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Jerks suggest that people with food allergies never have a social life

December 14, 2017

Why do jerks always suggest people w/  food allergies just should never go out for a nice meal and make all their meals at home?  What if the allergic person is on a trip wether it’s a business trip or vacation? Like if you have a gluten issue don’t eat at Cinderella’s Castle Royal Table since it has a a small kitchen. But you can eat at Tony’s.  A person with an allergy if they’re on a business or vacation trip doesn’t have the option of making their own food not unless they buy a suite with a kitchen.  Also allergic people, like everyone else, do deserve a social life with their friends.

Will Everyone be on Welfare in the future when Robots take over?

December 8, 2017

Because of movies like “I, Robot”  I always had this question of if robots take over all the jobs (garbage collectors, bartenders, servers, delivery folks) except of police officers and scientists doesn’t that mean EVERYONE  except police officers will be on welfare system that many, many people currently complain about?   Since there is no other way for people to afford robots and yet in the movie “I, Robot” everyone has one and yet only a very few have jobs.

Checking of the Media on the Disabled

March 7, 2014

I read the newspaper practically everyday  and I like it when disabled people or their families  stand up for themselves or for them.  Well I think that instead of forgetting about the disabled person in two years time or so that media should check back to see if the discriminators are still working on what they were planning on working on. [1]For instance  in April of last year  Peter Stelmacovich, who is heard-of-hearing  whose was asked to  either leave his service dog outside or sit outside because of the dog. The plan was after it became public that the restaurant would  become more ‘disabled-friendly’ with help from the disabled man.  I’m wondering if the restaurant back down from the plan/deal after the media went away.  Or  about last [2]What about the  story about   Steve Simonar who has  no arms beat his seat-belt ticket because of the fact he couldn’t wear a seat belt without help? Or why didn’t the guy know about (new rules)?  [3]Or what about the backlash for the women Even Synder whose was told  in 2010  at a Buffet that her service dog wasn’t allowed to be in the buffet line ‘for health reasons’  and then was thrown out and yet she been at the same restaurant that summer with no problems.  This last one is a clear volition of Canada’s Human Rights. [4]What about the family in Oshawa with the autistic son who got a letter that basically said that the kid should be put down like a dog? I mean have the police either 1)found the culprit or , 2)given up?

articles in reference:



I’m mad that I can’t disagree with people about wether rocking a baby will spoil them or not.

June 21, 2012

Person A says she doesn’t want to rock a child or isn’t her’s because the parents don’t want it. Supposedly its a bad habit since it will “spoil them” / or “the child will expect it all the time”  and Person B agrees with Person A. But I think its a good habit since its a sign of love, affection,caring of parents (which is very rare these days when most parents are workaholics) Person B says I can disagree when i’m a mom (and with my luck it wouldn’t be until I’m 35 or later). I’m arguing with people in the know. Hello I see babies in my church nursery getting rocked by non-mothers.

Breastfeeding in other countries being frowned upon?/Breasts being considered Sexual objects

May 18, 2012



On the official Sims 3 site. There is a topic about breast feeding (if the OP had put BF into the title oringally, I would have tried to stay clear of it but she/he didn’t). Well according to my parents and everything I can find, the whole frowning on breast feeding is because the Puritans (who one of my ancestors was one) viewed breasts as sexual objects and sex was “evil”. Yes Puritans did breastfeed children, but still breasts were still considered sex objects like they still are today* I am trying to find other countries where breast feeding is frowned upon. In the U.K its only frowned up if the kids is over a year old. In France it doesn’t seem like a big deal.


One of the stories I found? A male doctor was touring a hospital in the Middle East, and accidently came upon an area where there was a group of women who were  breastfeeding. When the women say him, they all dove for a cover for their heads.

Another story I have found is that somewhere in Monglia, two toddlers were fighting and the two moms and all the last of the women in the room started to lift up their shirts and flap their breasts and call to the toddlers to come and nurse and there were MEN present.


I do know that a lot of people suggested that women who breast feed should cover the baby up with a blanket or something. But doesn’t that’s just makes the breast more sexual? or doesn’t it just draw more attention to the breasts?

Why should woman who breastfeed be moved to a restroom room or something? Would YOU like to eat in a bathroom? So if you don’t want to eat in the bathroom, a baby shouldn’t.

My mom has a story about me. We were at the Ex  and mom was breastfeeding me and there was an elderly couple nearby that mom walked past. I can’t remember what my mom said the man said, but the man’s wife said “What do you expect the baby to drink Pepsi?”

But its seems like America gets the majority of the bad reputation for “frowning” upon breastfeeding. I mean just look: Facebook, Putting Breastfeeding back on Sesame Street (which did have breast feeding in 1970s and ‘80s), and the latest scandal over the cover of the Time Maginzie


why can’t people understand why I don’t want to move away from my Safety net?

