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People say getting a job is part of real life but isn’t living in residence/away from home part of growing up too?

January 17, 2012

Suggestions people have made about living on my own:

1)hotel room–um as far as I’m aware hotel rooms unless they are suits don’t have stoves

2)have parents leave town for a week-can not easily happen with a)parents don’t have those kind of a job and b)sis is studying at Durham and working in Toronto and therefore lives at even if the parents could leave sister would still be around.

3) a “between house” far as I’m aware nothing like that exists in Canada, much less in my town.

People say getting a job is part of growing up but isn’t living in residence/away from home when going to college part of growing up too. Since if its not..why to some TV shows who DO show kids going to college make such A BIG DEAL OUT OF THE LIVING AWAY FROM HOME??? Same goes for books too (not that I can name any).

So therefore the only option I can think of to get away from home is to go back to school and live in residence this time. But I can’t even apply for my program since I need $95 and I don’t have a bank card…and mom doesn’t think I want to study more..but she thinks I need more chances out of the house and she thinks I need a job..but with my temperament I don’t think a job is right at the moment.. I think RESIDENCE is the right path at the moment.