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Enough isn’t Enough

January 13, 2018

I was reading the Toronto Star  today this article: Enough is Enough  and I was really ticked off by the FEMALE columnist’s attitude towards the women who have stepped forward and mentioned that men like Harvey Weienstien, Kevin Spacey, Albert Schultz among other men whom basically treated women like an object or property they owned-  who says that those women should “get over” with being touched/felt/etc and get on with their work.  But these men presumably have a mix of the 50’s and 60s ideas. (The 60s idea is that women go to college to get an MRS degree while the 50s idea is that women should be “barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen”).


The PBS News hour on Thursday night, economists were discussing a study  an undergraduate  has done about words used to describe young women on the economist job market vs. young men.  The words for women were “breast”, “whore”  and “hot”  “bitch” among others like pregnant, dating, marry/marrying, rape/dating,  “attractive”  not one thing about how good their mind is or their ability to do the work while men were describe with words like  “empirical” “Data” “Monetary”  and “fiscal”.


We need to do two things 1)teach boys from a young age the oppiste sex aren’t objects to be their toys but are fellow human beings  2)We also need to teach girls that they should speak out if someone even a RELATIVE touches them in a way that is “wrong”.


May 5, 2012

In Toronto there this case because the major newspaper The Toronto Star and the Toronto mayor Rob Ford. On Wednesday, Ford applied for what he called “vacant” land next to his property to build a bigger fence for his children.  The Reporter Dale, said the TRCA said that the land in question is actually a bit of parkland with mature trees. Dale said the map, TRCA gave him was very confusing, that’s why he ended up BEHIND Fords house.

so proof 1)the picture which was released in today’s paper, the blocks were too far apart for ANYONE to be standing on. 2)Dale never SAW the blocks didn’t even know they there. So 1)Ford’s lying 2)his neghbiour is in cahoots with him too.  3)Ford has a history of lying and a history of having fits when he doesn’t get his own way.  5)since he’s not releasing the video that they supposedly have of Dale  it means its disapproves his story or why else is he hiding it?  I bet anything (which I don’t) if the police said anything about the video, the police are in Cahoots with Ford too. As they were with the incident in October with the This Hour has  22mins comedian


Why didn’t he just call the police? I mean Ford supposedly had death threats.  what if it was his ex-brother in law?