’t a prince. The first scene shown? is Aladdin. Jasmine never wanted to marry  as Jasmine stated “A stuffed up over-dressed buffoon” Prince. She actually DOES want Aladdin to just “BEE himself” to be Aladdin.