All Disney Princesses have something postive about them! Part 1

May 5, 2013

I hate that people say all the Princesses have nothing postive about them (especially the older ones).  So this article is going to do in the order of the movie release of their respective movie.

Snow White (1937)

Snow White is kind, gentle, and also optimistic  Snow is not wishing for a man at the beginning of the movie according to enlightened princesses’ blog. She is just wishing that someone would treat her nicely since ever since the death of her father when she was somewhere between the ages of 4-6 (and she’s 14 in the movie), she like Cinderella after her, had to become a servant in her own castle.  Snow had to run away since with her still alive, she will always be in danger when the Queen was still alive too.  Snow was motherly to the dwarves. I mean she cooked and clean in exchange for a place to stay-I mean what else could she have done? Work in the main where she would have just gotten in the way and be called a lazy ass?  So what if she was bossy, who would want slobs at a table?   Yes she did sing later about the prince, but hey like I said before, as long as she and the Queen are both still alive, Snow is always in danger so the only way for her to get out of danger is to go to another kingdom (like the Prince’s) to be able to have her ‘Happily Ever After” . Even in the OUAT (2012) TV show, even though Snow’s a bad-ass, even in modern day (where almost all Storybook charries are) Snow and her family are in danger every second because of Regina’s latest thing.  Yes she was a DID (Damsel in Distress) after she ate the apple, but what do you expect, she was under a SPELL.

Cinderella (1950)

Cinderella like Snow before here has been wishing for someone to treat her nicely, after years of  being abused and humliated in her own home. I mean seriously, there are no women’s shelters, abuse hotlines,etc back in those days. So staying put was a better situation (and got her a higher one) then if she had just ran away earlier. Unlike Snow White, you can tell she has years of pent-up anger with the step-family. For instance she might have hit the cat if the invitation hadn’t arrive. Also didn’t you see her smirk when she  has the invitation and says “Maybe I will interrupt?” since she knows her step-sisters are terribly non-musical. Cinderella also stood up to her step-mother, when she reminded Lady Tremaine, that herself,  Ella, was an unmarried women and so was invited to the ball.  Also didn’t you see her pleasure, when she got the glass slipper out of her pocket  Why doesn’t she yell her head off when the duke is in the house?  How about for two reasons, 1)her bedroom is in a tower attic.. so the Duke would have 20/20 chance of hearing her so not a lot of change. 2)If the movie shows correctly her room, faces the the only ‘person’ who would hear her would be Major the horse. I mean when Ella realize the Prince wouldn’t come, she went and got him instead.

I suggest people watch the live-action “Ever After” if they want to see one way Ella’s life could have been a lot worse.

Sleeping Beauty

Despite the fact she gets very little screen time in the movie. While yes she’s the title character, but the whole movie is actually about  the conflict around her/about her? She still does have a personality. Like her predecessors she has the ability to talk to animals (even though like Snow White, they don’t answer back) and she actually does chores for her ‘aunts’ (gathering berries). Besides she made sure Prince Phillip was the prince of her dreams.  I mean most of the stuff she didn’t have any role over. Aurora like the other “Sleeping” princess, Snow White,  is a princesses by birth.  I mean did she run off with her dream prince after finding out she’s a princesses? No she doesn’t, she goes back to her home castle to due the duty toward her future subjects. That’s saying something. Also most girls would love to be princesses, right? Well us viewers see her crying twice, when she finds out that she’s a princess and is not allowed to see her ‘dream man’ and also when she gets the tiara from the fairies. When she was under the trance, she did break out of it for a moment when the good faries were calling her name. So it not like she was 100% in trance.

Why did Glinda not explain about the Ruby Slipper?

April 14, 2013

On Saturday April 13, I was at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Wizard of Oz musical based upon the 1939 movie and I came home and looked up the 1939 movie on TV tropes website and I noticed a lot of complaints about Glinda (being a combination of both the North and the South Good Witches from the book) not telling Dorthy about the Ruby Slippers telporting.  The more reasonable (and for me logical explanation) is that Dorthy wouldn’t likely believe her and if she didn’t believe, the shoes maybe wouldn’t be able to work.  Or maybe Glinda needed to do a “Hermione” and do research in Glinda’s library (if Glinda has a library) to find out more about the Ruby Slippers. Also it wouldn’t be much of a story if she decided to go home right away if she DID believe if Glinda had told her. Any story with a hero or heroine (if the jounrey takes place away from ‘home’, the protagonist must go on a journey and battle an adversary before being able to get home) They even said so in the movie!

