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March 27, 2013

I know Jarise9 wouldn’t EVER read this but if she does. I’m still waiting for that proof of  the fact that the Barbie “Becky” wheelchair doll didn’t sell because of in Jarise9’s word’s “because disablties doesn’t sell”. From my umpteens researches I have found the oppoiste to be true. The only reason the doll didn’t sell well  was BECAUSE IT COULDN’T FIT INTO BARBIE’S HOME, THE HOME’S ELEVATOR  OR BARBIE’S VAN. Much like what you’re saying about having to re-do animations for SIMS to be disabled.  And if Disabilities  didn’t sell well How came there been three versions of Becky (not counting the original Becky who hair was too long):  The “Share a Smile Special Edition Doll” Becky doll in 1996.  The “Barbie Becky I’m the School Photographer” in 1998 and the “Barbie Becky Paralympic Champion” in 2000.

The new and improved first issue of the dolls flew off the shelves, selling out in two weeks.

also from above article:

According to one of Mattel’s original press releases, Share a Smile Becky is:
Barbie(R) doll’s hip and very cool disabled friend who is a photographer for her high school yearbook. She comes with a pretend camera so she can take “pictures” at all school events. Becky doll uses a red and silver realistically designed wheelchair and keeps in style wearing a trendy fashion ensemble accessorized with red stud earrings, red framed sunglasses, and a brown backpack that hangs on the back of her wheelchair.

Becky also appears in a new book entitled, Barbie, The New Counselor, published by Golden Books, where she works as a camp counselor with Barbie. This emphasizes the Becky doll’s leadership abilities and sends a powerful message to kids. In addition, Becky will appear in the Detective Barbie CD-ROM where she helps the Barbie doll solve mysteries using her incredible computer skills to uncover clues.

Right now  in hospitals across Canada & the U.S.  there is a bald Barbie that comes with ‘hats, scarves and other fashion accessories’.  for girls  who either lost hair themselves due to cancer or cancer treatment and also girls who female relative (mother/sister/aunt/grandma)  who lost their hair due to cancer or cancer treatment. That’s the only downside to this Barbie is, its ONLY available in hospitals and not in stores despite the attempts of the Vatican last year.   I mean the people who created the viral campian-sp?  want to decrease the stigma of cancer , as well as wanting a Barbie doll that “look similar to either them or a relative”

Update to this post:

When a now 13 year old girl Hanna Freda who has Down Syndrome  was 9 years old she was trying to find a doll who looked like her but couldn’t. Now her mother Connie Freda is in business selling Down-Syndrome dolls. She has sold 1,000 dolls which were the first batch and she’s taking pre-orders for the next batch  and the pre-orders are also 1,000 and its barley been three years since she started.

The{ American Girl’} Special Sparkle section in its  holiday catalog includes a miniature service dog in harness, a hearing aid and an allergy-free lunch kit.

. Now they can also be fitted with glasses, braces for the teeth, crutches or a wheel chair, and the company recently began to offer dolls without hair to represent those who have lost hair to cancer.

Doctor Ari Brown states in the article, That even if a girl isn’t disabled, playing with a doll that looks disabled is an enriching experience for everyone. It makes girls more accepting of those different from themselves.


The only downside to both of these article is the Down syndrome doll costs $75.   The American Girl dolls cost $105, the hearing aid is $9, wheelchair is $38 and the allergy-free lunch kit is $28


Trapped in life&death

February 27, 2012

Imagine this you are a girl 11-14 years of age. You can’t go to school and you are  married to someone else. You have to travel long distances to collect water and come back home with it. In many poorer countries this is life for lots of girls some even have children of their own.

Last March (March 2011) Canada’s Reader Digest publish an story about a 10 year old girl who got married but was brave enough to go to courthouses to get a divorce. Until she got married she was able to go to school. Only doing the period marriage preparations were happening did she realize her misfortune since her soon-to-be-husband’s family said she wouldn’t go to school after they’re married. It gets worse. The first night she is at her husband’s house. Her husband comes into her (?) bedroom and starts to rub against her (something akin to rape) yet the man had promised her father he wouldn’t touch her until she was older. She couldn’t leave the house,  couldn’t complain, no right to say no. She had to cut up the veggies, wash the floor, do dishes and if she stopped the mom-in-law pulled her hair. On the 3rd night the husand began beating her with his hands and then with a stick She was married Feb 2008 and she divorced in March of 2008.

In 1996 -2001 when the Taliban had control of  Afghanistan a lot of young girls had to masquerade as boys since women couldn’t leave the house without a male escort and when they did leave the house they had to wear the burqa and girls could not attend school (The Taliban disallowed it)  so any schools that girls did have were “secret” schools run by women.


In some places like India where there are arranged marriages families  who do it still have to have a dowry even though that in law, its illegal to do  so. Also the husband’s family asks for outrages things (well to the bride’s family it would be, not to us Westerns) ie: fridge, and if the bride’s family has relatives in another country (ie. Canada) there will be pressure from the Groom’s family to get them (the bride&groom) sponsorship.