Murder at Murdoch Mystery Science Camp Chapter 5: The Blackmail

Chapter 5: The blackmail letter!

May 21st, 2013


We just were woken up by some footsteps outside in the hall. They went into Miss Katie’s room and we then heard

“WHY IS THERE A BODY IN THE PARK HANGING FROM A TREE?” the voice-a man’s voice said.

Katie said “It’s six in the morning and you do know you can be charged with assault for barging into an unmarried girl’s room while she’s still sleeping? Leave the room for thirty minutes and then you can come back in”


We hear Katie say that the man could come back in the room. Then we hear Room 520 open up and Anne goes to Katie’s room.


Katie said “Anne this is Mr. Schulman. He was in the park an hour ago and found a body of a woman hanging via a tree.”

Anne said “That’s for a later case…and we already are working on one case already.”

Mr. Schulman said “I don’t believe you!” and then left.


We are at the park where the woman was hanging. We moved sixteen feet away from her and discovered blood on a fence which was in the area.  She didn’t have any marks on her throat.

Fala said “I think we found the site of the original murder”

She then added “I also think I need to return to the suppose crime scene.”

I said “We will go with you then”

Fala said “But you will be late for the case!”

Lucy and I replied “Please? Looking up the Temperance movement and addictions is so boring.”

Fala relented and let us go with her to the suppose crime scene.


We are at the 402 Pumpkin Lane again and I’m standing outside the door of the study while Fala is inside looking for something Lucy and Jennifer are downstairs re-questioning the so-called family and servants of the ‘john myth’.  Fala reappers at the door and I then asked

“Did you find anything?”

Fala replied “No”

We got a handsome cab but on the way back to the hotel, Fala kept turning around and looking out the back.  Suddenly Fala said “We need to get out of the cab NOW!”

We all leaped out of the cab and somehow we all ended up on our butts. Another cab hit the cab that we were in and it exploded. We then want back to the hotel to change our clothes.


We have just return from being half-done this week’s investation. I’m opening the door to my and Lucy’s room, and we hear a scream coming from Fala’s room. Jennifer joined us and the three of us rushed over to Fala’s room and we enter it and it was a mess.

I asked “what’s the matter?”

Fala said “Look at this” and hands us a letter


I know who you really are ‘Fala’ ..if you don’t want your secert told..give me 20,000 by sunset in two day’s time.

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