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Will Everyone be on Welfare in the future when Robots take over?

December 8, 2017

Because of movies like “I, Robot”  I always had this question of if robots take over all the jobs (garbage collectors, bartenders, servers, delivery folks) except of police officers and scientists doesn’t that mean EVERYONE  except police officers will be on welfare system that many, many people currently complain about?   Since there is no other way for people to afford robots and yet in the movie “I, Robot” everyone has one and yet only a very few have jobs.

Why teen pregancy is a bad idea!

August 22, 2013

The reason why Teen pregnancy in a game or in real life is a bad idea. Its because wether planned (due to a pledge) or due to an accident. That lets say the teen mom keeps the child.  She could become a great-great-great grandma by the time she’s 64. When other people her  age are just starting to have grandchildren! The reason she’s at least a great-great (if not a third great) grandma is because her daughter, her granddaughter, and her great-granddaughter would all have had kids at the same age that she had her daughter. So that it would be stuck in a cycle that wouldn’t end until maybe the great-great granddaughter says “Screw this, I’m not going to make the same mistakes as my parents, and my mom’s parents, and the grandma’s parents all made. I actually want to go to college to get a better job then my family has been able to get due to lack of education because of having (me/my mom/grandma/great-grandma)”  The reason why the four generations prior to the great-great granddaughter’s parents and the mom’s parents, etc are stuck working at least two jobs? Because they had to give up their real dreams of being a lawyer,etc due to having the kid.

Disabled article

January 10, 2013

In the past I wrote an article about the history of the disabled. Recently, I been reading stories on NotAwlaysRight’s website and I  thought of another reason why disabled people are looked down on. Its because some actually able bodied people pretend to be disabled. So, between the past of how disabled people were treated (locked up either at home with a care giver or in a insituation someplace )  and abled people pretending to be disabled.. well its no wonder the disabled people are looked down on. So in some places people think are all disabled people are ‘faking it’ when there are actually some real disabled people.

Why Doesn’t Dad Intervene in Some Fairy Tales?

November 18, 2012

I finally think I have the answer for the “Why Doesn’t Dad Intervene in Some Fairy Tales?” question. The reason the Dads in the Grimm’s Cinderella and in Hansel and Gretel don’t intervene in the ‘abuse’ of their child(ren) from their previous marriage is simple. Its because the responabilty of any children in a marriage falls into the woman’s lap as does household chores. It doesn’t matter if the kid(s) were from a previous marriage. Dads weren’t suppose to have anything to do with children.

Women’s responabitlies were anything we considered domestic (ie cooking, cleaning, laundry,etc) That also included child-raising. Also being the The responseabilties of a woman depended on how wealthy the husband was was so that some of the responabitlies could be thrown on female servants that they hired.  The only job of a man was to be the bread winner for the family and so was suppose to have very little (if any) contact with children even if the children in question was from their first marriage.

This kind of view can be seen even as late as the 1950s where women were suppose to stay home and cook. The Republican party in the United States who lost the U.S. elections are a type of this kind of thinking., as are Canada’s Conservative party.

It doesn’t matter whose child it was but the step-mom in both the Grimm’s Cinderella and in Hansel and Gretel had complete say in what happened (or didn’t happen) with the child(ren) in question since their step-child(ren) were their responabilty  too as well as for Cinderella’s step-mom’s own daughters.

Trapped in life&death

February 27, 2012

Imagine this you are a girl 11-14 years of age. You can’t go to school and you are  married to someone else. You have to travel long distances to collect water and come back home with it. In many poorer countries this is life for lots of girls some even have children of their own.

Last March (March 2011) Canada’s Reader Digest publish an story about a 10 year old girl who got married but was brave enough to go to courthouses to get a divorce. Until she got married she was able to go to school. Only doing the period marriage preparations were happening did she realize her misfortune since her soon-to-be-husband’s family said she wouldn’t go to school after they’re married. It gets worse. The first night she is at her husband’s house. Her husband comes into her (?) bedroom and starts to rub against her (something akin to rape) yet the man had promised her father he wouldn’t touch her until she was older. She couldn’t leave the house,  couldn’t complain, no right to say no. She had to cut up the veggies, wash the floor, do dishes and if she stopped the mom-in-law pulled her hair. On the 3rd night the husand began beating her with his hands and then with a stick She was married Feb 2008 and she divorced in March of 2008.

