Murder @Murdoch Mystery Science Camp Chapter 7: Sophia’s daughter and Robert Hayden

May 22, 2013


We just came from the real morgue and we discovered the woman’s hands and feet were marks-like she had been bound for awhile before-but there were no marks on her throat. It looks like she had been forced to eat castor beans for a week before her death.

“Well that tells us she didn’t commit suicide. But we don’t know who she is.”

Constable Ogden shows up just then and said “Well a Robert L. Hayden was appointed on May 12 of 2011 to  Brantford’s town council”

Anne said “Which we are nearby”

I interjected “That doesn’t help us solve this mystery of who this woman is.”

Lucy said “A Sofia Gasper been missing for about two weeks now. Her daughter, Harriet Gasper reported her missing.”

Constable said annoyed “I WAS getting to that.”

“Sofia, why, is that name familiar to me?” Anne mused

Katie appeared and said “The reason she’s familiar is because she’s was friends with a Sara Allen.  She is one of the funders for this camp.”

May 23, 2013


We are at the hotel in Rom 520 and well its very fancy room. I do wonder how Anne paid for it. She might have gotten a lot of money from the suppose previous cases not that we know what they’re- but anyway we are observing well hearing Anne interview Harriet Grace.

We’re behind a divider in Anne’s room.

Anne just asked “Does the name Baliam Haskell familiar to you?”

Harriet said “Yes it does. I believe it was my father’s name. I was born in 1999.But because my parents weren’t married I got my mom’s last name.”

Anne then asked “Has a Mr. Hayden been stopping by the house, you and your late mother inhabited?”

Harriet replied “Yes but we didn’t know until last month he was Baliam Haskell”

Anne said “When did you last see your mom?”

Harriet “I last saw her on March 15 at 7pm. She had just gotten a note from Haskell. “

Anne said “I regret to inform you, but your mother has been murdered.”

Harriet then cried very loudly and Anne took her out of the room and escorts her to the morgue so she could identify her mother.


Harriet came back still crying.  “What do I do now? Mom was my only family. Everyone else is dead.”

Anne replied “We will make sure you’ll be well taken care of… You’re welcome to stay in the hotel which is safe until Basilm Haskell/Robert Hayden is caught again.”

Harriet said “Thank you”

Anne said “I will contact the police station and ask for a twenty-four/seven watch just to make sure no one tries to get in here.”

Harriet said “Why is your name familiar to me? Were you in the newspapers recently?”

Anne said “No, the last case I solved which a newspaper told I was too young to be named. But did Hayden ever mention a secret hideout of his?”

Harriet replied “No I don’t think so.”

We return to our room and then went to have supper. We then started getting ready for bed. As we were getting ready, there was a knock on the door. I opened the door and found a package in the hallway—there was something odd about this package–it was ticking. Anne came rushing into the hallway shouting “DON’T TOUCH IT!”

We didn’t touch it and waved down a constable who took it away and opened it. There was a note:

Time is ticking!”



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