Disney Villains crimes

Captian Hook  piracy, sailing under false colors, attempted murder, theft, kidnapping, child abuse, murder.

The Coachman:  kidnapping, child abuse, (I’m not counting providing booze to minors in this) .

Cruella De Ville   cruelty to animals, attemped murder, dognapping, wreckless driving,

Doctor Facilier conspiracy to commit murder, treason, kidnapping, fraud, attempted genocide

Edgar cruelty to animals, catnapping, trespassing, grand theft

The Evil Queen:  1st degree murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, negligence, fraud, resistance to arrest, tyranny

Gaston attempted murder, wrongful inprisonment, incitement to riot, breaking and entering, treason, kidnapping, assault and battery.

Governor Ratcliffe  attempted genocide, abuse of power, assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon, incitement to riot.

Hades  treason, abuse of power, attempted regicide/attempted fratricide,

Horned King   pignapping, kidnapping, grave desecration, attempted murder, theft, assault, treason, terrorism

Jafar kidnapping, abuse of power, attempted murder,  theft, treason

Judge Frollo   attempted genocide, manslaughter, abuse of power, attempted infanticide, attempted murder, police brutality, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, wrongful imprisonment, racial discrimination.

Lady Treamine  negligence, discrimination, destruction of royal property, treason.

Madame Medusa  kidnapping, endangering the welfare of a child, assault with a deadly weapon, communicating threats, theft, reckless driving.

 Maleficent   treason, attempted murder, trespassing, , kidnapping

Mother Gothel   treason, kidnapping, theft, murder, conspiracy, assault with a deadly weapon, wrongful imprisonment, communicating threats

Scar reason, regicide/fratricidtreason, kidnapping, theft, murder, conspiracy, assault with a deadly weapon, wrongful imprisonment, communicating threatse, attempted murder, assault and battery, child endangerment.

Shan Yu 

reason, mass murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, assault and battery, war crimes.

6 Responses to “Disney Villains crimes”

  1. enlightenedprincess Says:

    nice overview!

    • celoptra Says:

      a couple of them (Ie. Maleficent and Jafar) had crimes of terrorism and I’m thinking “what and when did they do crimes of terrorism?” and I think Jafar also had “fraud” underneath his and I’m like thinking “What?”

      • enlightenedprincess Says:

        I think fraud for Jafar might refer to his deal with Aladdin regarding the lamp and also to just.. everything he does in his position as Grand Vizier because he uses his snake-thing to manipulate the sultan through hypnosis. As for terrorism… since there is no common definition for that, I’d say it refers to Jafar trying to take over the reign of the kingdom through illegal acts? And Maleficent… well, she certainly spreads terror and fear in the kingdom.

      • celoptra Says:

        I only started writing this list because people thought Mother Gothel wasn’t evil. I mean what good person kidnaps anyone?

  2. enlightenedprincess Says:

    …and all of the other things you mentioned! And considering her motives for each of them… I have no idea how anybody could NOT see her as evil.

    • celoptra Says:

      A lot of (disney) vilians kidnap right?

      Maleficent, Madame Medusa, Captian Hook, Sykes (Oliver &Co), Professor Ratgin (of The Great Mouse Dective”) and there’s probably more that I can’t remember at the moment. And this isn’t the only thing that drives me nuts look at my post about “DISNEY DID NOT KILL OFF MOTHERS!”

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