In 1996 -2001 when the Taliban had control of  Afghanistan a lot of young girls had to masquerade as boys since women couldn’t leave the house without a male escort and when they did leave the house they had to wear the burqa and girls could not attend school (The Taliban disallowed it)  so any schools that girls did have were “secret” schools run by women.


In some places like India where there are arranged marriages families  who do it still have to have a dowry even though that in law, its illegal to do  so. Also the husband’s family asks for outrages things (well to the bride’s family it would be, not to us Westerns) ie: fridge, and if the bride’s family has relatives in another country (ie. Canada) there will be pressure from the Groom’s family to get them (the bride&groom) sponsorship.



crazy Canada cases…

February 1, 2012

In Canada there been four month trial of a Muslim mom, dad, and a 21 year old son. (Not that I have anything aganist Muslims.. I know a very nice Muslim, the husband of a former EA.. Education Assistant of mine) They are charged with murders of three of their daughters and the husband’s first wife. The accused claiming that the killing was a honour killing*. The four females were put in a car (after they drunk something that knocked them out–not that’s been in the paper) and the son drove the second car into the Nissan with the victims and the car went into the water at Kingston Mills. 

According to the trial’s history. 
Here is Zainab, stunningly beautiful, looking out coyly from under long eyelashes. She was the eldest daughter at 19, with a one-day marriage in her past, an engagement in her immediate future. The one who ran away from home, to a women’s shelter, complaining of an abusive family, and then, fatefully, returned home two weeks later.

Sahar, perhaps even more striking at 17, smolders in panties and bra. She was the one who, 40 days after entering the world, was given by her mother to another woman — the first, barren wife in a polygamous marriage — told, here, raise her as your own. This girl had tried to kill herself

Geeti was only 13, the littlest rebel, a handful, failing in most of her school subjects, caught shop-lifting, sent home from school for dressing inappropriately. Geeti pleaded with anyone who would listen that she wanted to be placed in a foster family. The youngster scowls from a yearbook photo.

And then there was Rona Amir Mohammed, 53, a handsome woman and appendage to the marriage, introduced by the girls as their “aunt’’ but called Mother Rona. She poured her aching heart into a diary. Around the time of the killing, Rona had asked for a divorce.

It didn’t help that childwelfare people interviewed all the children (not the 21 year old boy) in front of the parents. But no one did anything about it

The 3 people were found guilty on Sunday.

Its people like them (the accused) that make Muslims look bad.

*An honor killing or honour killing is the homicide of a member of a family or social group by other members, due to the belief of the perpetrators that the victim has brought dishonor upon the family

Disabilty post part 1 History of the Attitudes toward disabled people

October 29, 2011

Note: I’m only doing this is because people need to be more aware!!

Disabled people like Same Sex couples, African-Americans, and women..have always been discrimated against. I mean wasn’t the 60s a movement for rights for Disabled people as well as rights for African Americans and women?  Even the fact that discrimination against disabled people was worse then the Jimmy Crows laws after the American Civil War (not to get confused with the England’s Civil War).

In the past people mental or psychical changelles were thought to be either 1)posses by demons, 2)under a witch crafts spell (did you know that red heads and lefties were burn at stake at witches?) or 3)punishment for either their own sin or 3 1/2)their parents’ sin.  This is called the “Traditional model”

In the 18th century there was more of a scientific understanding about cause of impairment but them people believed they could be “cured”. But some disabled couldn’t be cured so they were either 1)sent of to a institution or 2)hidden away at home. This is called the “medical Model”  This kind of model. This kind of model of thinking was: disabled needed to be “molded” to fit the world around them or  if they can’t..they should be sent away to an institution (I.E. Helen Keller’s “Teacher” Anne Sullivan..she became blind and as a little girl she and her brother..who had “Consumption” as it was called back them..who died from it..were sent to such a place) or shut up at home..where in either case only their MOST BASIC NEEDS WERE MET. Very often these people who were “different” were placed in the hands of professionals, who decided if they could go to school (and where), and special needs that need to be met,etc)

The Disabltiy Movement point out how the environmental around them causes more limitations for those disabled people. The medical model view was that the disabled person’s lack of rehabilitation. Not that the environment around them that’s the problem.  i.e. higher education, finding work, school settings (again Anne Sullivan..she begged a doctor who came to the intuition she was go for the 14 years of age!!), etc.   This is the model that is used mostly in TV shows and movies..(the only exception is the play and movie “The Miracle Worker”) but this model is starting to be tosses out the window.