Is Uncle Henry (who last name appears to be Gale) Dorthy blood uncle? Or is there a possibility that after the death of Dorthy’s parents if let say her mom was Emily (Aunt Em’s sister) ‘s sister (or Uncle Henry’s sister)that they changed her name to be like theirs?(Gale). Since which is easily to explain to a young (or little girl) why your name is different then your aunt or uncle or just change the orphan’s name to their own last name IF Dorthy’s mom was Aunt Em’s sister (or Uncle Henry’s sister)


Possible Disabled Sim Game play possibilities”

April 5, 2013

People are looking to much as the “Eww Disabled!” or “That’s too bad” (ie. disabled is depressing) side of game and not seeing the potential possibilities of game play

1.train service anims


guide dogs

guide ponies

small monkeys


2. In the base game a blind sim could call a rabbithole centre and ask for a service sim to help them get to places until pets come into the picture.

3. train service animals

4. With IP autistic sims could swim with dolphins in the sea

5 disabled children can ride horses for therapy


Mistakes that people make when talking about the so called “Disney Death Sydnrome

April 4, 2013

1. people thinking that in the movie Bambi. The title character never sees his dad. Incorrect. He sees his dad twice in the movie. Once when he pretends to leap with the older male deer (who are with his father, the Great Prince) and the Great Prince of the Forest looks at Bambi. Then later right after Bambi’s moms dies. “Your mother can’t be with you anymore”  and when Bambi gets sad right then, The Great Prince says “Come, my son” I think when Bambi’s an adult the Great Prince helps him after Bambi helps, his mate Faline.

2. Hunchback of Notre Dame adopted father Frollo. Frollo is NOT A MINSTER, HE IS A JUDGE!  He’s only a minister in the oringal novel. (I think being a judge gives him more power then he would have been given as an archbishop). Even though I do wish that there was a way to explain as a Judge, why Frollo can’t do what he wants with Esmeralda, since he doesn’t have the celbicay laws would normal be the reason for an archbishop.

3. Jungle Book: Mogli IS NOT RAISED  by Baloo (bear) and Baghera (Panther). He is RAISED by the WOLVES until its no longer safe for him in the forest because of Shere Khan.

4. Alice doesn’t have a step mom, its her SISTER who is reading to her.

5.Peter Pan ran away from home. Lost Boys? Don’t remember their parents due to Nannies before they fall out of their prams.

6.Sir Ector in Sword in the Stone IS NOT ARTHUR’S FATHER. Sir Ector is Arthur’s FOSTER FATHER. The real father of Arthur is the King who died, (who name is King Uther)

7. Simba does have a mother..its his dad who dies.


What do Fairy Tale movies, Once Upon a Time and Andrew Loyld Webbers’ Bibical Plays (and also Phantom of the Opera play) have in common?

March 30, 2013

What do Fairy Tale movies (Disney and non-Disney), Once Upon a Time TV show and Andrew Loyd Webber’s ‘ Biblical PlaysPlays-Joesph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat and Jesus Christ Superstar (and also his Phantom of the Opera play) have in common?

What they have in common is that all of them are doing what our ancestors being doing for decades. They are updating and retelling stories that been told for generations (some more then others). So why are people having a cow about OUAT (Once Upon a Time) criss-crossing stories (ie. Rumpelstiltskin being 1.Rumpelstiltskin, 2.The Beast and 3.Hook’s Crocodile).  There’s nothing to have a cow about!

Why are food or snacks so expensive in places like Bowling Alleys?

March 30, 2013

Today in The Toronto Star there was a “Letter to the Editor” or as I know it, the “opinion” section and one of these letters was from someone having a cow about the Toronto Zoo’s admission going up because of Toronto/Canada getting two Panda bears that the zoo is hoping to produce cubs to help with Pandas endanger species in China. They said that the admission was already so expensive and then complained about the price of snacks too. I have some business knowledge (4 years of business class in High School, and also two Accounting Classes). Here’s the author’s own words:

“Clearly the politicians and corporate directors of the zoo are totally out of touch with most people in Toronto as they contemplate raising prices for us to see a couple of cute panda bears.

