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Murder at Murdoch Mystery Science Camp Chapter 4: Fala’s Behaviour

January 22, 2013

Chapter 4: Fala’s Behaviour?


I’m at the event and I’m have sneaked away from the actually event itself—John will be covering for me if anyone asks-and I’m in the suppose crime scene.

“Interesting” I said to myself “Someone has cleaned up here”

I found one drink mix package in the garbage can in the room  and before returning to the event I went downstairs to the kitchen and checked the fridge—ok-icebox- to see if the ketchup container was empty a bit. It wasn’t.


I’m back at the hotel and am telling the other people what I have heard. We hear Miss Katie go  down the hall to Room 520 and knocked fifteen times.

Suddenly Fala put her hand on her head and said “I have a headache I need to go”

Miss Katie went back into her own room and then we heard the footsteps of Miss Anne who went into Miss Katie’s room.

Miss Katie: “So what have you discovered?”

Miss Anne replied “I discovered that John Myth isn’t who he said to be. John Myth is a red head, but the root of his hair is brown. I have also  that the guy was shot with a rifle around sixteen feet.”

Miss Katie inquired “anything else?”

Miss Anne replied “Yes  the blood wasn’t real. It was a drink mix found with ketchup.”

My friends and I looked at each other “How does Anne know that?!” we thought

Miss Anne then said “Someone I know got the drink mix package but we couldn’t find the ketchup bottle which is half-empty.”

Miss Anne then returns to her room.

Jennifer said “Am I the only one who thinks Fala and Anne are maybe the same person?”

I retorted “That’s ridiculous they look nothing alike!”

Lucy added “But it is odd isn’t it that Fala acts not well shortly before Anne re-appears?”

Fala arrives before I can answer and says “I heard Anne go past my door what did I miss?”

I gave the others a very sharp look which said “See? Fala isn’t Anne”

We then gave her up-to-date information about what we had overheard.”

I said “Why do I feel there is going to be another murder tonight?”

Miss Katie knocked on our door and said “Its time to get ready for bed lights out at ten!”






Murder at Murdoch Mystery Science Camp: Chapter 3: Raspberry Ice

January 22, 2013

May 20th


We are hanging around our rooms and reading or in Fala’s case drawing. Jennifer gets up to get herself a big drink of something—her parents insist she has a big bottle of something every day-and she has a lot of drink mix packages in her bag.

I was reading when Jennifer came back out and shouted “I HATE THIS RASPBERRY ICE!”

Still reading I inquired, “Why?”

Jennifer replied “Because it stains like fresh blood-and its only thinly stains.”

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Jennifer who showed us her fingers which were thinly stained with the drink mix. We checked the bathroom and the counter in there were also stained thinly of course with the drink mix.

Fala said “That’s it! That’s what was fishy about the room. The so-called blood in the study is Raspberry Ice mix that is mixed with some ketchup.”

I checked the time “There is a couple’s social event which is happening tonight at 5:30.”

Lucy interjected “But none of us have a other person to attend with”

I said “I do. John Pare is my long-time boyfriend and he can take me to the event. He too is here at camp.”

Murder at Murdoch Science Camp: Chapter 2: The Fishy Room

January 22, 2013

May 17, 2013


We are hanging around the hotel room there nothing happening really today. We hear footsteps outside which goes to the second-in-command’s Miss Katie’s room.

We hear a woman’s voice shouting “WHY IS THERE ANOTHER BODY IN MY FRIEND’S MANOR HOUSE?!”

Fala “ugg I’m not feeling so well” and just after she left we looked around and saw some vomit nearby where Fala had been. We then hear a door open down the hall-520 I believe and the footsteps go into Miss Katie’s room.

We then hear Anne’s voice “What is it?”

Miss Katie: “Miss Anne this is Wendy Barrie, she was at her friend’s manor—one of the ones we have rented for the events of the science camp. She says she found another body in the study of her friend’s manor house and she believes it’s another one of our fake cases”

Anne said “There are two problems with that. One is that the only time 402 Pumpkin Lane is used for a mystery case it was just week’s case and two, the science camp’s mysteries start on Mondays only.”

Miss Barrie “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!” and Miss Barrie slammed the door on her way out.

Miss Anne said “How do we prove this doesn’t have anything to do with us?”

Miss Katie replied “I know you want to be a detective Anne. But remember how dangerous it is in stories? Also your previous cases?”

Miss Anne says something we can’t hear and then Anne returns to room 520 and then Fala returns to my room and says “I will be cleaning up this vomit of mine.”