May 4, 2012

On Wednesday night I went out with my girlfriends. One of my Girlfriends suggested L’Arche. A program for developmentally disabled like myself  who live in something called “communities” in a single house you share with 6-8 other people well you get to have indpenece but also gain work experience too. Well when I got home that night, I googled “L’Arche” but there’s a problem, the nearest L’Arche in my area is in Toronto and to me that’s too far away from my safety net (which is “Durham”) which means I would have to give up my comfortable routine here in Durham which I have already made (ie bowling with people I actually trust from Sept-April on Mondays).

Two people believe an urban myth of the hair and nails and they tell me not to believe everything I read??!!

February 24, 2012

On a chat I’m on there’s a bot and one of the bots commands is !fact. Well one of its “facts” was: hair and nails keep growing after death. But that’s not true according to my “ARMCHAIR READER OF MYTHS& MISCONCEPTIONS“, my parents, Snopes, 13 wives’ tales, yahoo.. they all state it as an urban myth. They say my book is false and they’re right and not to believe everything I f*king read..they should be taking their own d- advice.

People say getting a job is part of real life but isn’t living in residence/away from home part of growing up too?

January 17, 2012

Suggestions people have made about living on my own:

1)hotel room–um as far as I’m aware hotel rooms unless they are suits don’t have stoves

2)have parents leave town for a week-can not easily happen with a)parents don’t have those kind of a job and b)sis is studying at Durham and working in Toronto and therefore lives at even if the parents could leave sister would still be around.

3) a “between house” far as I’m aware nothing like that exists in Canada, much less in my town.

People say getting a job is part of growing up but isn’t living in residence/away from home when going to college part of growing up too. Since if its not..why to some TV shows who DO show kids going to college make such A BIG DEAL OUT OF THE LIVING AWAY FROM HOME??? Same goes for books too (not that I can name any).

So therefore the only option I can think of to get away from home is to go back to school and live in residence this time. But I can’t even apply for my program since I need $95 and I don’t have a bank card…and mom doesn’t think I want to study more..but she thinks I need more chances out of the house and she thinks I need a job..but with my temperament I don’t think a job is right at the moment.. I think RESIDENCE is the right path at the moment.

I hate Edhla!!!

January 29, 2011

I hate Edhla she’s accusing me of being culturally intensive and lazy.

This is what she wrote:

MadameLee- you have no idea what you’re talking about. I wasn’t talking about forced marriage. I was talking about ARRANGED marriage. Even if the bride is happy with her groom, she does not get to pick him. She is given to him by her father, usually in exchange for money or land. She is her father’s property and becomes her husband’s property. That’s what an arranged marriage IS. That is what they are for.

If you are trying to play it both ways and have the option of the child saying “no” to a potential spouse, that isn’t an arranged marriage. That’s an ordinary marriage with nosy parents.

You are the one who is completely ignorant of what you’re proposing here- all because you seem to be too lazy to have your sims date like everyone else has to do. Oh yes, and pretty dresses. That’s all it comes down to. Just use the darn socials. Or testingcheatsenabled true and slide their relationship bar up to best friendship and go from there.

You seem to think that if you spam this thread and bump it up enough somebody from EA will think this is an awesome idea. It will never happen. It’s as misguided as those wanting polygamy in the game, or that guy a few weeks ago who saw “Shutter Island” and wanted EA to have sims that were schizophrenic, bipolar, etc.

And I wouldn’t be coming down so hard on you if it wasn’t for how culturally insensitive you’re being. This is a serious freakin’ issue in many parts of the world and can lead to all sorts of social and relationship problems. Aero commented that not everyone hates it, but those of us who are not in that culture and who aren’t being palmed off between men who legally own us have NO right to act as though this is some sort of cute way of cheating the romantic socials.

Her point about woman were property was True-once. But now Arranged Marriage brides DO get a say they pick from a list of potential spouses their parents made.

If it was such a freaking issue in the first place in many parts of the world why aren’t there more newspapers articles about it? All I can found is articles about it in INDIA-where a friend’s family lives. ‘

I’m not being d- lazy it just either everyone doesn’t want to 1) spamming 5,000 romance options every single gen. gets boring pretty fast with or without either party having Hopeless Romantic or flirty traits or 2) having to cheat after spamming 5,000 Romance options takes the fun out of the entire idea.

You read it who’s being culturally intensive me or her?


October 12, 2010

I was looking up clubs to join. But I came across one problem with all the clubs that were at least interesting — THEY ARE ON A WEDNESDAYS!!!! And that’s when I’m stuck at the college in the next town at a night class!!!. Have these people have heard about “night school”? Could there be one little book club for Young Adults or a dancing club that didn’t meet on a Wednesday? Even pub nights at the nearest college is ALSO on Wednesday nights. Going to the mall is out I need to go with mom/sister/friend not to mention its in the next town like the college!!! And what’s are not on Wednesdays are too far away for me