Murder at Murdoch Mystery Science Camp Chapter 6 Fala reveals all

I ask Fala “Are you hiding something?”

Fala replied “Yes I am –close the door and promise me whatever is told in this room doesn’t leave this room.”

Jennifer closed the door and all of us promised not to tell anyone about What Fala would revel

Fala starts to take off her hair and her contacts out and we realize it was Anne Prince, the big cheese. Jennifer and Lucy gave me a smirk because I was wrong, and they had been right.

Anne said “The reason I’m portraying a made-up person. Since it wouldn’t be fair for the other campers  if they knew the big cheese never attended the science camp before.”

Jennifer said “Did you find anything at 502 Pumpkin Lane?”

Anne replied “Yes but its missing now but luckily I have another version here.”


Young Detective Puts Jewelry Thieves Behind Bars

May 15, 2008

A young detective because of her age can’t be named had put behind bars  a group of jewelry thieves which had broken into twenty jewelry stores across Ontario. There was very little evidence but the detective’s testimony which is what put the thieves who are: Blaze Smith, Baalim Haskell, Ada and Dari Raven. As the thieves were taken away Haskell said “We’ll meet again!!”

Anne then said “I think that Baalim is the brains behind the two crimes. I’m going to go down to the real police and see if my police contacts are still around. You’re welcome to join me. But don’t laugh when you hear the names”

We joined Anne and then went downtown and met Anne’s real life police contacts.  Inspector Thomas William Crabtree,  Detective Enid Julia Fullford, and Constable Henry George Ogden.”

“These are my helpers.”  Anne introduced us

Inspector Crabtree said “Let’s hope we don’t have to rescues you like in your previous c-”

Suddenly Ogden appears in the room and cuts off the inspector “Here you are Ma’ams and sir. The thieves were realized on December 5th  2012. The only exception was Baliam who was released Feb 5th of 2010 for good behaviour.”

Anne then said “Constable See if Baliam has any shooting experience”

Ogden replied “I already did and he being going to a gun range-with the exception of the time he was in prison-since he was four years. He can shoot from a distance of thirty-five feet. But he hasn’t been seen again since May 12, 2010”

Then Anne said “We need to find out what identity he has taken since being released from prison.”

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