We—and yes that does include Fala—we convinced Miss Katie to let us come here are at the site of the murder scene 402 Pumpkin Lane. The house is a very old fashion house and on an actor’s left there is a tower. We are in the study at the top of the tower. The victim is a young male red head, his name is Mr. John Myth, he is faced down and there was blood going towards the west window.

Fala said “There’s something fishy about this room”

I asked “What’s fishy about it?”

Fala replied “I don’t know”

I then said “We need to question the witnesses. But the question is will they talk to us since we aren’t real detectives?”


I asked “Who do we have as suspects/witnesses?”

Jennifer-who had been hanging around in mine and Lucy’s room when “Miss Barrie” showed up said “There is the victim’s elderly mother Mrs. Myth, Miss Myth the victim’s sister, and two of her friends, one who sounded like Miss Barrie. Then there is the maid, Clara, the Butler, Hobbes, and the footman Yori.”

Lucy then added “But they all claim to have been asleep and didn’t hear anything”

March 18th


We have just finished the fake work for today and have just come from the real morgue. Fala catches up to us..She stayed behind for unknown reasons and she said “Guess what?”

I said “What?”

Fala replied “John Myth isn’t a red head like we thought he was..he was originally had brown hair”

Murder at Murdoch Science Camp: Chapter 1: Mysterious Camper

January 21, 2013

Hello campers.  Welcome to the Murdoch Mysteries Science Camp” a red hair woman dressed in Victorian dress, yet again we all were dressed in Victorian dress, it was well the point of the science camp, the woman said we were suppose to call her Miss Anne and that she was the boss.

May 4, 2013


I’m getting ahead of myself, my name is Ashley Fritz, I’m attending a camp in Brantford, Ontario which is a based upon a TV show called “Murdoch Mysteries”. It’s really cool even though I have to give up my electronic devices and wear this itchy outfit –the boys and men here, get way more comfortable outfits–for the next six weeks or so this will be going on.  This week, the first week I’m going to be on ‘Team Murdoch” Next week it will be “Team Grace”.

Miss Anne snapped at me “You, the blonde, what’s your name and where you are in the order of birth?”

“My name is Ashley Fritz, and I’m the second child of four.” I replied.

“Please pay attention to me Miss Ashley next time I’m talking!”  Miss Anne snapped at me again.

Sorry for that interruption  readers, we have to call each other depending on the order of birth and gender either “mister” or miss last name (first daughters) or Miss first name (any other girls) or for young children “master” Miss Anne insists on it.

“Miss Ashley, Pay attention!”  Geez, Miss Anne is like a matron school teacher and yet she’s only twenty two!! All she was doing was introducing the actors who play the roles in the TV show.

3pm:  I am at the Royal Hotel, now and we have some time to ourselves before its supper in a couple of hours. I feel bad for teams “Julia” and Team   “Roberts” since they are stuck in those roles for two whole weeks before they can switch with the other teams.  Tap, tap.. Hold on a second I hear footsteps outside..

“Does anyone else here footsteps outside the room?”  I asked my female roommates.

My friend, Lucy Myers, who just came into the room said, “There’s a new camper, the camper is female, has brown hair, and violet eyes.  The camper said the train she was on didn’t depart one of the other stations till 2 pm which is why she missed the introductory.”

I asked her “Do you know her name Lucy?”

She replied “Yes I do, its Fala Ginna, she claims she’s from Italy but I don’t believe her.”

I then asked “Is there anything else you want to tell us?” I could sense she wasn’t telling something.

Lucy replied “Well her parents asked that she has a room to herself.”

I then said “that’s odd isn’t it?”

She then squealed “the coolest thing? Is the only available hotel room is the 506 and we are in 504, so she’s our neighbour!!”

May 5th 2013

It appears that Miss. Giana is going to be part of my team!!  The made up case one of my other friends Jennifer Smith is on “Team Crabtree” was on the scene with some other people on her team.   It was down near the lake, the body was facing downwards and there wasn’t any blood. Both my team (I’m the leader did I mention that?) and Team Grace, both suspect it’s probably poison.

A day later, that’s Fala woman she’s impossible to break through. It’s like she’s hiding something. We do know she’s a good artist, she drew a very good likeness of what the victim supposedly looked like prior to being poison, but something’s odd, he has like no facial features left, like they were almost burned off.  We got some photos of the man from the town hall. He was really important, not a mayor but maybe a sibling or something that was like a deputy mayor. The evidence we collect was soil, but it didn’t really match his clothes. We know he was married since the wife came in to the police station-which you could say is the ‘base’ of the camp.   Yes this fake victim was poisoned, but we can’t tell by what.