At current admissions, it costs a family of four $72 to drive to the zoo for a visit without adding on the inevitable high-priced snack foods. Now they want to add another $12 to prices that are out of reach for half the families in the GTA.

It will cost $8 million for the panda exhibit and $3 million a year to care for them. This in a city that can’t afford to provide sufficient housing for the homeless and a zoo that has given away its elephants and has rapidly deteriorating pavilions.

The impact on environmental awareness will be minimal as most people will only see the cute animals and fail to make the connection.”

The part in blue makes me want to literally do a face-palm because I know why food is so high in places like zoos.

The reason food and snacks are so high in places like bowling alleys, movie theaters, zoos, and  amusement  parks  is because the food/snacks is a major profit of the company’s profit.   I mean if it wasn’t for snacks in movie theaters, we wouldn’t even have any movie theaters today because snacks (popcorn especially) literally saved the movie theaters during the 30s. Since doing that time period there had to be a lot of promotional events like “Free Ladies Night” which would have literately caused bankruptcy (and it did close some movie houses down before popcorn saved others). and the promotional events is in one of the Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers..not sure which one.

So next time you’re at a zoo/movie theater/amusement park/bowling alley and buy food..don’t think of how expensive the food/snacks are but think about the fact those things (zoos/bowling alleys/amusument parks/movie theaters) might not even be around if it weren’t for the food or snacks you and other guests/tourists are buying.


March 27, 2013

I know Jarise9 wouldn’t EVER read this but if she does. I’m still waiting for that proof of  the fact that the Barbie “Becky” wheelchair doll didn’t sell because of in Jarise9’s word’s “because disablties doesn’t sell”. From my umpteens researches I have found the oppoiste to be true. The only reason the doll didn’t sell well  was BECAUSE IT COULDN’T FIT INTO BARBIE’S HOME, THE HOME’S ELEVATOR  OR BARBIE’S VAN. Much like what you’re saying about having to re-do animations for SIMS to be disabled.  And if Disabilities  didn’t sell well How came there been three versions of Becky (not counting the original Becky who hair was too long):  The “Share a Smile Special Edition Doll” Becky doll in 1996.  The “Barbie Becky I’m the School Photographer” in 1998 and the “Barbie Becky Paralympic Champion” in 2000.

The new and improved first issue of the dolls flew off the shelves, selling out in two weeks.

also from above article:

According to one of Mattel’s original press releases, Share a Smile Becky is:
Barbie(R) doll’s hip and very cool disabled friend who is a photographer for her high school yearbook. She comes with a pretend camera so she can take “pictures” at all school events. Becky doll uses a red and silver realistically designed wheelchair and keeps in style wearing a trendy fashion ensemble accessorized with red stud earrings, red framed sunglasses, and a brown backpack that hangs on the back of her wheelchair.

Becky also appears in a new book entitled, Barbie, The New Counselor, published by Golden Books, where she works as a camp counselor with Barbie. This emphasizes the Becky doll’s leadership abilities and sends a powerful message to kids. In addition, Becky will appear in the Detective Barbie CD-ROM where she helps the Barbie doll solve mysteries using her incredible computer skills to uncover clues.

Right now  in hospitals across Canada & the U.S.  there is a bald Barbie that comes with ‘hats, scarves and other fashion accessories’.  for girls  who either lost hair themselves due to cancer or cancer treatment and also girls who female relative (mother/sister/aunt/grandma)  who lost their hair due to cancer or cancer treatment. That’s the only downside to this Barbie is, its ONLY available in hospitals and not in stores despite the attempts of the Vatican last year.   I mean the people who created the viral campian-sp?  want to decrease the stigma of cancer , as well as wanting a Barbie doll that “look similar to either them or a relative”

Update to this post:

When a now 13 year old girl Hanna Freda who has Down Syndrome  was 9 years old she was trying to find a doll who looked like her but couldn’t. Now her mother Connie Freda is in business selling Down-Syndrome dolls. She has sold 1,000 dolls which were the first batch and she’s taking pre-orders for the next batch  and the pre-orders are also 1,000 and its barley been three years since she started.

