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Murder at Murdoch Mystery Science Camp Chapter 4: Fala’s Behaviour

January 22, 2013

Chapter 4: Fala’s Behaviour?


I’m at the event and I’m have sneaked away from the actually event itself—John will be covering for me if anyone asks-and I’m in the suppose crime scene.

“Interesting” I said to myself “Someone has cleaned up here”

I found one drink mix package in the garbage can in the room  and before returning to the event I went downstairs to the kitchen and checked the fridge—ok-icebox- to see if the ketchup container was empty a bit. It wasn’t.


I’m back at the hotel and am telling the other people what I have heard. We hear Miss Katie go  down the hall to Room 520 and knocked fifteen times.

Suddenly Fala put her hand on her head and said “I have a headache I need to go”

Miss Katie went back into her own room and then we heard the footsteps of Miss Anne who went into Miss Katie’s room.

Miss Katie: “So what have you discovered?”

Miss Anne replied “I discovered that John Myth isn’t who he said to be. John Myth is a red head, but the root of his hair is brown. I have also  that the guy was shot with a rifle around sixteen feet.”

Miss Katie inquired “anything else?”

Miss Anne replied “Yes  the blood wasn’t real. It was a drink mix found with ketchup.”

My friends and I looked at each other “How does Anne know that?!” we thought

Miss Anne then said “Someone I know got the drink mix package but we couldn’t find the ketchup bottle which is half-empty.”

Miss Anne then returns to her room.

Jennifer said “Am I the only one who thinks Fala and Anne are maybe the same person?”

I retorted “That’s ridiculous they look nothing alike!”

Lucy added “But it is odd isn’t it that Fala acts not well shortly before Anne re-appears?”

Fala arrives before I can answer and says “I heard Anne go past my door what did I miss?”

I gave the others a very sharp look which said “See? Fala isn’t Anne”

We then gave her up-to-date information about what we had overheard.”

I said “Why do I feel there is going to be another murder tonight?”

Miss Katie knocked on our door and said “Its time to get ready for bed lights out at ten!”






Murder at Murdoch Mystery Science Camp: Chapter 3: Raspberry Ice

January 22, 2013

May 20th


We are hanging around our rooms and reading or in Fala’s case drawing. Jennifer gets up to get herself a big drink of something—her parents insist she has a big bottle of something every day-and she has a lot of drink mix packages in her bag.

I was reading when Jennifer came back out and shouted “I HATE THIS RASPBERRY ICE!”

Still reading I inquired, “Why?”

Jennifer replied “Because it stains like fresh blood-and its only thinly stains.”

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Jennifer who showed us her fingers which were thinly stained with the drink mix. We checked the bathroom and the counter in there were also stained thinly of course with the drink mix.

Fala said “That’s it! That’s what was fishy about the room. The so-called blood in the study is Raspberry Ice mix that is mixed with some ketchup.”

I checked the time “There is a couple’s social event which is happening tonight at 5:30.”

Lucy interjected “But none of us have a other person to attend with”

I said “I do. John Pare is my long-time boyfriend and he can take me to the event. He too is here at camp.”