Anne and the Human Trafficking Case Chapter 3

September 21, 2011

When Anne was out doing some errands for her family, she accidentally knocked over  a young blond woman, who’s stuff she was carrying including contents  of her purse and Anne stopped to help pick up the stuff  and noticed when she was doing so two pieces of identification.  One which said: Danielle Knight.  The other said: Eduardo Billotte. Danielle, noticing that Anne  had seen the Eduardo Billotte ID said  “That’s my husband who’s can’t get out much…so if I need to buy something for him, I have to have the ID.”  After Danielle Anne’s phone rang “ Roger Mead called and said the photocopy repair people still haven’t come.  When he phoned they told him that someone said someone at the office already fixed it.”   After dropping off the stuff she ran errands for. She meets up with Cecily and Lacey at Ceres’ Super Pan  Pizza and have lunch.  Anne told them “I don’t really know if  the photocopier at Sumac’s Travelling Agency..but it seems to be…”   “I know how to fix a photo-copier since  I sometimes need to photocopy fliers for Joe’s Sporting Goods store events.”  Cecily interrupted. Afterwards Lacy went back home and Cecily and Anne continue on to the Travel agency . “Miss Rice, my friend, Cecily can fix the photo-copier and Adeline Martinez wants me  to get something from Brannon’s work area.” “Cecily the photo-copier is down that hallway the 1st door on your left. Miss. Browne Brannon’s work area is down the same hall, and the 2nd door on the left. They then separated.  When Anne was looking around in the office she found this interesting letter:

                                                           SÉ ALGO QUE USTED

                                                                      NO QUISIERA 

                                                                  QUE SU JEFE Y


                                                             SU ESPOSA



                                                   ESO SUCEDE 

                                                 HACE 34 AÑOS

“I have to keep this for Frank to read later.” Anne muttered. She then left the room and met Cecily in the car.  Cecily told her that the problem with the photo-copier was somehow had deliberate damaged the axel which paper goes through  when its works. As they were heading home Anne looked into the rearview mirror  and saw a car that was going at a super high speed right toward them!!

Anne and the Human Trafficking Case

March 6, 2011

Chapter 2:

Anne was up and dressed at nine and started making brunch for everyone when she heard a honk of a car outside. She went outside and saw brown haired Cecily Falk and blond hair Lacy Carlson. “HEY GUYS COME ON IN.” Anne yelled to them. Cecily and Lacy got out fast and went into Anne’s house. Cecily points to the newspaper she’s holding and said: “This is the article we mentioned last night.”

On Thursday morning the employees of Romana’s Spa, found the basement of their spa a complete mess. Which it hadn’t been the day before when the place had closed for the night. There’s no clue why it has become a mess. Detective Arthur Rundstrom was the first officer on the scene. He didn’t really find anything and he’s not commenting to the press.

After reading, Anne said “Detective Arthur is who I talked to last night on the phone-he’s not going to be too helpful. But he did give us permission to search the basement of Romana’s Spa.” A short while later the three friends want to Romana’s Spa. When they got there a woman greeted them at the counter who looked a bit like Miss Rice from the Sumac’s Travel Agency. “Miss Rice?” Anne says. The Receptionist looked up confused “Debe tener mi me confundió con mi hermana. Yo soy la señorita Roll.” Anne said: “No hablan español habla usted Inglés?” “Si I do speak English,” said Miss Roll. “What do you want?” Anne replied “We have permission to search the basement of the spa.” “I will let you in but I don’t know what you are going to find Detective Arthur didn’t find anything.” The friends went down into the basement and they saw it was a mess; chairs were overturned, there was water here and there, mirrors and windows were broken. Near one of the windows, Anne noticed something green that was on one of the pieces of mirror shards. She went over and after putting gloves on and picked up the green piece using a tweezers “interesting,” Anne said “Just like I thought.” Cecily and Lacy had come up and asked “What did you think?” She replied “I thought the disturbance was caused by a struggle –and we know that Brannon been kidnapped right?” “Yes Anne, but keep on going.” Cecily said. “Well from what I can tell someone grabbed Brannon over there,”

Anne said point to one fallen chair the farthest away from them “and he tried to fight back but when fighting this mirror broke and got a piece of his shirt. Which I’m holding. But it seems like the kidnappers won. I’m going down to the police station to give this to Arthur.”

They left the spa after looking for footprints and found only staff’s and they also didn’t see Brannon’s car and went back to Anne’s blue four-door Sedan.

