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WHY? WHY? Show people did you chose a deliberate method of suicide?

June 17, 2017

Warning spoilers

I just finished reading the book 13 Reasons Why.  I haven’t seen the show and what I’m extremely ticked off  that the the show creators, including Gomez picked a deliberate method of suicide  (ie wrist-silting) and yet  in the book, right after/around Clay’s tape it’s stated in the book is she used pills so when her PARENTS found her they’ll think it was an ACCIDENT.  This is one of the two things they should have just left alone or done it as it been done in the book. I wonder if there might have been less copy-cat suicides if that had been done as well. The only thing is that Hannah should already be dead at the start of the story so watchers don’t have to actually see Hannah’s completing suicide only see Clay’s reaction to the tapes. Hannah should have only been seen in flashbacks.


WHY, WHY change Tony’s and Clay’s personalities?  they’re the only GOOD people in the story who had nothing to do with Hannah’ s suicide.  I mean Hannah leaves the SECOND SET OF TAPES  with Tony.  Clay taking pictures just for paypack isn’t in his character at ALL. WHY change the characters at all (and what were you thinking changing the name of Jennifer to Sherri)..

What is Normal Reallly?

May 5, 2012

What is normal excatly? There isn’t really any normal is there? Since some people are dark-skinned, some have fair skin, some have red hair, some have blond, some have brown. Some people are Jewish, some people are Muslims, some people are Christants, some people are Hindus. Some people are disabled, others aren’t or get disabled later on. Some people are in the 1% and the rest are in the 99%.

Really there isn’t any really normal now. Since if it were weren’t we all have like fair skin and blond and be able bodied and be of one certain faith and all be rich right?