Murder at Murdoch Science Camp: Chapter 2: The Fishy Room

May 17, 2013


We are hanging around the hotel room there nothing happening really today. We hear footsteps outside which goes to the second-in-command’s Miss Katie’s room.

We hear a woman’s voice shouting “WHY IS THERE ANOTHER BODY IN MY FRIEND’S MANOR HOUSE?!”

Fala “ugg I’m not feeling so well” and just after she left we looked around and saw some vomit nearby where Fala had been. We then hear a door open down the hall-520 I believe and the footsteps go into Miss Katie’s room.

We then hear Anne’s voice “What is it?”

Miss Katie: “Miss Anne this is Wendy Barrie, she was at her friend’s manor—one of the ones we have rented for the events of the science camp. She says she found another body in the study of her friend’s manor house and she believes it’s another one of our fake cases”

Anne said “There are two problems with that. One is that the only time 402 Pumpkin Lane is used for a mystery case it was just week’s case and two, the science camp’s mysteries start on Mondays only.”

Miss Barrie “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!” and Miss Barrie slammed the door on her way out.

Miss Anne said “How do we prove this doesn’t have anything to do with us?”

Miss Katie replied “I know you want to be a detective Anne. But remember how dangerous it is in stories? Also your previous cases?”

Miss Anne says something we can’t hear and then Anne returns to room 520 and then Fala returns to my room and says “I will be cleaning up this vomit of mine.”


We—and yes that does include Fala—we convinced Miss Katie to let us come here are at the site of the murder scene 402 Pumpkin Lane. The house is a very old fashion house and on an actor’s left there is a tower. We are in the study at the top of the tower. The victim is a young male red head, his name is Mr. John Myth, he is faced down and there was blood going towards the west window.

Fala said “There’s something fishy about this room”

I asked “What’s fishy about it?”

Fala replied “I don’t know”

I then said “We need to question the witnesses. But the question is will they talk to us since we aren’t real detectives?”


I asked “Who do we have as suspects/witnesses?”

Jennifer-who had been hanging around in mine and Lucy’s room when “Miss Barrie” showed up said “There is the victim’s elderly mother Mrs. Myth, Miss Myth the victim’s sister, and two of her friends, one who sounded like Miss Barrie. Then there is the maid, Clara, the Butler, Hobbes, and the footman Yori.”

Lucy then added “But they all claim to have been asleep and didn’t hear anything”

March 18th


We have just finished the fake work for today and have just come from the real morgue. Fala catches up to us..She stayed behind for unknown reasons and she said “Guess what?”

I said “What?”

Fala replied “John Myth isn’t a red head like we thought he was..he was originally had brown hair”

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