After they were driving for a short while Lacy said “Um Anne? I hate to tell you but someone’s car is following us.” Anne replied back ‘Lacy don’t be such a Bess.” Lacy retorted back “I’m not being a worrywart. But someone’s been following us since we left the spa.” Anne asked “Can you see who it is?” “No Anne. I can’t. It’s one of those cars with tinted windshields. But funnily it has all these weird symbols on it.” Than Anne used the twists and turn-offs of the town’s roads to get the car off their trail. After that happened they dropped off the green piece of shirt at the police station. Then Anne dropped Cecily and Lacy off at their houses and went home.

When she got home her mom said “Frank called and said that you won a cousin in an adopt-a-cousin program at his school that he signed you up for.” Anne asked “Who’s my cousin in this adopt-a-cousin?” Mom replied “You’re cousin from his program is Nancy Drew. Frank says she will be calling in a bit here.” just than a phone rang and Anne ran to it “Hello? Nancy?” “STAY OUT OF THIS OR YOU’LL BE SORRY!!” a threatening voice said. “Weird But that’s what you get in this detective business.” Anne said again the phone rang and Anne took it. “Is this Anne? It’s me Nancy Drew my Aunt Eloise says I should a cousin even if it’s by a adopt-a-cousin program.” Anne rattled off “I love your mystery adventures and just start my first case-I got a threatening phone call-I think they were using a voice disguise device” Nancy and Anne talked for awhile on the phone and then hang up.

Anne and the Human Trafficking Case Chapter 1

March 6, 2011

“Anne, I know you want to be a detective but you know how dangerous mysteries are. You’ve read enough Nancy Drew stories to know that.” said a dark-skin, dark hair young man at a fair skin, fiery red haired lady. “Hogwash, Frank, Nancy Drew are just stories. This is real life.,” Anne replied, “how much farther is it to the Martinez`s? We are coming up to Cinder Castle Hollow.” “We turn a left on this street and the first street we`re suppose to come to is Ben Berry Court.” A little while later Anne and Frank got to a two-storey house. A worried thirty year woman came rushing out of the house. “Frank! You finally here.” the woman said. “Yes Aunt Ada. This is my girlfriend Anne. She is the one who wants to solve mysteries. Anne this is Ada Martinez.” Frank said. “Let get into the house so we can talk.” Anne said. They went into the house and Ada starting talking “I’m afraid that my husband been kidnapped. I haven`t seen him since 9`clock on Wednesday and its Friday at 2. ” Anne said “Let us start from the beginning. You haven`t seen him since 9`clock on Wednesday night?”

“Yes that`s correct. I started to get worried when he didn`t return by six in the morning. I did call his workplace and after I was told he hadn’t shown up there. I called the hospitals and there is no one who fits his description is there. I also checked the closet and he didn’t take any suitcase either or any clothes besides the ones he was wearing that night. a green shirt with blue slacks. He did call me at almost 11`clock”

“Is there anything you forgot to mention? Like a note?” Anne asked. “Oh yeah. Last Sunday night he got a note and it really worried him. He tossed the note in the trash but I retrieve it and the envelope. Here is the note.” Ada replied as she handed out a paper to Anne. This is what the note says ENCUENTREME EN EL SOTANO DE el BALNEARIO de ROMANA ESTE en ONCE DE NOCHE Y VENGA SOLO.SI HACE no EL VIVE DE SU EN CASA FAMILIAR EN ESPAÑA ESTARA EN GRAN PELIGRO. “But it seems like it written on a typewriter or on a computer that has Courier Font. This is in Spanish so I can`t read it” “um Anne? I`m right here. Give the note to me.” Frank said.

He looks at the note “it says `Meet me in the basement of the Spa of Romana`s this Wednesday at eleven at night. If you do not the lives of your family back home in Spain are in great danger`.”

Mrs. Martinez said, “Here is the envelope too” Anne said “its’ postmarked from here in Belle River”. Then she asked “Mrs. Martinez where did your husband work?” “Please call me Aunt Ada. He worked at Sumcan`s Travel Agency on Iron Horse Land. Its south-west of here.” Ada replied. “He kept papers in the desk over in his office which is right here. You can work through it. Oh before I forget the police officer on this case and some disturbance over at a spa’s name is Arthur Rundstrom.” They went through the desk and discovered a half-note which says


“We are going to drive over to Sumac’s.” Anne yelled to Aunt Ada as she and Frank left the house. “I already phoned Roger (Brannon’s boss) to tell you that you were going to go to him” A couple of minutes later they pulled up to a 19 story building and they went inside and look at the map of the building- Sumca’s Travel Agency 10th floor.