In more recent years the standpoint of a disabled child, or adult’s right to belong to and be valued  the society in general is called the social model. This way you look at the the disabled person’s strengths and look at the physical and soical problems he/she has to overcome. (ie. home, school, work). This model suggested that disabled people’s disadvantage is because of the discrimination like racism, heterosexim and Sexism..all of them are fundamental to the society. In this kind of movement the “cure” is changing the enviroment to suit the person not change the person to suit the environment.

Medical Thinking    
child is faulty  
impairment becomes centre of attention
  Assement, Monitoring, programmes of therapy imposed  
 Segregation and alternative services 
Ordinary needs are put 
re-entry if "normal" enough or permentally excluded
society remains unchanged
Social Model:
child is vauled

Strength and needs as identify by self and others

Identify barriers and find solutions 

Out come base programmes 

Resources are made available to ordinary services 

training for parents and teachers

Relationships are nurted

Diversity welcomed, child included

Society evolves 

Discrimination towards disabled and other mintorty groups are because of contact through ignorance and prejudice of others..”You have to be Carefully Taught!” So to stop this and other discrimination it should start in schools.

Who is disabled?

Learning disablities (Dyslexia)

Speech and Language impairment (I’m here)


little people (i.e. Muchkins from Wizard of Oz)

Sensory impairments (blind, deaf)

Chorinic Illness (HIV/AIDs)



SlutWalk in Toronto Sunday April 3rd!!

March 30, 2011

The other month at a Law school in Toronto a police constable said “Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be raped”. Well this is what lead to the SlutWalk which will happen Sunday, April 3rd to remind the police that no one EVER asks to be raped.

Well to show my support I had my sim women dress up:


August 29, 2010

What is this nonsense that all Muslims are terrorists and/or Talibans? I know two people who are Muslims and aren’t terriorsts or member of the Tailbans.  I mean one man who I know now is a Muslim is the husband of a Christan woman. The other Muslim I know doesn’t even wear a hijab or any other “supposed” religious wear and she knows it is just cultural. I mean any reglion could be a terriost and yet we deliberately target Muslims. I mean if a Christian or Jew was a terriost the newspapers wouldn’t state they were Christians.  I mean according to my research, Christians and Jews are descend from Abraham’s child by his wife Sarah. Muslims are descended from Abraham’s other child, Ishmael

How is being attracted to the same sex “evil”?  I mean do we NOT eat shell food? Do we NOT wear mixed clothing? DO we sell our children into slavery? DO males have multiple wives in the western world?

I mean does it really matters what you look like, or where you are in the world? What really matters is what inside of you.

The song which is the title of this blog article in Rogers and Hammerstein’s SOUTH PACIFIC sums it up perfectly.

You got to be taught/to hate and fear/you got to be taught/from year to year/ its got to be drummed in your dear little ear/you have to be carefully taught/you got to be taught/ to be afraid/ of people whose eyes are oddly made/and people whose skin is a different shade/you got to be carefully taught/you have to be taught/ before its too late/before you are six or seven or eight/you got to be carefully taughttttttttttttt!

I mean I grew up with with 2 families that were mixed families. A classmate of mine and my cousins. I also know a person who is gay and I am fine with that stuff.

Why is there all this fuss about same-sex marriage?

July 23, 2010

Why is there all this fuss about same-sex marriage?  No where in the Bible, Torah, or the Koran/Qur’an says same-sex marriage is not allowed. I mean Same-Sex marriage is basically the same as mongamus marriage its just with two people of the same gender.

I mean the Bible/Torah/and the Koran/Qur’an says:

men can have more than one wife (Rachel and Leah,  does Abrham count?)  BIG NO-NO in most countries

It also tells us that it allows us to  sell our children into slavery   again BIG NO-NO in most countries.

So what is there to be complaining about same-sex marriage?