The{ American Girl’} Special Sparkle section in its  holiday catalog includes a miniature service dog in harness, a hearing aid and an allergy-free lunch kit.

. Now they can also be fitted with glasses, braces for the teeth, crutches or a wheel chair, and the company recently began to offer dolls without hair to represent those who have lost hair to cancer.

Doctor Ari Brown states in the article, That even if a girl isn’t disabled, playing with a doll that looks disabled is an enriching experience for everyone. It makes girls more accepting of those different from themselves.


The only downside to both of these article is the Down syndrome doll costs $75.   The American Girl dolls cost $105, the hearing aid is $9, wheelchair is $38 and the allergy-free lunch kit is $28


Once Upon a Time esposide 15 Queen is Dead (Spoilers!) Henry’s dad

March 4, 2013

For those who don’t know the TV show here’s a recap of it:

In a land of magic, princesses, fairies and witches, an Evil Queen places a spell that freezes time and transports all the inhabitants of the fairytale world into Storybrooke, a town in the modern day USA. They cannot remember anything of their past lives and the Evil Queen now known as Regina is running the town and its inhabitants as the Mayor. The only one who knows the truth is Regina’s adopted son Henry due to his book of fairytale stories. In order to make things right Henry manages to track down his birth mother Emma who is living in Boston and convinces her stay with him in Storybrooke. For Emma is in fact the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and is the only one who can break the spell. Now as the fairytale stories begin to unfold in the real world and Emma slowly begins to believe Henry’s claims, tensions between Regina and Emma rise. This rivalry develops and Emma becomes determined to stop Regina as well as build on her budding relationship with her mother (who is now Henry’s good hearted school teacher) and the son she abandoned ten years ago.

Week before the Oscars OUAT fans discover that Henry’s (Emma’s son)  father and Mr.Gold’s son are one and the same person. Well due to tonight’s epsoide Hook is in NYC and we discovered that Neal has meet Hook before. Because something happens to Mr.Gold because of Hook. Emma, Neal, Henry, &Mr. Gold need to “borrow’ the Jolly Roger from Hook. When Emma thinks the only person who can ..steer the ship is Hook, Neal says “I can”. That makes me think 100% that Neal is Peter Pan. Since in BOTH the book and the Disney movie Peter Pan flys the Darling Children and the former Lost Boys to the Darling’s home via Hook’s ship. I can rule out Neal being a member of Hook’s crew since if that was the case wouldn’t he 1)seen his mom be murdered by his dad in the episode The Crocodile  2)In the same episode his mom would know that Mr.Gold (Rumple) was lying about Bae being dead and yet she doesn’t. 3)According to the book, time stops in Neverland when Peter’s away (like listening to the Darlings’ or whatever family he has a interest in stories).

Maybe Bae brought magic to Neverland accidently?


February 8, 2013

Like I have mentioned in my titled I hate being conflicted. It just I feel I need to try to get experience in a customer service job at either a restaurant, or a store–BUT, my parents don’t think I can handle those kind of jobs. It just I’m worried about how am I suppose to deal with a jerk customer when I get a office job for real, when I don’t know how to deal with them because of no experience? I bet I would just rage at them and be fired.  I also feel like my parents need to wake up and see that I’m trying hard to be an adult, but its hard to do when they don’t let me have free-range/free-will to do something like let me doing something which I think is important.

I feel like I need to talk to a conselur about my problems and how my parents still treat me like I’m a child in some respects. I know I shouldn’t be ranting on my blog it just I have no other choice. Since I can’t do it on FB every since I friended my sister.






Nancy Drew Rap

February 2, 2013

“Like a bullet from a gun, she arrives on the scene, a young detective who doesn’t know the meaning of


when she’s hot on the case, no time to waste when you’re face to face

with an evil that is lurking but you just can’t see it: persist, persevere and the problem will disappear.

You say you’re in a jam and you don’t know what to do? Get down with the Drew Crew!

**Creepin’ and a-crawlin’, sneakin’ and a-peekin’, over the horizon, who could it be?**

N to the A to the N, C, Y; doesn’t battle with her fists, but with her mind, all the time

when she’s solving a mystery.

Bad boys and girls, you’re history, locked up, with your choices so few, resident of the room without a view.

You did crime and it’s time you were due, another victim of the Drew Crew!”