When they arrived there Anne asked the Office Administrative Assistant “Is Roger in?” “Roger? Oh Roger Mead! Do you have an appointment with him?” the confused assistant replied. “Yes I do. It concerns one of his employees who haven’t been in for the last two days.” Anne retorted. “Ada Martinez called to tell him that we were coming.” “That’s funny. I wasn’t in here when she called and there seems to be no trace of any messages from that house. Our photocopier broke so I had to go downstairs.” the assistant replied. “But may we speak to Roger anyway?” Anne inquired. “I will announce you are here.” the assistant promised. She returned to say “He will see you now.”

Frank and Anne went into the very green office at the desk sat a man who looked like he spent too much time outside. “So you were sent here by Ada Martinez? I’m Roger Mead.” “Yeah. It’s about her husband; he’s been missing for a couple of days as you are aware.” Anne said. “By the way Ada says she called here but when we talked to your assistant she said she wasn’t there when the call happened. She claimed she had to go downstairs because of the photocopier being broken up here.” “Oh. But what did you come for?” “Mostly information. Did you notice a strange behaviour in Brannon Mead before Wednesday?” Anne asked. “Now that you mention it. He was a bit shaky on Monday morning when he came in. He was still shaky on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. But I didn’t ask why.”

Roger Mead replied. “I thought a relative died or something. I am going to have someone come and fix the photocopier” “Ok thanks for taking time to talk to us and when you do give them my number?” Anne said.
Anne and Frank left the agency and Anne told Frank “I’m going to go downstairs to see if the assistant here was actually was using their photocopier.” “You think the photocopier were sabotage?” “Yep. That’s exactly what I think.” They went downstairs and Anne asked the first person she saw in an office “Excuse me but did the assistant upstairs use the photocopier down here?” Oh you mean Miss Rice? Yeah she was down here using the photocopier.” Anne went back into the hallway and she told Frank “She was down here”
Frank saying “Um Anne? I hate to break up the sleuthing but I have to get back to my boarding house.” Anne replied: “I don’t mind. I will drive you home and then I will contact Detective Arthur Rundstrom.”

Anne dropped of Frank at his home and went back to her home. The Browne home was a two-story house with a lovely view of the park across the street. She went inside “I’m home.” Her mom said “How was your day dear?” Anne replied “it was fine-and I think I’m on my first case ever!!” her mom frowned “I don’t really like you doing that but I can’t really stop you.”

“I’m going to call Cecily and Lacy to tell them about the case. You wouldn’t want me to being going places by myself if Frank isn’t available-right?” Anne said. Her mom replied “You’re right Anne.”

Anne then raced to the phone and called Lacy and as soon as Lacy answered the phone Anne yelled “GUESS WHAT? GUESS WHAT?” Lacy said “You and Frank are getting married-a bit too soon don’t you think?”

Anne replied “No. I just got my very first case!!!” “Hold on when I put Cecily on the speakerphone” Lacy said. Not too long later Lacy said “I’m back” “I’m here too!” Cecily also said “tell us about your case.”

Anne summed up the case so far. At the end of the conversation “The only thing I don’t know is what a Romana’s Spa is.” Cecily to Lacy “Didn’t we see something in today’s paper about a disturbance at a Spa which was called Romana’s Spa?” Lacy replied “Now that you have mentioned it yeah we did.” Cecily to Anne “We’ll bring it over tomorrow. Bye” “Bye” Anne replied.

Anne than phoned the police station and she said “May I speak to Detective Arthur?” “Sure. I’m transferring the line.” Mr. Pizza said. “This is Detective Arthur speaking.” “HI this is Anne. I’m also working on this case too. A friend of mine is a friend of the kidnappee’s family which I understand is that you called to the missing person case and the disturbance at Romana’s Spa?” “Yeah, so, what if I was?” “Could you give me some information you found?” “No, a woman should have anything to do with the cases. I’ll eat my hat if you solve the mysteries. But I give you and your friends permission to search the basement of the spa.” After Anne and her family ate supper she went to bed.

Anne than phoned the police station and she said “May I speak to Detective Arthur?” “Sure. I’m transferring the line.” Mr. Pizza said. “This is Detective Arthur speaking.” “HI this is Anne. I’m also working on this case too. A friend of mine is a friend of the kidnappee’s family which I understand is that you called to the missing person case and the disturbance at Romana’s Spa?” “Yeah, so, what if I was?” “Could you give me some information you found?” “No, a woman should have anything to do with the cases. I’ll eat my hat if you solve the mysteries. But I give you and your friends permission to search the basement of the spa.” After Anne and her family ate supper she went to bed.