Why are food or snacks so expensive in places like Bowling Alleys?

Today in The Toronto Star there was a “Letter to the Editor” or as I know it, the “opinion” section and one of these letters was from someone having a cow about the Toronto Zoo’s admission going up because of Toronto/Canada getting two Panda bears that the zoo is hoping to produce cubs to help with Pandas endanger species in China. They said that the admission was already so expensive and then complained about the price of snacks too. I have some business knowledge (4 years of business class in High School, and also two Accounting Classes). Here’s the author’s own words:

“Clearly the politicians and corporate directors of the zoo are totally out of touch with most people in Toronto as they contemplate raising prices for us to see a couple of cute panda bears.

At current admissions, it costs a family of four $72 to drive to the zoo for a visit without adding on the inevitable high-priced snack foods. Now they want to add another $12 to prices that are out of reach for half the families in the GTA.

It will cost $8 million for the panda exhibit and $3 million a year to care for them. This in a city that can’t afford to provide sufficient housing for the homeless and a zoo that has given away its elephants and has rapidly deteriorating pavilions.

The impact on environmental awareness will be minimal as most people will only see the cute animals and fail to make the connection.”

The part in blue makes me want to literally do a face-palm because I know why food is so high in places like zoos.

The reason food and snacks are so high in places like bowling alleys, movie theaters, zoos, and  amusement  parks  is because the food/snacks is a major profit of the company’s profit.   I mean if it wasn’t for snacks in movie theaters, we wouldn’t even have any movie theaters today because snacks (popcorn especially) literally saved the movie theaters during the 30s. Since doing that time period there had to be a lot of promotional events like “Free Ladies Night” which would have literately caused bankruptcy (and it did close some movie houses down before popcorn saved others).  http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-3445_162-57570953/popcorn-the-snack-that-saved-the-movies/ and the promotional events is in one of the Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers..not sure which one.

So next time you’re at a zoo/movie theater/amusement park/bowling alley and buy food..don’t think of how expensive the food/snacks are but think about the fact those things (zoos/bowling alleys/amusument parks/movie theaters) might not even be around if it weren’t for the food or snacks you and other guests/tourists are buying.


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